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Smash Bros Wii U Will Feature 8 Player Battles


Nintendo of America has announced during today’s Super Smash Bros Wii U Nintendo Direct that the home console version will feature eight player battles for the first time. The eight player battles will be part of a special mode exclusive to the Wii U version.

39 thoughts on “Smash Bros Wii U Will Feature 8 Player Battles”

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    1. Wrong. In order for it to be flawless it can’t have any flaws, and it has 3 flaws.

      1: Needs Wolf O’Donnell back.
      2: Needs Roy (Fire Emblem) back.
      3: Needs voice chat ENABLED when playing online with friends, it can stay disabled for fighting random people. Nintendo’s bullshit lie about Voice Chat causing lag is a joke. MH3U says hello.

      1. MH3U is nowhere NEAR as hectic and fast-paced as Smash is.
        Voice Chat during matches would only result in a bunch of people cussing the instant they get KO’d, playing loud music and saying stupid things to distract and antagonize people, and overall making public matches far more annoying than they should have to be.
        And in a game like Smash, you don’t have the time to stop and mute people that annoy you mid-match.

        So no; mid-match chat being absent is not a flaw.

      2. The two other things, I can slightly understand, since it’s strictly personal, but voice chat during game?

        What are you planning to talk about in a battle anyway? “Oh shit you got me well! XD XD”, “NICE ONE M8”, “FUCK YOU”. That’s so useless. And my guess is that you won’t talk about serious problems like finances and relationship over the communication, so really, what’s the point in enabling voice if you’re going to concentrate beating your friend anyway?

        1. When you play with friends do you play completely silent?
          Think of online play as though you were literally sitting next to them playing the game. If you normally say stuff when playing together, you’d want the same experience. Playing Mario Kart online (esp with friends) can be a pretty lonely and less rewarding experience if I can’t talk to them. So good to have that feedback.

          1. The stuff I would say to my friends are the stuff I mentioned before. I either laugh at him, or yell at him, but just enabling the voice chat feature for this is kind of useless. I mean, sure, you feel like an option is taken away from you, because the more the better, right? But if you think about it, objectively, do you really need it?

            You don’t need to discuss tactics like in team shooters, unless you play versus team, then I would understand. But a 1 on 1 battle with voice communication? I really don’t see the point in that, and I would gladly sacrifice that option for a smoother experience.

  2. The envelope have pushed to the extreme! Sora and Bandai-Namco have created a freaking Frankenstein in Smash U! November 21st will be the best for Wii U owners worldwide.

  3. That’s so epic! Does anyone know how the 8-player will work? I’m assuming that 4 players would be on GCN controllers, and 4 players would use the other forms?

  4. Damn Nintendo just take all of my money why don’t you….LOL. The 21st of November can’t come soon enough

    1. Already got a good challenge in mind for that, one that I completed in Melee with 3 opponents…

      Stock battle
      99 lives.
      7 CPU’s that you find either hardest or most annoying.
      Hearts set to Very Low appearance.
      No teams.
      Survive without losing a single life.

      Alternative; win without dropping below 90 lives.

  5. i will never have that many people at my house at one time for local play. all those controllers would cost an arm and a leg. sucks it is not online.

        1. I mean with 8 players online, not 8 in front of a TV playing locally.

          I was responding to the tail end bit of your first post; the part saying “shame it isn’t online”.

          For clarity; 8 players would be too laggy if it were an online mode.

          1. Lol I find it kind of amusing that you were barely here before on the last few articles and then you popped up and started commenting when Smash articles came. And your name even has “Smash” in it. XD

    1. I don’t think you want 8 different people online when it comes to smash. Because you have different personalities that do stupid shit like turn off their console or exit out or turn off their wifi . But I know what you mean waiting to play 8 people online.

      1. Nintendo should be able to handle 8 players online though… I mean, not to compare it to PSN and XBL, but even then…

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