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Here’s The Lovely European Box Art For Captain Toad Treasure Tracker


Nintendo Europe has shown off the final box-art design for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the Wii U. Japanese gamers will have to be content with this unusual yellow coloured box-art, but then again, they get the game way before Europe. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was recently delayed in Europe until January 9th.

119 thoughts on “Here’s The Lovely European Box Art For Captain Toad Treasure Tracker”

          1. Just stop. I know you think it’s funny but the joke lost its humour a LONG time ago. It’s at that point where it’s just annoying. You should try something new, get an original username, make yourself seem somewhat relevant to the community rather than be stuck with the username that hasn’t commented for months

          2. Yet you are an Xbot spreading microsoft propaganda on a Nintendo dedicated site. Who is the drone again?


  1. Not sure if I’m getting this. Looks fun, but I have a lot of games to finish already. Only game that is a must for me next year is Zelda U!

      1. Is it a 2015 release? I’ll have to see more of it before it being a “must”. But seeing as it’s a Nintendo title, the game is probably high quality, so might get it.

        As a huge Zelda fan, the reason I actually play at all, Zelda is the only games that are a must without having seen them!

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            After seeing what they did with Smash Bros U, (which I had pretty low expectations for) I’m looking forward to the next Zelda U announcements.

  2. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

    News flash: ps4 is actually weak they just tricked people to thinking it was all that powerful. Its just a CGI DVD player with little gameplay that doesn’t add up to the CGI when it comes to visuals. At Super Mario 3D world, when getting the cherry with four players, the Wii U can operate with no issues. PS4 would need the usage if more cores and horsepower to equal the performance Wii U can do because 1 GB and 1 core isn’t powerful enough for PS4. Therefore PS4 is weak and Wii U is not. Sony should have thought of 2015 when making PS4 in 2008.

    1. Dude, you really have to stop damage controlling. The PS4 is more than capable of running Super Mario 3D World. But that’s not the point. It has its own exclusives and games. You don’t buy a Wii U and compare games that aren’t even on the other system. Why compare them at all? Just pick whatever console you want to play on and leave it at that.

      1. The thing about Wii U is that it’s max potential isn’t unleashed and only Nintendo is the only company who pulled it off if you look at their games hard enough. Like what that dude said about Mario 3D World: If all 4 players with all Cherry power up divisions happen in one screen including the 5th player with Gamepad streaming everything happening at once without a hint of lag is pretty damn impressive for a so called “weak console” to do especially at how gorgeous 3D World looks. Now imagine Smash Bros. with 8 simultaneous players, making the first fighting game to pull off such number of players in one setting, with Gamepad streaming and stuff happening at once or Super Mario Galaxy 3 literally pushing graphical capabilities beyond limits matching near PS4 at max capacity, what else is there to say about Wii U anymore besides how dead wrong people were underestimating the system’s hidden power. :3

        1. Lmao I laughed so hard when you said matching the capabilities of PS4. Nintendo makes games with completely different styles so there’s no way you can really tell. You can’t compare Uncharted 4 to any Nintendo game because they aren’t even on the same graphical level. Comparing UC4 to something like Rise of The Tomb Raider would make more sense.

          1. I said “matching near PS4” you fool. XD And you cant hide the fact that this generational jump is very minor even between PS3>4. Its only a cosmetic update in the end. Why you think its potential is already maxed out and its not precisely what was promised to be mean while people talk shit about how “weak” Wii U is and yet its best quality games begs to differ and proved them wrong once more? Wii U’s potential hasnt be fully tapped yet while PS4 is exposed to not do the promised “native 1080p/60FPS” goal and Xbox DOne, being a DVR first over a game console as fact, can’t even push 850p without that shit catching fire or its in game performances drop and flop harder than poorly optimized PC ports from Ubishit?

          2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            ld.You don’t get the point. The point is PS4 takes and needs more cores and gigs to do what Wii U cannot do. Tell me Uncharted 4 is happening off 1gig and 1 core? Yet Zelda U is using less than a gig and it’s an open world game. You just salty because it’s the truth PS4 ain’t all that powerful like the hype said it was. Because if it was PS4 wouldn’t had breached all it’s gigs for gaming yet.

            1. You do realize that Uncharted 4 would look nothing like it does now if it was running on the Wii U, right? And you don’t know how much power the game is even using. It is without a doubt going to be a very beautiful game running at 1080P and 60FPS. Your argument is invalid because you keep trying to compare games that aren’t even on the Wii U trying to say that the PS4 is weak. Why don’t you compare some multiplats if the Wii U is so god damn powerful?

      2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Wait wait wait. You didn’t say shit when wii U was being damaged controlled. Now all of a sudden you want to bitch because PS4 would need more than 1gb to run 3D Mario World and work four players times 8 all at once. Yet you got to nerve to hell me PS4 isn’t weak. Sure and Wii U is handling everything with under a gig.

        1. Wii U is running games fine because Nintendo takes the time to optimize them to get the best visual quality and framerate that they can get. Like I said before, the PS4 is MORE THAN CAPABLE of running Super Mario 3D World. It would not need anymore power than the Wii U would. It’s a Mario game. Do you really think it is that demanding? PS4 is running games almost to at least mid-high PC settings. And even in some cases, ultra. The games that are on the PS4 are much more graphically demanding than what is on the Wii U, so yeah. No duh that it needs to use a beefy amount of power. And anyways, a developer doesn’t need to use the full power of the system. They can make games with graphics just like the Wii U if they wanted to, but they’re obviously going to use that extra power to produce better visuals. It is entirely up to that developer to decide how they want the game to run. If you see a game running at 900P on the PS4, then that was because the developer wanted to sacrifice framerate for that game and put more work towards the graphics and probably the framerate too. Like I said before, Nintendo sacrificed things in order to achieve 60FPS in their games. Because that is what they wanted. They know exactly how strong the Wii U is and they know just how far they can push it to its limit. The PS4 is stronger than the Wii U and would without a doubt run every Wii U exclusive there is with a higher resolution and even better graphics. But guess what? Did it though? No. Because Nintendo owns those exclusives on their console. And Sony has their own exclusives on their console too which differentiates them. Everyone buys their choice of console because of the type of games they like to play. Stop trying to act as if the Wii U is better than any other platform because it is merely your opinion and your opinion is not a fact. There are people in this world that could really care less about the Wii U you know. And that’s absolutely fine. Because that’s their opinion.

          1. “If you see a game running at 900P on the PS4, then that was because the developer wanted to sacrifice *RESOLUTION for that game and put more work towards the graphics and probably the framerate too”*
            ((This site really needs an edit button…))

            1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

              Still going to be fooled by the spec sheet. Ps4 needs more than one gig to run 3D World. Name me one game on PS4 with 60fps using one gig for gaming? Yet you brag it is using mid PC texture so was Need for speed U with 1gb. Or did you forget that? PS4 us weak get over it it needs more gigs to surpass PS4. 1gb vs 1gb Wii U would win. And its not optimization on Wii U it’s the hardware inside

                1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

                  Actually your head is in your ass. Fooled by Ps4 being more powerful because it has 8 cores. 6 cores are used for gaming. One Wii U core outperforms like 1/1/2 PS4 cores. But my head is in my ass. Sure but you were fine with me before Smash bros. Revealed it has 8 players off 1gb. Just salty because Wii U is more powerful than. You thought.

                  1. I really don’t know what you think you are trying to prove, but you should really get your facts straight. I literally just told you the reason why those Wii U games perform good is because they WERE OPTIMIZED FOR THE FREAKING SYSTEM. There are no other reasons. Wii U isn’t just some damn super computer that just plows through every game Nintendo makes for it. They take a lot of time building games from the ground up and getting them running the way they want. I’m not trying to say the PS4 is better than the Wii U or anything. You are literally trying to say that the PS4 is weaker than the Wii U when everyone knows that that is far from true. The PS4 is stronger than the Wii U. That is a FACT. Not an opinion. Look it up. And for the love of god, please quit trying to compare that Mario game. It looks really great imo, but you are really ignorant if you think the PS4 cannot play it.

                    1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

                      You are the ignorant one. Ignoring it takes more gigs for PS4 to do what Wii U can do. I mean you know everything name one game on PS4 1080p 60fps using 1gb. Pittaful if you ask me. And Optimization ain’t happening on Nintendo games that’s 3rd party because they don’t know how to unlock the Wii U’s power. But you rather at dumb as if Wii U is weak. What you rather do is make it seem like Wii U ain’t powerful. But I know the truth. You don’t even know Wii U’s limitations.

                    2. @Mr. Ignoring Man
                      The PS4 can run GTA V without a hitch. That says enough about the power of the console

                    3. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                      GTA V without a hitch? will of course it can it’s not 1080P 60fps. The Wii U could run GTA v without a hitch with 1GB. PS4 I’m sure needs more than 1gb to do what Wii u can do. Trust me Ps4 can’t even do 60fps with 1gb for gaming. And if it can then name me a PS4 tittle that is using 1gb with 720p 60fps. If the PS4 is so powerful then name me a game using 1gb for gaming with better graphics and CGI then Zelda U? Don’t get salty at me because the wii u can use the game pad and do 60fps at the same time. Instead you try to get around me by assuming I’m saying, “Can’t run any game on Wii u” Wrong. I’m saying PS4 can’t show off graphics and resolutions with 1gb like Wii U can. Wii u hasn’t even taped into all 3 of it’s cores yet…or so I heard. But Ps4 has taped into all 6 cores to run 1080p 60fps. PS4 will reach the limit before Wii u and Wii u only has 1gb and 3 cores. LMAO. See how you sonyans are butt hurt.

                  2. Damn, jtz! You’ve managed to do what I couldn’t: get Hollow to actually get mad. So Hollow is finally showing his true self: a Sonyan. Do continue on with calling the PS4 weak. *goes into evil mode*

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Oh yeah it matters when Sony shown the Ps4 and hyped it up how powerful it was supposed to be. Yeah it matters when 3rd party complained Wii U couldn’t handle what developers wanted their games to target and neither the PS4 where’s the 1080p 60fps as promised? Its so fucking powerful? Why won’t EA make a 8 player sports game? Nintendo did that with under a gig and 1080p 60fps and sometimes the assist trophies are the 9th player. Yeah it matters. Smash Bros, says “hi!”

        1. Ah, yes. Sure. Let’s compare a 2D cartoonish fighting game to other games that go for a realistic approach. *facepalm*

          1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

            Still don’t get it. Ignoring Need for speed had PC like textures. EA knew the real deal until they no longer liked Nintendo. Also ignoring Nano Racing real like graphics on Wii U. But you rather play dumb on that too.

            1. ^Ignoring the fact that Need For Speed Most Wanted U was delayed in order to get it running perfectly on Wii U. Also, for that 1gig you keep claiming to be so powerful, it doesn’t really look that different from the 360 version. Nice try.

              1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                Ignoring it still worked on Wii U. Also ignoring Nano racing so far looks wayyyyyy better than Need for speed off 1gb. Nice try to make it seem your PS4 is more powerful than it actually is.

                1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                  Also ignoring EA Need for speed on wii u didn’t tap even get into 1 full core. So why would it look way better than the 360?

              2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                Ignoring that GTA V came out on weaker consoles first too. But won’t bring that up. Also ignoring Watch Dogs delayed for months. And ignoring AC4 came out on PS3 first? Your point?

                1. Because GTA V isn’t on the Wii U. You keep bringing up stuff that isn’t on the Wii U. Your argument is irrelevant.

    2. It is because Nintendo has smarter and more intelligent engineers. Also they have Miyamoto, sakurai and Aonuma. Those three are more potent developers than any at all Microsoft, Sony, Indie and third parties combined.


      1. Samurai and Aonuma aren’t in charge of console design. If they were smarter they would have made a more powerful console at a average price point. They wouldn’t have relied on gimmicks to sell their system. They would’ve made their console easy for third parties to develop for. Indies and Sony have talent, I don’t see what you’re talking about

        1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          Gimmicks to sell the Wii U? Ignoring Wii U’s best selling games weren’t gimmicks. Yet Wii Party u, Nintendo Land and Largo city were gimmicks. A more powerful system? Ignoring Wii u can handle 8 players at 1080p 60fps. But you want a more powerful system. It’s not even maxed yet. Toad’s Treasure tracker looks better than 3D World, Zelda U best looking game on wii U.

          1. Ignoring Wii U adds ALL talking about the gamepad.

            The PS4 can handle 64 Player multiplayer on BF 4. Try again.

            Zelda U best looking? I beg to differ. The Fast Racing Neo game looks set to well exceed past it

            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              64 player? Online right? Can one PS4 handle 64 players locally? I mean even MK Wii handle a ton of players online. So that nothing. That’s just the server.

              1. Why would ANYONE need 64 players locally? Who the fuck has 64 friends to play games with? You don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore. XD

                1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                  Ignoring he brought up the 64 players not me. I brought up the console ain’t dealing with the 64 players that ‘s the server.

        1. Actually, it’s practically true and what’s alarming is that ya people misjudge their talents very quickly and too often which is how Nintendo surprises people. XD Don’t think that Wii U is pathetic in hardware. So far their games have shown more promises than any big 3rd party AAAs which turns out into a disappointment and lies for achieving the bottom line from suckers.

          1. Wii U is pathetic in hardware. There’s no going around that. Nintendo’s developers have to cut corners when developing their game to make it run on Wii U. There are many reports on that. If Nintendo chose to design a more capable system, we wouldn’t be seeing as many downgraded ports, and developers would be able to utilize the full power of the console to produce a full product that they always wanted to make

            1. And guess what? Even in the other two so called “powerful consoles”, 3rd parties still cut corners anyway. Look at EA, Ubisoft and even Bungie with Destiny for example. And since when Nintendo cut corners on their own machine and games? Now that right there is a crook of shit and coming from a Sony Pony naming himself after a CEO who also praises Nintendo while owning 2 Wii U’s. And here we go again with “max power = better games” BS. No it doesnt necessarily mean its better on the fly. If you make even the most graphically advanced video game on earth right now with a pathetic gameplay infrastructure that’s piss poorly designed, would you still think its the best game ever? No. You wouldn’t even be that stupid to warrant a polished turd of a video game if that was the case. Now, go sit down and think about what makes a video game a REAL VIDEO GAME. You want best graphics, game on PC or go out-fucking-side since reality has the best graphics there is.

  3. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

    PS4 is struggling to keep up with Wii Unperformance. I bet PS4 needs 99.8% of its hardware to do what Wii U can do which needs 30% of its hardware. Poor PS4 forcing every core and gig on it in order to make it look more powerful than it actual is.

      1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Me a troll? Sure like a week ago. Now because I’m defending Wii U I’m the problem. Don’t get mad at me because PS4 needs more than 1gb to run 3D Mario world at 60fps.

        1. You’re defending Wii U with sources that have yet to be revealed and opinionated comments on how a game looks on either console.

          ” PS4 needs more than 1gb to run 3D Mario world at 60fps”
          How the fuck would you even know that??

  4. why don’t you also release the game the same day nintendo europe

    and if PEGI is slowing it down than we should all send a mail to them saying F U I can rate this game in 3 seconds #FAGGETS

  5. I always liked the Captain Toad levels in 3D World and this does look great. Toadette was a nice bonus too. I’m sure this game will be good.

    1. the clergy of the church declares hollowgrapej comments as irrelevant
      only words to the wind coming from one of the greates loser of the internet and deceiver of our church
      mongolian of unatural decent…
      how disgusting
      Church of Sasori

      1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

        Not a loser just mid understood. She thinks just because PS4 has more cores its more powerful. One GB couldn’t handle what Wii U can do.

        1. The more cores, the less stress the console has to make to run games. Common sense, yea? I don’t see how this debate is still going on. The Wii U is clearly the weakest 8th gen console, NO SHIT. It’s laughable how Nintendo fanboys always say that graphics don’t matter, but the moment you guys have even the smallest excuse to flaunt some obscure “power” of the console, you guys start boasting it like the hypocrites you are, lmao.

          1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            What guys bragging about power? I’m the only one on here doing that. What you talking about ignorant boy? Yeah your PS4 isn’t all that powerful. Not if it can’t run 1080p 60fps off 1core. Wii U can though.

    2. I’m not a fan of puzzle games though, so I’m not sure if I should get this XD but I wanna play as Toadette!

    1. The exact same reason New Super Luigi U wasn’t made as only DLC.
      Physical copies will always be the most preferred choice when it comes to gaming.

      1. It isn’t actually. I plan on getting a PC eventually and I will be buying 100% of all my games digitally. :P

        1. Oh, lol.
          I actually worded my reply wrong.
          What I meant to say was “when it comes to console gaming”.
          I’m typing from a mobile device so I apologize for any confusion. XD

            1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

              Hey HollowJ since I’m ignorate and you know it all why does Bayonetta 2 look better than sunset overdrive. Since they both not realistic like Uncharted. We know Bayonetta uses1 gig. How many gigs is Xbox using and still don’t look better than Bayonetta? So obviously Sun set is either not using all Xbox gigs or Wii U is?

              1. I have not seen any videos of Sunset Overdrive. I don’t care. I don’t give a fuck what Bayonetta 2 runs on. It’s a great game. -_-

              2. “why does Bayonetta 2 look better than sunset overdrive”
                Opinions, opinions, opinions. No hard evidence. And why you’re comparing a colorful open world game to one with a slightly darker tone with deeper color variation is beyond me

                1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                  Oh so you’re saying sunset over drive looks better than Bayonetta 2? Nohard evidence? Just look at the videos. Yet when someone compared AC4 to Wii U and PS3 and some think PS3 version looks better all of a sudden opinions don’t matter. But I take Sunset over drive and Bayonetta 2 off two cartoon like videos now its an opinion. GTFAH. And how many gigs is Xbox using to run sunset since the graphics on the game don’t live up to the hype of the power Xbox is supposed to be. We all know bayonetta visuals is more than what it is given credit for running off a “supposed to be weak” console but will ignore that.

                2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                  Also what you men “opinion?” If the Wii U is weaker than Xbox automatically then “opinion” shouldn’t be in your comment. After all why would “Opinion ” be in PS3 version of 3rd party to PS4 version to 3rd party. Because it’s a fact. Ps4 games looks better than PS3 because we know it’s more powerful. If I compare a Wii U game to a game on a morepwerful system and you use “opinion” that says you don’t know where Wii u’s limitations really stand. Neither does Hollow J. According to her, she says EA Need for speed looks no better than 360. Yet didn’t bring up Nano racing. Which shows you on a “fact” that Need for speed wasn’t Wii U”s limitations. I have a good memory be careful what you say.

                  1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                    So I just used y’all arguments against me, to prove Wii U is more powerful than you two haters give it credit since y’all refuse to admit it.


                  2. I never said it didn’t look any better than the 360 version! I said for how powerful you keep claiming the Wii U to be it doesn’t look that MUCH better. And it’s laughable how I keep trying to convince you that both consoles are good, but instead, you want to keep damage controlling. No use trying to reason with a troll…

                    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                      Damage controlling? Its a fucking fact! AC Unity I ant run at 1080p 60fps with 8 gigs. But I’m damage controlling.

                      1. Yes it can. It isn’t running at 1080P 60FPS because Ubisoft didn’t want to sacrifice all the graphics and detail in the game so they lowered the resolution and made it run at 30FPS. They could have made it look exactly like the last few AC’S and it would’ve ran 1080P 60FPS easily. But they wanted to make it increase the graphics and detail to get a better looking game. If you have actually been paying attention, graphics is what is selling the next gen consoles right now. They make their money off of it.

                        1. More like Ubishit went into their usual lazy mode & didn’t want to put any more extra time to refine & make it work better. Good to know the Wii U isn’t the only thing Ubicheap is too lazy to work on.

                        2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

                          Also you need to read my comment. I never said PS4 can’t run 3D World. I said it can’t do what Wii U can do with 1gig. It would need more gigs to handle 4 players all cloned 5 times. You act dumb as if a Power PC 7 foot print isn’t tiny and an X86 engine isn’t very very large.

      2. Bayonetta 2 is 10/10 every where. 91 metacric, and 93 user score on metacritic.

        Sunset overdrive is 83 on metacritic. What you choose to buy is on you and you alone.


      3. hum, I hope Nintendo could make an awesome deal, in holidays, for people that still don’t have an WiiU yet.
        Microsoft will decrease the price of Xbox One for $350

      4. Is the NA box art the same as the European one or the Japanese one? Amazon used to have the picture for the one with blue skies and now has the yellow one.

      5. Please tell me the NA box art is going to be the same! I’m really loving the European boxart.

        Anyway, I laughed at the fact jtz was pissing off Hollow. It’s funny to see him actually getting pissed. xD

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