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Animal Gods Developer Praises Nintendo eShop For Its Indie Offerings

animal_godsU.S. developer Still Games has praised Nintendo for offering a wide selection and display of indie titles through the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The studio is planning to bring its latest project, Animal Gods, to Nintendo’s system among other platforms. The game, which takes inspiration from the SNES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, is currently being funded via Kickstarter with six more days to go. It is described as an action-adventure RPG set in Bronze Age Europe where players journey to an open world and battle ancient animal deities.

Still Games’ Peter Harmon: “All nostalgia aside, I think Nintendo is one of the most consistent & high quality developers around. I’m honored that they verified us to develop on their own platforms. Nintendo has always been making good games.

“On the business side, the Nintendo eShop is quite friendly — the eShop gets more use than it does on other platforms — Wii U owners use the eShop. Indie games show up on the front page, and players know they exist.

“From a design perspective, I think players will find Animal Gods has some core gameplay elements in line with Nintendo’s, so Nintendo fans will find Animal Gods to be an enjoyable experience.”

33 thoughts on “Animal Gods Developer Praises Nintendo eShop For Its Indie Offerings”

    1. Oh, I remember everyone shitting on that post yesterday which said that Skullgirls won’t come out on the Wii U, a game that actually is reviewed and has some pretty good scores, but I see many of you now praising this game. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

      1. The difference this time, is that statement isn’t flimsy. The eshop DOES have alot of indie games albeit, not all good games (I’m looking at you The Letter!), but games nonetheless.

        1. It’s not only this time. You can track this down to 3DS’s launch. Pretty much any game that isn’t on the eShop is “irrelevant” and every game that is on is “great” and everyone says they can’t wait for it.

                1. Why do you love the Wii U then? Pretty much everything said about it on the internet is against it for good reasons. The only place where people won’t talk against it are sites like this.

      2. We did because what they said is bullshit…If other indies developers can bring their fighting games to Wii U, why can’t they?

        Besides, this developers is kind enough to bring this game to our console, unlike the majority of 3rd party companies.

        1. Yes, yes….no. What are you talking about? I see many of you fanboys saying something like:

          “Besides, this developers is kind enough to bring this game to our console, unlike the majority of 3rd party companies.”

          Your console? It is not your company, why are you people so emotinally connected to a brand? You are not a part of Nintendo, you are just a customer. A deluded one, but a customer. You own your Wii U, that is your console and what you don’t get, you don’t get. Buy another console, because you aiiiiiin’t gonna get 3rd party games for Wii U. It’s a console that has neither numbers sold, power nor PC architecture. There is no point in making games for such a thing. 3rd party companies go where the money is. Wii U is everywhere, but there.

          Like I said before, it is not only Skullgirls that has been called “uninteresting” since it’s not coming to the Wii U, there are many more, and if you find old Ubisoft articles, you’ll see that many of the people shitting on them today were praising them back then.

          1. Ummmm…because we fucking purchase the console? There’s not contract in a console purchase so we own it. Besides, I don’t have to buy other consoles for 3rd, I have something called PC.

            I had not said that Skullgirls wasn’t interesting, I am disappointing that they think that they can’t bring that game because they think they are not hardcore fighting category on Wii U. Please, read before you judge a comment, you damn troll.

            1. Yes, I read it and it makes no sense. Developers aren’t nice, they want money and go where it is, you retarded fuck. Also, read the definition of a troll.

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


    I’d like to say that Bayonetta really surprised me for being that type of game…

    I usually don’t like these type of games but the challenge, diversity and even story are just lovely…

    9.5/10 well deserved…

        1. If i didn’t have to buy the 3ds version of smash to get mewtwo and the soundtrack Bayonetta would easily be on my radar, sadly i’ll just have to wait to be a sexy witch! XD Mewtwo comes First!

          1. Mewtwo won’t be available to spring 2015 you know? I guess if you’re going for the soundtrack CD then I see your urgency for both versions, but you’ve got a while until Mewtwo is released.

    1. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

      Good review on Bayonetta 2. I’m getting it soon. And speaking of indie games anyone know if Trine 3 is still in the works?

  2. So much for “there are hurdles and obstacles if you want to program on the Wii U”, Mariel. What a bunch of baloney. I will get this game one it is out on the Wii U since I’m a big fan of Zelda.

  3. The reason I prefer them is they are budget games. AAA games have gone so downhill it isn’t funny. GTA IV, FF XIII anything, Resident Evil, Bethesda (broken developer), CoD and Fifa DLC re-released as full games every year.

    This game will probably be better then that turd called Destiny even though it had a $500 million budget.

    1. grand theft auto five was one of my top five favorite games of all time! I’m surprised to hear you disagree, did you visit the strip club? XD Hey on a serious note Nintendo AAA Titles are as good as they’ve ever been!

  4. It sounds like the game in the book Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz… Look forward to a disaster… Not necessarily by the game itself but by a maDman

  5. I hope Nintendo works even harder to become the go-to console for indie gamers. I think that if Nintendo ever wants to be on top again, it should do so by carving out multiple niches for itself, slowly undermining Sony and Micro$hit in subtle ways. Nintendo was way too quick to rest on its laurels with the success of the Wii. After securing the casual market (which slipped through its fingers anyway), it should have looked forward to other markets.

    1. Well, at least Nintendo is concentrating on games unlike Xbox One and has better exclusive titles unlike PS4. The Wii U is maybe weaker than PS4 and Xbox, but only a fool buys a game for graphic and resolution.

    2. that is pretty much always the case
      since gaming is a rapidly shifting market, more so than electronics, gaming companies have to keep on their toes at all times
      what happens if they don’t we saw in the mid 80ies when the gaming market almost collapsed.. or with the release of the xbox 360 and PS3 that cost dozens of mid sized publishers/developers their heads

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