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Nintendo Is Working On Amiibo Cards, Plus Figures Could Be Used With Animal Crossing

We’ve yet to get the officially translated Q&A for Nintendo’s financial results briefing, but that hasn’t stopped others from translating the Japanese text which is currently available. Interestingly, Miyamoto says that they are developing special cards as part of their Amiibo project and he also says that they may produce smaller figures which could work with a game like Animal Crossing. Here’s the translation.

“Q1 is about amiibo. They basically talk about the different projects they’re planning for next year and the advantage of allowing them to be used in multiple games as well as the speediness of their read/write speeds. They mention non-figure based ‘amiibo’ are being planned, saying that they are developing cards as part of the ‘amiibo’ project. They reference the e-Reader cards from the GBA era when saying this. They also talk about smaller, cheaper figures than the Smash figurines and talk about the possibility of using such figures in something like Animal Crossing. Miyamoto is apparently pushing teams to come up with non-standard uses of the NFC reader in the U, the results of which they hope to be able to show off next year. Also talks about using amiibo to extend the life of already released titles, like Mario Kart”

Thanks, gamerprince1999

65 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Working On Amiibo Cards, Plus Figures Could Be Used With Animal Crossing”

  1. Your headline doesn’t sound right.
    Anyways, I know Amiibo is for kids and all but I just can’t help feeling that Amiibo will ruin games by giving advantages some how.

    1. Like a pay to win type of scenerio? Yea, I thought about that too, but surely Nintendo is smart enough not to let that happen. I’m just curious how they are going to implememt Amibos into all these different games without being just dlc.

      1. They won’t they just want to extend life of games, if they gave a high advantage, then it would lower replay

        1. I think that was the concept of dlc a long time ago but now it’s about cutting content and charging you for it. I’m not saying Nintendo will do that, but once the money starts rollin’ in, you never know.

          1. So far nintendo has been fair with dlc never leaving out content for dlc. They even go on to knowledge that amiibos get updates get updates for free so they can add on. Its best to wait to see what happens

  2. Oh, so they are developing cards as well…Good, good, good, gooooood. One day, you will have to pay 200000$ to get everything in a game. You’ll have to get cards, figures, cups, shoes, headphones, t shirts, desks, cars, boats. All of those things will be Amiibo branded and necessary to get a game + DLC and microtransactions.

          1. If I was a liar, it would be pretty easy to prove me wrong, wouldn’t it or do you consider yourself so stupid that you can’t find simple information on the internet.

            Again, you insult yourself.

        1. It wouldn’t matter if they were put onto the internet because they are NFC cards, printing them out on paper wouldn’t work

    1. Would be cool if they started adding AMIIBO features to gacha “eggs”. That would make me get even more of them. :p

  3. I’d like to see the cards add new levels to games like the e-Reader cards did with Super Mario Advance 4 and Mario VS Donkey Kong. I could imagine them doing it with Captain Toad and maybe Smash 4.

  4. Why are people complaining so much. Games only go so far. Merch is where its at. Slap a triforce or links face on something and ya got me sold

  5. Amiibo cards sound pretty cool, and I would try to buy every Animal Crossing amiibo. Right now I’m waiting for the Ness amiibo (Ness was an FP fighter during the 50 Fact Direct)

      1. Who wants to use this POS as a controller. I don’t hear anyone saying that this will be their main controller for Smash Wii U. Who wants to use this clunky controller during gameplay, so that it can be distracting? Don’t be a smart ass…

        1. A LOT of people enjoy using the gamepad actually because you know… Off screen play.. But yeah I couldn’t imagine using the gamepad for smash no way. For any other game it works just fine.

  6. How to utilize Amiibo right for Animal Crossing U- Simple put, have the player have the choice of which villagers they want. Maybe have Amiibo specific villagers that you can only unlock by owning the corisponding(?) Amiibo figurine…Thoughts???

  7. I’m crazy that I just want that all amiibos work with all the games that are developed with amiibo functionality in mind? Because that is what I want, I want amiibo parity functionality.

    1. I call bullshit on your post. It would only scare the people away and besides, Nintendo had no idea if the idea of those figures would be a good idea until Skylanders came out. Will you risk something like this as a company?

      1. Skylanders had already proven a successful business long before the Wii U launched. No need to get defensive. Nintendo had the weakest console launch in thier history with the Wii U. Thats a fact. Remember the Wii launched with Zelda TP, Mario Galaxy, and Metroid Prime. Imagine if the Wii U launched with Amibo, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, and Smash close behind. Nintendo would have higher sales than the Playstation 4. They would probably be on par with the original Wii.

          1. I don’t. Like that 8.0.1 update that bricked iPhone 6, I facepalm and blame them for rushing the update too soon after 8.0 launch. I even criticize about Apple continuing on making their techs too fucking thin which spells trouble for durability and battery.

            Does that sound like defensing Apple to you because I’m not just saying this to get you off my back. I know screws up when I see it. I don’t blindly ignore them like SOMEBODY HERE about Ubisoft’s BS scams and lies of their games.

            1. You never said anything like that before though. You could have literally just made that up for now. I’m not saying anything bad about you, I just find it suspicious…

              1. How can I make any of this shit up when its actually happening or happened already? 8.0.1, I didn’t lie about that. Slimmer phones, not just iPhone, is a bad idea in terms of battery because its gonna shrink its size and capacity that way. And the iPad Mini 3 update is the laziest tech update since the 3rd gen iPod touch that only bumped up uts processor a little bit and $100 for a fucking Touch ID feature thats a year old as its only change? Hell no.

  8. Mr. Ignoring man knows the truth of Wii U now

    It would be something if Wonderful 102 was confirmed and used the cards. On W101, you can already pick any character you want and they each upgrade on their own. Too bad Wii U owners didn’t buy it besides me.

  9. I love hearing talk about Animal Crossing. I’ve been wondering this whole time if Nintendo is working on a Wii U version. Hope they are.

  10. totally off topic but when will we get Dk country 1 and 2 on the eshop in the US? They already came to europe and I need Dem Bananas on account of my low potassium levels!

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