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Miyamoto: Nintendo Is Looking To Create More Spin-Off Games And Work With More Third Party Developers

Legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto says that the company is working on more spin-off titles to help improve the flow of Wii U software. He says that by doing this it allows customers to experience Nintendo franchises without having to wait three years for the next instalment. Miyamoto also said that they are working with a number of third-party developers to outsource their creations.

“On development time, we have already completed the step of learning new development techniques. So, we should experience less developmental delays stemming from learning new hardware. From now on, it becomes a matter of if we can use our experience efficiently and one part of our plan to do so is to use ‘spin off games’, which allow us to use our major title franchises, but create on a smaller scale and we are working hard on making these sort of derived products. In this way, we are preparing to expand on our characters while also increasing the number of software we output and allowing our customers to have their next experiences in certain franchises without waiting three years.”

“We are also working more and more with many different 3rd party companies to produce our titles [note: this seems to refer to outsourcing stuff like asset creation, cut-scenes, etc] and from this year we have begun to work with some software developers for the very first time. We are in the process of creating a system where we are actively seeking outside assistance to help us create an abundance of major titles. I feel that next year’s Wii U titles are plentiful. We will continue working hard.”

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118 thoughts on “Miyamoto: Nintendo Is Looking To Create More Spin-Off Games And Work With More Third Party Developers”

    1. Wtf… You nintendrones talk about Nintendo being pure and never going 3rd party and only releasing great 1st party games with their IPs, yet you are okay with shitty third party crossovers? That is essentially the same thing. Prepare for the iconic Nintendo names to be smeared with shit as horrible games become the norm.

    1. Bayonetta 10/10, Super mario 3D world 10/10. DKCTF 10/10 because of the music of David Wise, Hyrule Warriors 9/10 bt Famitsu.

      The Quality is great, it is Nintendo supervised, always expect that.


          1. Xenoblade is first party. Nintendo owns Monolith.

            Pokémon is published by Nintendo, licensed by Pokémon Company, developed by Game Freaks and Creatures.

      1. I’d like to ask you where are you getting those reviews from? Only from places that give them the highest scores? Seems so to me. Don’t count DK TF and 3D World, those are 1st party games.

      2. Bayonetta 2, 91%; Super Mario 3D World, 93%; DKC:TF, 84%; and Hyrule Warriors, 77%. This is from aggregate review site . You can be honest and still make your point. Unfortunately, Hyrule Warriors is the only game that’s applicable here. Bayonetta 2 was published by Nintendo and developed by a 3rd party but is not a Nintendo franchise. The remaining two are merely 1st Party.

        In fact, Other M and SSB4 would probably be better examples than the ones you provided.

    1. I can see it now… Monolith Soft developing Nintendo’s take on the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Who’s gonna be the leading character… Pit? I like that concept., Rob.

      1. For something like that, they should probably make some original characters as the protagonists and antagonists (with the addition of the obvious Nintendo characters) so that the game can be recognized as it’s own IP (or franchise if it does get popular enough).

      2. It should totally be Pit. Pit x Pokemon Trainer is probably one of the cutest (but strangest) fan-fiction mangas I have ever read on the darker sides of the internet. Pit is also my favorite characters along with Lucina.

  1. So E3 will make Nintendo fans money run away like summer steam sales do to pc gamers money great :-) what I need my money for.

    1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was 2008. Super Mario 3D world was 2013. Please explain to me again why I should wait that long for greatness. Super Mario Galaxy alone is better than all games released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined.

        1. Okay lol! Pokemon comes out in long periods. It sells like crazy though. Now even Luigi is a 3 million game seller. A Luigi RPG on the WiiU staring him and Daisy would be a great hit.


          1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

            A Luigi RPG… That is a fantastic idea, they gave Wario his own games, why not Luigi who is waaaaay better.
            Or maybe something like Super Luigi Land in which it is like Super Mario Land but the role of Peach is Daisy, set in Sarasaland.

          2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

            North American release years:
            Platinum —2009
            HeartGold/SoulSilver — 2010
            Black/White — 2011
            Black2/White2 — 2012
            X/Y — 2013
            OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire — 2014

                    1. They already had a Pokemon (Kyurem) for Pokemon Grey, too, but we all know how that went.

            1. I ALWAYS wanted to see that! Yes! Go, Luigi! Find the pieces of the Marvelous Compass! Save Princess D̶a̶i̶s̶y̶ Eclair!

              Nintendo, we just had an entire Year of Luigi! What a missed opportunity!

          3. No, the main Pokemon series has been releasing annually too, for the most part. (I’ll assume you’re from the US, so I’ll list you the release dates for North America)
            Red/Blue – September 1998
            Yellow – October 1999
            Gold/Silver – October 2000
            Crystal – July 2001
            Ruby/Sapphire – July 2003
            Firered/Leafgreen – September 2004
            Emerald – May 2005
            Diamond/Pearl – April 2007
            Platinum – March 2009
            Heartgold/Soulsilver – March 2010
            Black/White – March 2011
            Black 2/White 2 – October 2012
            X/Y – October 2013
            Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – November 2014

            Some releases are even less than a year apart from each other. And that’s for the main series only, there also are a bunch of spin-offs, like Mystery Dungeon or Ranger to give you examples, I didn’t take into account.

    2. Are you idiots this slow? Kirby and Zelda as annual series? lol Look up the dates of each games and come back and tell me if any of them are doing annual releases which they don’t, not even Mario Party.

          1. Zelda games, I suppose.
            MM – Majora’s Mask
            OoS / OoA – Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages
            WW – Wind Waker
            FSA – Four Swords Adventures
            MC – Minish Cap
            TP – Twilight Princess

            That’s my guess, at least.

        1. Your mixing in handheld games with console games. We see a new console Zelda title once every 4-5 years. The reason for that is simply becouse thats how long they take to make. Quality is the key word here. Quality. Nintendo don’t reuse the same character models and animations like COD and AC. Thats the only reason those titles are annual. Becouse they reuse 80% of the in game content. The 20% thats changed is just window dressing to make the game ‘look’ different. Thats why I laugh anytime someone compares Nintendo I.P’s with Activision, or Ubisoft, or any of the other big 3rd party’s. It’s a joke. Those guys are not even in the same league as Nintendo. Not even on the same planet.

          1. *claps enthusiastically* Thank you. I knew I couldn’t be the only one among logical folk who believes Nintendo games aren’t rehashes.

            The fundamental difference between Call of Duty entries and, the infamous example, New Super Mario Bros. entries, is that platforming is almost infinitely more dynamic than running-and-gunning. A platformer is about it’s stages. The sky is the limit with the platform positions, enemies, other obstacles, goals, and jumping physics. Even a fairly forgettable stage is a different architecture, a different challenge to surmount. As a developer, you would have to put in the effort of recreating a near-verbatim, platform-by-platform, obstacle-by-obstacle copy of a previous iteration for it to be a rehash. By contrast, there is almost nothing to add to shooting, or at least Call of Duty’s brand of shooting. It’s very simple: you shoot each other with a small variance of weapons, using walls and the like to your advantage to get hit less.

            Furthermore, considering how vehemently spoken the detractors are against Nintendo and it’s ‘rehashing’, if Nintendo’s work really is recycled and unoriginal, I wonder how these individuals begin to tolerate (let alone enjoy) the rest of the industry, or even the stage of advancement video games as a whole have reached. To put it in negative terms, nearly everything released from the big publishers to the AAA devs to the indie studios conforms in one way or another to a pre-existing genre. Even within that, Sony and Microsoft frequently encourage the same shooters and sports on their consoles. All this, and Nintendo is the one putting no effort into it’s work?

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Except unlike the milked franchises of the others, these were on different consoles…


          OoT – 1997
          MM – 2001
          WW – 2003
          TP – 2006
          SS – 2011

          So you see they are not annual releases for one console…

  2. Cool, I wouldn’t mind a sequel for Hyrule Warriors in 3-4 years and Sega SHOULD consider collaborating with Nintendo to make another F-Zero title.

    Speaking of third party collaborations, where the fuck is Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem?

      1. I’ve seen the news, though it would be nice to at least see a new trailer soon or even know what demons will be involved in the crossover (Mara better have his/her phallic ass in the game since’s s/he’s my favorite).

    1. Isn’t Nintendo the one that should consider working with Sega because Nintendo is the one that owns F-Zero? But they should do that. They should give the fans as much service as possible on Wii U, throw everything to the wall and see what sticks with people Nintendo!

  3. would be cool to get more 3rd party companys doing weird things with nintendo like the hyrule warriors. may even get nintendo to start useing unused ip more…not sure i want crossovers with just the usual suspects of zelda mario and samus etc.

    1. That’s kinda what I read into that, too. I hope that isn’t what he meant. Although I wouldn’t mind so much if it meant seeing some long forgotten ips again. Smaller budgets don’t necessarily mean shittier games.

  4. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

    Yes! Letting the other nations use our weapons will give us more allies and strengthen our nation. And close instruction is key. We don’t want another incident like Philips CDi.

    1. lol, would be amazing but I Samus would fit this better, actually that’d be great a stealth Metroid game, could also add a bit of horror as well if they take some inspiration from Alien Isolation seeing as Metroid has all the aliens and that.

    1. Yes, the developers did say that things were going smooth after Codename S.T.E.A.M.’s announcement at E3. I’m guessing that we probably might not see a new trailer until a NIntendo Direct next year.

  5. i think there are a lot of talent in Nintendo but those talent cannot shine cause the game those developers want to make are games which are not aligned with the games Nintendo produce (or want to produce). If those talents work with 3rd party who have enough back bone to make some experimentations while taking calculated risk then I think it could work. Furthermore and that’s the reality of the world we live in, nintendo should produce an mobile phone game for the “idiot”/micro-transaction lover and casual gamer which should be successful and bring lot of millions to them. They have a development department for the mobile market.

    1. I don’t think it’s because of the success of Hyrule Warriors, but because of the failure of the Wii U’s launch that they started working with third parties.

      1. Not even close. Wii U’s launch, at first, did great; 3+ million by Christmas which is a good start. After that, it all went straight to hell because the third parties keep making crap for Wii U or didn’t release enough games for 2 quarters straight.

  6. I don’t know about this, I didn’t like Hyrule Warriors.
    It just felt like a empty shell of a game… shallow and bland.
    I kind of feel bad for the team who worked on the title, it seemed like they really wanted to make a true Zelda game but Anouma pretty much said No. So its basically a Dynasty Warriors game. It’s made me less interested in a follow-up or playing the DW games.

    As for future titles, I don’t know. I’d like to believe there will be some great games but really… I’m off two minds about it. Yes it would speed up development but the big N needs to give these developers some control to break new ground with their established franchises or forgotten ones for that matter.

    In addition, Shigeru needs to be less stringent on the games that other developers are putting together for Nintendo. Has he forgotten the Star Fox Adventures debacle from the Gamecube era. He’s the one who changed a new IP into the Star Fox game that ended up being released. While it could have been great without the Andross crap at the end… it could have been equally cool as its own IP at the time.

    As for Mario games, fix it or get a new lead producer. The guy running it has lost all sense of direction and inspiration.

    1. Dynasty Warriors wanted to make a great DW and they did according to the team and many many fans. And automa gave them a ton of freedom and has said again and again a lot of the great ideas, including some that tie to Zelda strategy, game from tn

  7. I’d love to see Nintendo partner with, or continue to partner with, more Japanese studios, i.e., Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, Sega, Namco Bandai, Tecmo Koei, etc. In fact, if Nintendo could secure some exclusive partnerships, that would make the Wii U one juggernaut of a console. It could be the console for people who love “Made in Japan” videogames, and it would finally merit some hardcore gamer cred.

    1. Only BS studios like EA and Ubisoft, maybe Activision too, I don’t mind they don’t even bother with Nintendo anymore because fuck them for what they did to Nintendo and also fuck them for making false promises and cheap scam stunts like stripping a game for DLCs.

  8. They’re always worried about the quality of their titles. They won’t release 1st party products that aren’t up to snuff, and should ensure that 3rd parties are bringing their A-game, even if they can’t match the quality of Nintendo’s own games.

  9. So they’re scrapping the WiiU and making a worthwhile console with reasonable power?

    Oh, no? They’re not going to fix the actual problems they have with third parties? What a shock

    1. the fact that the WiiU is selling better then the XBONE shows power rarely matter. the PS2, WII, DS and 3DS have all proved this. power isnt important, the games are. Sony ill admit has been amazing with their customers, and as such, people do support them. they are not going to ditch WIIU, you would be stupid to think they would.

      1. No, the only place the WiiU is outselling the Bone is Japan. In the US, it usually triples the WiiU’s sales. It has sold about a million more, because it was released a full yrar ago.

        And I don’t remember the Ps2 being so insanely underpowered that devs refused to work on it.

        Mainly cause the power gap between the WiiU and the Ps4 is bigger than the gap between the Ps3 and the Wii.

        1. how im the hell is the power gap between the PS4 and WiiU greater then the WII and PS3? the Wii wasnt even HD. the Xbone is still selling less tho. you admit that. the wii was greatly underpowered, so was the DS. still sold amazingly well. face it, games are the only thing that matters in the gaming community.

  10. God I hope Nintendo never gives thier I.P.’s to Ubisoft. In fact, I’m not sure this is such a good idea. Why not let 3rd parties create thier own games, and keep Nintendo I.P.’s where they belong. I mean, am I the only one the thought Hyrule Warriors was extremely medicore? I think the risk is too great to dampen the quality that comes along with Nintendo I.P.’s.

  11. Spin-off series of F-Zero and Fire Emblem please. (But let’s have a true F-Zero revival first) Both leaving their respective genre would be amazing!

  12. Hyrule Warriors was an instance where the fan service was great, but the game just didn’t play like a Nintendo title. Ninty got help from Namco on Smash, and so I’m sure Pokken will be a tighter experience.

    Seems to me, if you are a Zelda fan who liked/would have liked Warriors titles before playing HW, you got a trashy treat and a TON of Zelda content out of the deal. The rest of us, who are either bored or outright unimpressed by the signature Warriors franchise gameplay, are stuck with the option of grinding through hours of repititive play for tasty Zelda morsels along the way, or simply dropping the title altogether in favor of WW HD as a better appetizer for 2015.

    The third and best option, of course, is to completely delve into all that Bayonetta 2 has to offer. The first run through merely wet my whistle for more, and Platinum isn’t even pushing DLC on us right out of the gate ;P

    1. I played the demo of Bayonetta 2 and didn’t care for it. So I decided not to buy it (until it’s in a bargain bin some day).

  13. Bayonetta 2 is just simply amazing. I finished the first one and started on the second. Game of the year so far in my opinion. And yes, thats including MK 8. Bayonetta is just an amazing experience. I’m in agreement about Hyrule Warriors. I never cared for the Dynasty Warriors franchise. I tried, it was just really boring and repetitive. I knew I wouldn’t care for Hyrule Warriors unfortunatly. I wanted to like that game so bad. To give it credit though, it was actually miles better than any other Dynasty game. But it was just that, a Dynasty game. It actually blows my mind it sold better than Bayonetta 2. I hope there is no sequel. I really am protective of the Zelda Franchise, and I don’t want to see this spin off continue.

    1. What are you smoking? Hyrule Warriors is awesome! I just wish the Legend Mode was longer, and that there was more playable characters. I don’t like the exclusive characters Lana, Cia and Volga.

  14. Sounds cool but while we’re on the topic of crossovers…
    Are we getting news for Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem anytime before say, 2016?

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  16. I look forward to more crossover games. Anyway, when we can expect Hyrule Warriors 2? I really enjoy hack & slash games. But next time, make the story mode longer, guys. It sucks that most of the content is in a side mode. I would have gladly done without Adventure Mode if it meant a much longer story.

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