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Here’s The New Nintendo 3DS Micro SD Management Overview

NintenDaan has given us a closer look at the Micro SD management feature on the New Nintendo 3DS. Memory storage has been changed from SD cards to Micro SD cards on the New Nintendo 3DS so it’s worth having a look at the video which highlights how you can manage your saved data from the device and the computer.

8 thoughts on “Here’s The New Nintendo 3DS Micro SD Management Overview”

  1. Shouldn’t be a problem for me, I’m already using a micro SD card in my 3DS using an adapter. Just take my card out of the adapter, put it in the new 3DS and I should be good to go. Now, if Nintendo would just announce this thing for the US already!

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      This is true for me as well. Also, I’m a big fan of data management. So new options make me happy.

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