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Here’s A Good Look At Those Amiibo Displays That Are Popping Up In The US

You may have noticed that Amiibo displays have begun popping up at your local retailer in the United States. The displays have been set up by Nintendo to educate people on Amiibo’s in a fun way and they look as though they’re working as intended. Be sure to watch the video if you haven’t already seen the Amiibo displays at Walmart.

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23 thoughts on “Here’s A Good Look At Those Amiibo Displays That Are Popping Up In The US”

    1. My guess
      Wii Fit
      mr game and watch
      Duck Hunt
      Little Mac
      Maybe jiggly but all pokemon are fan favs
      Dr. Mario
      Dark Pit
      Captain Falcon
      , but after that i dunno

  1. Man! This is the kind of advertising that Nintendo should have done for the Wii U. To this day, there are STILL people who thinks the Wii U is just an add-on for the Wii. I was talking to a guy about a month ago that didn’t know what it was. I had to explain it to him.

    I’m willing to bet that neither of my local Wal-Mart stores has these. I’ll find out tomorrow.

    1. I don’t mean to sound rude but I hate it when people say this. you weren’t promised the quality that was shown at e3, they were prototypes. You are free to your opinion, and if you truly don’t want them I respect that, but nintendos done nothing wrong here.

      1. Even still though, I hate the fact that they used prototypes. Those figures look way better and it really pains me that we aren’t getting those. I got tricked and that really upset me. At this point, I won’t complain about it anymore cause it’s clear that there’s nothing I can do about it but deal with the downgraded figures, but I got hyped for the prototypes, not those. It reminds me of how I got hyped for Watch Dogs cause of the E3 trailer, but it got downgraded. And that downgraded version was not what I was hyped for… Made me really pissed to the point where I didn’t even want it anymore. The same thing is happening here with the Amiibos. But it’s a bit different though since they’re all different and some of them are my favorite characters so I might get a few. Especially if I find out which ones will be for a limited time. But I still can’t forgive them for what they did to poor Peach. She got hit hard… :/

  2. after a decade of action figure collecting i’ve learned not every character/action figure looks the same nor are they ever of equal quality.

  3. omg…please dont put Luigi and Captain Falcon in that pose…they will need tons of lego bricks to make them stable…

    they dont need those stupid poses to be cool…i mean..why Captain Falcon is even kicking? his signature move is the Falcon PUNCH…not that random kick….

  4. At 12.99 each, how big are these figures or compared to? The small Skylanders are 9.99 and the Giant or larger ones are 14.99. Hopefully somewhere between these two sizes!

  5. The Mario figure will have the most diverse amount of uses probably. A lot of these amibos like Marth won’t be used for any other game except SSB so I guess it’s more for collection to own certain amibo.

  6. I hate to say it, but after finding out about the limited amibos, I will probably end up buying them all. I imagine that a few of these will become very valuable. Once Nintendo pulls certain amibos from the shelf, thats it, they will never be sold again. Nintendo is going to sell millions and millions of these damn things.

  7. Well, I was right. Neither of my two local Wal-Mart stores (nor Target, or Hastings) had ANYTHING advertising amiibos. I’m not surprised. The city I live in always gets overlooked. Like when participating Best Buy stores allows people to play E3 games long before they release. Guess who gets left out? Yep, my city. Ugh!

  8. Time to quit using the “prototypes” to showcase the amiibo, Nintendo! It’s false advertising to continue showing the prototypes when the actual figurines look NOTHING like them.

    Every time I see the actual Link amiibo with the Master Sword’s blade slightly bent in one part, it really pisses me off when I look back to the prototype. I’ll gladly pay more money if it means I can get an amiibo that looks more like the prototype.

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