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New Nintendo 3DS & XL For Australia Will Not Be Eligible For Club Nintendo Registration

club_nintendo_australiaNintendo of Australia and New Zealand has stated that the New Nintendo 3DS and XL models will not be eligible for registration on Club Nintendo. Following Club Nintendo Japan, consumers will no longer be able to redeem points with a designated PIN code on the two new hardware models according to a regional newsletter sent to Club Nintendo members. Unfortunately the Australian branch has yet to clarify whether this extends to all hardware, new and old.

In September, Nintendo of Japan claimed it would be changing Club Nintendo’s reward system. The usual Gold and Platinum tiers, which can be achieved by registering a substantial amount of games, would be scrapped following this year. The branch also mentioned hardware – and later amiibo – would no longer be eligible for registration. While Nintendo of America or Europe have yet to announce any concrete changes to the rewards system, given Japan and Australia’s changes it’s certainly something to keep an eye on. You can view Nintendo of Australia and New Zealand’s statement below.

Please note: New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL are not eligible for registration with Club Nintendo and do not include a Club Nintendo Product Identification Number (PIN).

59 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS & XL For Australia Will Not Be Eligible For Club Nintendo Registration”

    1. They well most likely open up a web store for the club Nintendo items, and create a new digital insentive program like Xbox/Bing rewards. The new program well unify things for their new system and focus on game rewards (digital) and then just sell what items used to be offered on club Nintendo for sale online.
      Their next system well also most likely be region free, so a games reward system would make more sense since the rewards wont be region locked.

  1. That’s a bit mean, although for a while now the European club Nintendo won’t let you register new consoles (or 3DS, at least) if you’ve ever registered one before, so this move would seem to tie in with that

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                          2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                            I was wondering when they would change again. I still remember when they scrapped the last Loyalty Program in favor of Club Nintendo back in 2008. You didn’t get anything special for registering products back then. It was mostly for bragging rights.

                          3. Looks like the beginning of the end for Club Nintendo. Following the rewards for (NA) last year it’s all starting to make sense. Of course things would change when I finally start taking part in at and getting Platinum status lol. Maybe it’ll evolve into something better, but I doubt it.

                          4. i think its time to start looking where to spend those points on european club nintendo. if japan and australia are sort of ditching it, then it will come here too

                          5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo does away completely with club nintendo. They’ve been offering less and less rewards over the years to the point where they stopped offering physical rewards for a while. After the last platinum reward that I received, in which I had to choose a game that I didn’t want because I owned the others, I’ve stopped actually giving them real feedback in their surveys and have just been filling them out as fast as I can. If they did away with it, it wouldn’t have a real profound effect, since it barely exists anymore. At least in the US.

                          6. Wow, had to scroll halfway down to find actual comments.

                            Yeah, my first reaction would be frustration, but they’ve been stripping down club Nintendo so much the last year, it’s no real loss anymore.


                          7. so any announcement of when america will get this hardware? or are we getting punished by nintendo even more with the likes of club n selections?

                          8. In finland we can’t even register to club nintendo because of our importer. It wouldn’t be so sad but we even get those pin codes with our games… for nothing! :'(

                          9. If Club Nintendo is going to be dropped in the United States, as well, & replaced with some store where we buy stuff instead of using coins, they better give us a damn good reward this time if it truly is the last year we can get something for free from registering our games.

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