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There’s A Demo Of Captain Toad At Best Buy

Fancy testing out the adorable Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? Well here’s some good news. The game is currently available to play at US retailer Best Buy. I would assume it’s just a couple of levels on offer, but should serve as a good taster for those who haven’t had the chance to experience Captain Toad’s mini adventures.

Thanks, gamerprince1999

31 thoughts on “There’s A Demo Of Captain Toad At Best Buy”

      1. Why’d you gotta be so rude! Don’t you know I’m a fan too! Why’d you gotta be so rude! I’m gonna buy them game anyways… But that game……… lol xD

  1. I’m not even afraid to bet that MY Best Buy doesn’t have this demo. They SUCK where I live. Besides, I hate Best Buy. The employees harrass you.

  2. i dont go to places in order to just play a demo, a demo on eshop would be great and i can experience it in the comfort of my house

  3. At least it’s not a Full Price product.
    If you get what I mean.
    Wish there was an eShop demo of this though to be honest.

  4. I hope that the cheaper price of Captain Toad doesn’t indicate that the game is super simple and short. That would be a real shame, because the game looks fun.

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