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The Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS Themes Are Out Now In The US

Fancy a change of theme on your Nintendo 3DS? Well the Animal Crossing themes are now available to download on your handheld. They aren’t free, but they aren’t very expensive either, so it’s worth taking a look on the Theme Shop. They will set you back $1.99 each.

  • Isabelle at Town (Town Hall music)
  • Mable (Able Sisters music)
  • Sable (Able Sisters music)
  • Timmy and Tommy (Nookling Shop music)
  • Colourful Pattern (a.k.a. Pop Tarts, title theme music)
  • Isabelle and Bulletin Board (1pm music)

Thanks to those who sent this in.

37 thoughts on “The Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DS Themes Are Out Now In The US”

  1. Themes aren’t worth paying for. They should all be free. I’m perfectly happy with just the solid color themes.

          1. the legend of zelda shrimpshield f as i have contacted GREZZO about this game and asked when we will see this and a majorsmask remade useing some one on miiverse email adress called mariofan123

          2. Yes. @ jarrod for calling me “poor person”.

            I just get sick of knowing Nintendo is swimming in money. But they still keep doing all of these little things to earn even more. Instead of just letting people have something free for once.

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    2. nintendo is not makeing anymore 3ds console as they are discontinueing the wiiu to work on there QOL platform for the next 10 years

    3. the wiiu will be discontinued for the QOL Bisness adventure going forward and less focus on vidiogames in the near future

    4. the legend of zelda shrimpshield takes place in faronwood from skywardsword its the same forest from the wii game that cameout in 2011 the iland looks great and it does not require the new 3ds CPU graphics specs to be played on the new 3ds it isgoing to be backwards conpatable with your old 3ds

    5. the 3ds has a long life a head of it and it will get great games in the future regarding of the graphics nintendo software is software the 3ds will be supported till 2018

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