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Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Game Arriving Summer 2015, Plus New Details

New details have arrived on the intriguing Luigi’s Mansion Arcade game. Developed by Capcom, the arcade version was running through a testing period from October 30 to November 3, as we reported yesterday. But since the spooky season and its testing run has passed, Games Talk has supplied a few details on the upcoming arcade game.

Translated by members from NeoGaf, the arcade title will be based on Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the Nintendo 3DS and playable only in a first person perspective. Luigi, however, will appear in cutscenes, so fans will still be able to glimpse his shaky poses in perilous situations. Gloomy Mansion is the only confirmed stage so far, but Capcom is sure to announce others in the future.

Players will be able to get to grips with the controls from an in-game tutorial from Professor Elvin Gadd, while at the helm of a poltergust-shaped controller, which sucks in ghosts if shaken. A start button and bomb button are also located on the Luigi’s Mansion arcade tower. According to Games Talk, Capcom are looking to release the arcade game by Summer 2015 in Japan.

10 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Game Arriving Summer 2015, Plus New Details”

  1. If Nintendo make one fir Wii U, they coukd have First Person mode using the gamepad’s gyro controls to look around for ghosts…just an idea…

  2. They lost me at “first person perspective”. I don’t EVER wanna see a FPS Luigi’s Mansion game. And why is this based on Luigi’s Mansion 2? The first game was better.

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