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Here’s The Cute Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire US TV Commercial

Nintendo of America has produced a super cute television commercial for the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The short commercial stars actors and wonderfully presented CGI Pokemon models along with a splattering of gameplay. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is coming out in the United States on November 21st.


46 thoughts on “Here’s The Cute Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire US TV Commercial”

  1. I’m actually glad that I lost my care for Pokemon games. Because there’s SO many of them that it was hard to keep up.

      1. I’m referring to all of the spin-off Pokemon games as well. So many that they all burned me out on Pokemon.

    1. Geezer. It’s not hard at all. You know how many animal species there are in the world? Yeah? Are there anywhere close as many Pokémon? You don’t play the games anymore, fine but don’t act like such a genwunner it’s gross. lol

    2. I’ve been following Pokémon since the beginning. Though I did find myself skipping Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal at the time.

      I don’t know why that happened…

  2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

    PoPiPoPiPo PoPiPo! PoPiPoPiPo PoPiPo! PoPiPoPiPo PoPiPo!
    Just performing maintenance on the war speakers. Don’t mind me.

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

        Uh oh… What happened bro? I can’t listen to Mulan music because my brother was severly injured while the movie was playing. He was 3 years old and fell pretty hard onto his head. Today, he struggles with what my parents have called “autism” in place of brain damage. Masking irresponsibility with a mental illness. I simply cannot listen to Mulan music today. Now, what happened to you?

        1. Lets just say, anime, cosplay and many japanese related things (like the PoPiPo commercial etc.) reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Sometimes I really wish I never met her. So here I am, posting comments like there’s no tomorrow. Because I have nothing better to do.

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            Oh man… I know that feel bro. I’m really sorry. My child-hood friend became my first girlfriend. I simply could not have been happier. We spent a single day together. The very next day, I saw her hanging her arms around some other guy. I confronted her immediately and she dumped me there and then. They dated for another week until they broke up. But me? A 13 year old boy, my family and other kids at school made fun of me over the entire thing. It was all so fast, all so new, and deeply traumatizing. I didn’t date anyone again until I was 21 years old. Now I’m with the woman of my dreams. I’m glad she cheated on me. I’m glad they teased me. Because I saved myself for the perfect one. And you’ll find your perfect one too. The girl who cheated on me is now a fat chick with two kids on welfare with a loser who is more interested in gang-banging than feeding his family. I’m in college working to be a software developer. You gotta be the same way alright?
            Also, I’m really sorry about the anime thing. Anime girls are EVERYWHERE. Damn their popularity. I’m sad to admit that I have a waifu. (Self proclaimed anime girlfriend)
            You’re family here man. I’ll always look out for you. And if you ever wanna have real-talk about life stuff, the MNN community’s got your back. Every single time.

            1. I could say a LOT about what happened to me. But I won’t. All I will say is that my girlfriend and I were engaged (sorta). But there were many circumstances involved that screwed things forever. So it’s not entirely her fault. But I hate the way she treated me during those last several months. She acted like I was the last person on her mind. After 5+ years of planning to be married, she wasn’t even treating me like a friend. She even forgot about me last Christmas and my last birthday. All because of her OBSESSION with her silly Cosplay events. And HIM. Yes, there’s always another man involved. *sigh* And the king of dorks to top it off. But I’ll stop here. After all, this is a Nintendo site.

              It’s cool that you’re wanting to be a software developer. In a perfect world, I probably would have too. Glad things worked out for you. And thanks for the kind words. ; )

  3. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

    Nice. May get it. But if I don’t so what Smash bros. Wii u is coming. Don’t give a damn.

  4. Why does every single Pokemon game have 2 or 3 versions? Why can’t they ever make just one, and put every Pokemon in it? This is another thing that annoyed the crap out of me when I used to care about Pokemon.

    1. If you’re that bothered by it then go ask the company yourself, why complain on here? If you don’t like pokemon good for you darling.

      1. Complaining to the companies never helps. I’ve learned that through all of my years writing letters to game companies. All of that time wasted and getting writers cramp for nothing.

    2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      It all has to do with the tradition of trading. Though technically obsolete, it goes back to Red Green and Blue days. They make certain Pokemon exclusive to a game, and you have to find someone with another version so that you can catch them all.

        1. With the GTS, it’s not really a problem anymore. Trade any Pokemon even legendary ones with other people across the world! Although some people make stupid deals like asking for a lvl 100 legendary for a lvl 1 Squirtle. Don’t pay attention to those trolls.. >.>

  5. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

    Who cares if every pokemon is not on one game. Big deal smash Bros. Wii u is on the way.

  6. I played the special demo and it brought back memories. I love the tune that plays in Mosdeep City. It’s so relaxing. This is definitely better than anything I played in X and Y. Definitely getting it.

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