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Shadow Of The Eternals Is Alive And Well, Here’s A Video

We all assumed it had been canceled, but IGN has uploaded a new trailer for the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals. It looks as though the game is now being produced by Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. Hopefully it’s still coming to the Wii U as originally intended. We should find out soon.

Thanks, gamerprince1999 and Jester

39 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Eternals Is Alive And Well, Here’s A Video”

      1. I never knew it was on kickstarter. But if it’s still in the works, it’s obvious they didn’t need kickstarter.

  1. Everything shown in that video was done back when they had their Kickstarter campaign going. This is just a trailer pieced together from their first attempt. Hopefully the newly named studio will bring it to Wii U.

  2. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Eternal Darkness, has anyone here actually played it though? What game would you compare it to?

    1. Well it is comparable to (some of the first) Resident Evil games being that both are survival horror. You could also compare it to ZombiU, because both were survival horror and used interesting aspects about the controller to amp up the horror/ suspense elements present in the game.

      However, what Eternal Darkness is most known for is it’s weird tricks it played on the gamer. These were called “sanity effects.” For example, when your “sanity meter” runs low and your character starts losing grip on reality, the camera angle might become skewed and whispers and cries can be heard in the background. Sometimes even “fourth wall” breaking effects occur like the screen turning blue and you think the game froze (when in fact it is a sanity effect) or the controller starts working funnily or incorrectly.

      You might end up walking on the ceiling, seeing the walls bleed, or having the volume lower on it’s own. This is why Eternal Darkness really is not completely LIKE any other game. It’s a survival horror, but with it’s own crazy twist.

    2. It can be had for around $15-25 and runs on the Wii if you don’t hae a GCN anymore. It is easily one of my all-time favorite games. Imagine “Soul Reaver” meets “Silent Hill” with a strong aroma of H.P. Lovecraft. Don’t think, just buy it!

      1. dude your comment gave me so much hype for this! i’ll definitely check it out and give my gamecube one more spin.

    3. One of it’s worse, albeit best, Sanity Effects is that it will suddenly say your data is being erased & then it will “shut down” the Gamecube, making you think you just lost your data & will have to start all over again.

      1. Oh & the game is pretty challenging later in the game, so it’s perfect for people that like a challenge from their video games.

  3. Lol this game should die already, Eternal Darkness is easily one of my favorite games of all time, but all the talent left the studio ages ago, then they became so bad their games made the RARE kinect games look appealing.
    If Nintendo ever does a sequel or spiritual successor for Eternal Dakness the game would probably have more people involved in the original game than this so called creators that lost all the talent from the team. Don’t get your hopes up for this game guys, if they dissapeared it wasn’t because they were making great games, just saying ;)
    Not to mention the shady and controversial past of the head of the studio.

  4. the project failed twice funding the ones who made it were people who worked in silicon knights and now go and mostly work in another company or thing, one important amount of the money they used to make games were from govern funds to developers and the govern dont give more to him, most of the funds of x men destiny were used to make eternal darkness 2 but he didnt intend to make it for nintendo instead he espected nint, let die their rights of the game, use their parts of the rights to own completle the licence and sell the game in other platforms and save their asses, but nintendo renew their licence over the game and silicon cant do a thing so they sunk few were and fund precursor(that cost money) do a little video using crow fundind and few models they could save before they have to erase everithing thanks to epic games, the kickstarter thing fail twice precursor close doing nothing not a single game even for cell phones, and now open a new company (cost more money,) and this company claim to have made the games of silicon (who people work in another places) only to try to gain some support and credibility without doing something new and good, my expectactives about this being real, coming out or being a goog game in the end are almost cero

  5. I wish Nintendo would just bring them back under their wing and put some talent back on the team. “Eternal Darkness 2”, and “Metroid Prime 4” are my greatest wishes in gaming.

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