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Pick Up Diancie For Pokemon X & Y At US GameStop Stores From Today Until November 16

Starting from October 27, Pokemon fans who have a copy of Pokemon X or Y can pick up the fabulous mythical Pokemon Diancie at participating North American retailers. For those who live in the US, Diancie is available at local GameStop stores, Canadian fans can step into a local EB Games Store, and those in Mexico can grab the event Pokemon at GamePlanet. Available via a special download code, fans simple have to access Mystery Gift in Pokemon X and Y to receive Diancie.

The event will continue until November 16 and follows the Shiny Gengar event which concluded yesterday. Remember, Diancie can also be transferred to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, allowing players to activate the mega stone Diancite and perform a mega evolution when it releases November 21. Though fans in North America can grab Diancie from today, European fans must wait until November 6.

47 thoughts on “Pick Up Diancie For Pokemon X & Y At US GameStop Stores From Today Until November 16”

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      With all the crap they pull, I’m going to have to agree. I usually go out of convenience, but I buy new whenever I can. Simulating rarity, pushing all Wii U merchandise into some corner at the back of the store… It’s enough to drive one to madness.

      1. Gamestop treats the Wii U like garbage. At mine, the games just sit all by themselves in a sad corner right front of door. Perfect place for it to be overlooked too. Not to mention, the number of games on display is ridiculously SMALL compared to the other console sections. I know the other consoles have way more games and have been out a lot longer, but what the fudge, man? I know there are way more Wii U games than that. Lol.

          1. I can understand that, but that’s not the point. The main reason Wii U is failing is because of lack of advertisement. Letting it sit in the corner where no one can see it isn’t really helping it. Not to mention, whenever I used to go in there to buy something for my Wii U, it was never in there because they didn’t care enough to restock it or actually put it on display. At least they’re better than my Wal-Mart who puts Wii games right into the Wii U section and mix it up along with some 360 games as well with the Xbox One sitting at the bottom. Lol.

        1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

          I was listening to this while reading your comment. It was enhanced somehow.

          XD Seriously though, it’s not easy being a Nintendo fan when Toys R Us has more variety for the Wii U than my closest Gamestop. They’ve got games I want to play, I’m a consumer, and they aren’t putting much effort into being my merchants. They’ve been alienating everyone lately though. Not Just Nintendo. I look forward to the day I get to watch them squirm when the world become dominated by digital purchases and 1 day delivery consoles from Amazon.

        2. I work there and I have to disagree man. Too much to get into it all but, really study their policies and effect on the industry and you’ll see they are definitely a positive for everyone. Not in every aspect but in most.

      2. Same here at my gamestop brotha, actually when I went to go buy Bayonetta 2 yesterday they had a gamecube section that was literally bigger than the Wii U one XD

  1. Really hate these codes. Let’s go back to using the wifi gift distribution. Always a nightmare with clueless retailers when you have to go to a store.

    1. Well that’s not their fault. Blame your country for sucking. Even Sweden has fucking Gamestops. And in the UK, the event is on GAME.

    1. Yo, is it cool if I get one? People at gamestop are being dicks and telling me I have to pre order Omega and Alpha. It would be a big help

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  3. I fucking hate how Nintendo of America forces us to use Gamestop! What the fuck is wrong with Mystery Gift, damn it!? But I want that Diancie & I can’t risk having to wait a decade later to get another chance at it.

    1. The reason they are telling you to get codes from gamestop is because the pokemon is special or there is already an event going on as a free gift for the gift thing. OR! There is an event going on already and there is a holiday coming up.

    2. it could be worse.
      in the netherlands you can only get diancie if you pre-order a physical copy of 1 of the new games.

  4. Hey, the diancie code isn’t working, it keeps saying error. I tried 5 times and it still said error. I heard that it is ending tonight because of difficulties. It ends at 8:00 PM. Does anyone know why it is doing the error code thing?! Plz tell me!

    1. My friend just tried to enter a code on the PS4 and it didn’t work! It also had the same exact error code that my DS had said!

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  6. Good job nintendo… there was no regulation so all the codes were given to the same people. Also, every gamestop in town is out, and not getting anymore for the rest of the time period. Why even run the event so long if only a few people can get. These codes are just stupid. Why isnt it dlc in the store?

  7. I hope the Diancie event is actually available in Canada. The last few events have only been in the US at Gamestop, and it has made me pretty upset. Can someone please confirm this? Thanks!

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