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Bayonetta 2 Review

As stylish, sultry and oozing with confidence as before, Bayonetta returns to her Umbran Witch roots exclusively on the Wii U. And with a varied choice of weapons, individual combo sets and heart-thumping boss battles, Bayonetta 2 plays just as beautifully as it looks.

From the developer who brought the original Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 to Nintendo home consoles, Platinum Games has designed a true marvel of a game with the hack-and-slash sequel. While Bayonetta 2 may not revitalise the franchise’s core gameplay mechanics, Platinum chooses to refine them with a delicate touch. This isn’t a simple button bashing game, and it never encourages players to do so. Rather practice mode is displayed during loading screens to guide players to combo attack success. It’s by digging a little deeper, learning when to dodge to initiate Witch Time, or when to hold back to find enemy weaknesses to string combos together, that the game begins to knit impeccably. The initial sluggish, heavy-handed attacks from the start will eventually transform into smooth fluidity between movesets and taunting enemies. And as it becomes second nature, Bayonetta 2 evolves from its cocoon.


Take on intense battles and fight with huge bosses as Bayonetta’s demon. It may just take your breath away.

As was the case with the first Bayonetta, the story is diluted here to make way for the exhilarating combat sequences. But the various cutscenes and comic strip-esque sequences endeavour to bring the player into Cereza’s world and describe the main plot with linearity. The sassy dark witch’s character shines throughout too, delivering those tongue-in-cheek witticisms with more than a touch of class. Bouncing off familiar characters such as Enzo, Rodin and Jeanne, it won’t take long for first-time players to embrace the comedic episodes, while long-time fans will settle in just as comfortably. But before we can sit down to eat chicken and waffles in The Gates of Hell – Rodin’s choice, of course  – Jeanne is dragged mercilessly into the underworld, and it’s down to Cereza to bring her back.

Within story mode, players will be able to change the difficulty setting between easy, medium and hard whenever they wish. You’ll be able to customise your weapons on Bayonetta’s arms and legs – such as Rakshasha, Undine and the Alruna whip – before any battle, and also pop on an alternative costume, including the Hero of Hyrule and the Peach Mushroom Kingdom outfit. All weapons and their accessories, along with the different costumes, can be bought with Halos collected throughout the game in Rodin’s store: The Gates of Hell. New weapons can be picked up by exploring the various levels in Noatun, Inferno, Paradiso and so on, as well as moon pearls for extra magic, broken witch’s hearts for extra health, lollipops and crafting equipment.


The gorgeous Noatun allows ample exploration for the inquisitive players.

The weapon variation and the movesets available are simply a joy to discover in Bayonetta 2. Each weapon is meticulously designed with individual combo attacks, so pairing different weapons together such as Undine on the arms and Rakshasha on the legs can make for a devastating string of attacks. But learning what works the best and what may be able to award you with the best combo score and that elusive – though not impossible – pure platinum medal at the battle’s end is what keeps the game fresh and the player hungry for more.

Throughout the 16 in-game chapters within story mode, players will be able to explore many locations during select chapters. In these segments, you’ll find the glowing spherical warp panels and a challenge awaiting in Muspelheim. Varying from air time, one combo restriction and defeating a number of enemies within a time limit, the Muspelheim challenges allow unfamiliar players to hone their skills. While they may not serve up much of a challenge for experienced gamers, these areas are a great change of pace from the main storyline. Miss one Muspelheim challenge, though, and it counts as a stone medal, so you’ll want to master them all to get the best scores.


Keep your fingers on the pulse during battles with the lumen sage.

The hack-and-slash game does have one minor flaw, however, and it lies solely at the feet of the GamePad’s touchscreen controls. While Platinum Games have utilised the GamePad well with off-TV play, there’s no incentive to use the touchscreen controls whatsoever. An afterthought to the main dish, the controls lack precision. And automatic triggers for combo attacks just sucks the fun out of those eclectic boss battles. Plus, in order to perform the crushing torture attacks or Umbran Climax, you’ll need to avert your eyes from the main screen to focus on the GamePad. The heat of the battle dissipates, and the sublime HD architectural designs are left behind.

The best section of the game comes, perhaps, with Tag Climax. Facing demons and archangels encountered throughout the story, you’ll be partnered up with strangers or friends in online co-op. Staking a higher number of Halos before the battle begins will ramp up the difficulty, but stringing impressive combos together may just clinch a victory. There’s not much room for error here, throwing players straight into the deep end to test their ability, but it’s a superb feature worthy of merit.

With a flutter of her eyelashes and her wings, Bayonetta’s flirtatious appeal is infectious. Twinned with addictive gameplay and cheeky witticisms, Bayonetta 2 will leave you gasping for more. It may take two to tango, but it only takes one to Umbran Climax.


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  1. Awesome review. :3 This game is highly recommended for any and all Nintendo Wii U owners. Please people. BUY THIS GAME and give it a new life so Nintendo can keep this series and we’ll see a new sequel being even better.

    1. I agree. You beat me to it. Fantastically written. I’m stuck on part one though, one of the end levels, and I’m too stubborn to drop the difficulty. :/ And to stubborn to start Bayo 2 before I finish Bayo1.

      1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

        You can do it! Just make sure to craft herbal-lolipops and equip them to all slots. You can also buy them at the shop. I think they’re more useful than the invincibility candy.

        1. I salute your tip, Lieutenant. If you want to add more halos, invite your pals on Miiverse and play Tag Climax.

    2. I can’t, I used my bayonetta money to get mewtwo and the mariokart dlc pack. Looks like I can’t go to hell until next year! XD

        1. can you show me a link about this i look but i dont find anything about mewtwo being separate DLC. they say you need both games for him?

          1. Its only confirmed for now that if you bought and register both games in your Club Nintendo account, you get Mewtwo for free on both games. But its likely that Mewtwo will be a separate paid DLC because Nintendo should know not everyone is gonna buy both versions but rather pick one over the other but seeing SSB4 on Wii U has shittons more content now, many are gonna move over to Wii U version and the 3DS sales will slow down.

  2. lord ghost : king of the federation

    people must really enjoy this game. may be the demo is a incomplete experience to the full game for me.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      too bad i used my money on tomb raider and sf4. both are good games but i could have got this instead.

      1. Yea, I honestly stumbled across your comment on youtube about Bayonetta 2 also, you are so ridiculous. One minute you talk mad shit about something, the next minute you all the sudden like it now?

        “i may skip the game on wii u. wii u needs real games not anime hentai games.”

        It is even more ironic when you’re obsessed with Naruto. You’re such a joke. You should really make up your freaking mind, or maybe stop being such a tool all the time.

      2. Sasori you made the right choice to not spending your money on that game, only God knows how disgusting is that game, killing angels is something that we cannot support and it hurts my feelings and beliefs, everybody listen God and don´t support such kind of violence.

          1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

            Watching you argue with yourself is REALLY weird. I mean, you can keep doing it if you want. I’m not gonna stop you. It just seems so lonely.

        1. I love you religious nuts, as if anyone on this earth even knows if heaven or hell exists, let alone if it were to exist, what it looks like or what it’s all about.

          Annoys me to no end when people think they know everything. Unless you were alive during the birth of the universe, otherwise, I don’t want to hear it.

          My biggest problem with religion is everyone focuses on God, the huge problem with that is the concept is endless. So what created God then, if God is real? What created what made God then? It’s a moronic endless cycle no human will ever be able to truly figure out until you’re dead. Even then you might still never know everything about how this universe came about.

          Why can’t people just live life instead of having to believe in something that has never shown any proof of existence? I’m not going to say God doesn’t exist or does, but the idea that people have painted, I can pretty much assume is completely wrong.

          How crazy can people be to literally believe something they’ve never seen before but only read in a book? Having faith is one thing, but directly believing everything the bible says is another, the bible constantly contradicts itself too which doesn’t help, it is also completely wrong about some things.

          The most important part is the bible only starts with Earth (Hmmm I wonder why).. If the bible was completely true, don’t you think it would be the largest book in the world and tell a much bigger story than the one of our small solar system? I have had college text books that have more pages than any bible.

          How is that the bible only starts with Earth when we have clearly proven there are millions and millions of other planets out there, some far older than any planets in our solar system also? All it takes is looking out at the night sky.

          As much as people don’t want to accept it, the bible makes no damn sense. I can bet the book was made for people to base morals on, not to actually believe it was real.

          1. Whoa, you just basically explained exactly what I think. I mean, of course I can’t say whether or not God exists because I don’t know. No one really does know. But I do think the Bible IS kind of silly tbh. Hard to believe a book can change the way people live. Like, really? I mean, the thing is literally telling you people’s life stories. How can we be sure that’s all actually true? And like you said, if God created us, then where the heck did he come from? He couldn’t have just came out of thin air. And if he does still exist, why does he never show himself? Shy, maybe? Haha. I ain’t seen him though and I’m certainly not saying he doesn’t exist though. He could for all I know. But it’s just hard to believe a book can actually explain the entire history of the world. :/

            1. Or the fact that any of this information, if it were real, would not get lost in translation over time.

              Anyone who has played the telephone game knows how easy it is for people to create their own idea of something. That happens in an instant within a small circle of people, so how can anyone not think over 4.54 billion years, people didn’t do the same? Even though we have expert translators, there is no way they are 100% correct in their translations unless they lived in that time period and spoke these languages fluently.

              Obviously something made this universe we live in, but my issue is that people here on this planet, that isn’t even that old compared to how old other planets are, or even within the span of the universes existence, think they accurately know exactly how the universe was created and who made it.

          2. You realize you were responding to a troll comment right? As for everything you said, I personally don’t believe in GOD because of the Bible, I believe in the Bible because of God. I can’t “prove” to you that God exists anymore than I can prove to you that you’re not really an 80 year old man with dementia and your current persona as well as ours aren’t all just figments of your imagination. I can only speak to you from experience when I tell you that God most definitely exists. Too many signs in my life that it would be illogical for me to believe in coincidences. As for who created God, well if we’re talking about an almighty existence then it wouldn’t be unfathomable to believe that He was not created by another being. I can understand that scientifically speaking it doesn’t make sense, but science is man’s way of trying to understand what’s around us, and as men, our knowledge is severely limited. People are willing to believe that at a point, I can’t even say a point in time because time itself didn’t exist, somehow an explosion happened that kick started our universe. People are willing to believe that there was no such thing as 3D space, no such thing as color, no such thing as light(you can’t even picture a dark void because black and darkness didn’t exist), hot or cold, and that somehow the big bang happened, and all because science is telling them too. That to me sounds just like people believing in God just because the Bible tells them to.

            1. Yes, I did realize this. I actually have been wanting to talk about religion here for a while though, and that was the comment I needed. Otherwise it would just be completely random, me going off about the bible.

              I’m not going to really talk about it too much further, out of respect for your beliefs. Although I really could make this a deep conversation. Anyone who knows me, I usually don’t shut up about anything but you’re nice enough.

              I have a lot to add about what you’re saying right now, but I just feel since you clearly full heartedly believe in Gods existence, it wouldn’t make difference anyway what I tell you.

              Plus I can’t even make sense out what you first said “I personally don’t believe in GOD because of the Bible, I believe in the Bible because of God.”

              Not trying to be rude at all, I hope you really see that, but goodness what you said there is so confusing.

              1. Incredibly polite response. I’m kind of in awe actually because you literally took the words right out of my mouth. I’ll go out on a limb and assume that you’re also a fan of Christopher Hitchens and his speeches on religion? Just a hunch I’m guessing.

                1. Yes, a good assumption, I’ve read “How Religion Poisons Everything.” I haven’t looked into his speeches honestly, but I do know him from that book.

                  Just like him, I’ve always questioned these things from a very young age.

                  It probably didn’t help I was in a Christian school when I was younger, where we were taught not to question God or the bible. It also never helped me when asking my teachers questions they never had the answers to, or I would instead just get in trouble for even asking about anything that contradicted what the bible did say.

                  1. I’ve been wanting to read his books for some time now, but you should watch his debates on youtube; that man is perhaps one of the best social debaters of our generation.

                    Your times in Christian school remind me of Penn Jillette and how he claimed in an interview to have been kicked out of catholic school for trying to convert the other kids to atheism or something along those lines XD

                  2. The biggest problem with religious debates is that everyone has already made up their minds on both end. Each party is talking to a wall that won’t budge. You say the bible contradicts itself but don’t give any examples of how. You ask what made God and why everything focuses on Earth but the answers to the questions are so simple. However, you also said you don’t want to talk about it… So how would one answer these questions for you if you’re not willing to talk it out after you’ve dumped all these questions in a comment? If you’re honestly asking, these questions can be answered, but if you’re not honestly asking… Don’t throw all this into a video game comment section…

              2. It’s quite simple really, a lot of people say “how can you believe in God just because of some old book”. The thing is that’s not accurate at all. I know that there is a God, it’s the only thing that I am absolutely 100% sure about. I don’t need the Bible to tell me that God exists. The Bible is a collection of historical accounts that you may or may not believe happened. I am fully aware that the Bible was written by men, and although it is supposed to be the literal word of God, it was written by men nonetheless. Therefore, I take some Bible stories with a grain of salt. Even if most of what’s in the Bible was false, it would not change the fact that there is an Almighty Being that, for whatever His reasons may be, loves us with all of our imperfections. I don’t know if I cleared things up or not, but that’s what I meant by “I don’t believe in God because of the Bible, I believe in the Bible because of God”. Basically my faith in God doesn’t rely on the Bible, whereas my faith in the Bible relys solely on God.

                1. At first I thought Speed Akiopote was mature, but if you even insult anyone with words like “stupid” or “dumb” who goes off on this whole thing about “god loves you, don’t be mean, peace is good”

                  I mean now it’s kinda annoying to be so preachy

          3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The only proof we really need is that there has been countless of Gods through out the human misreable existence that are all made up in one way or the other…

            They are nothing more than the cattle that thinks they are the universal creation while they are nothing more than nothing…

            1. “That thinks they are the universal creator” *
              “While they are nothing more than ,”

            2. You’re giving us a bad name, Quadraxis…
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                1. I’m just kind of surprised you don’t remember me lol
                  But I guess that’s ok Commander I left for atleast a year and almost a half.
                  How can you still comment on this site for so long, it’s literally terrible.

          4. Well said.

            People should makes their own decisions and get on with their own lives rather than being guided by faith. These people, to me, are weak, empty and should be pitied. Plus most of the battles and wars over the past 500+ years are down religious hatred and extremists.

            1. Weak and empty? Some of the greatest historical figures have been extremely religious, bow can you say they were weak and empty. Those words certainly don’t describe me. You also can’t blame God for the mistakes of men. Yes a lot of wars use religion as a banner, but you’d be a fool to believe that religion is the driving cause. Isil uses their religion to get the support of some people and to help their soldiers justify the atrocities that they commit. When the Spanish arrived in meso america they used religion to justify the atrocities that they committed. If, however, you are a semi intelligent person you know that religion was not what they were fighting for.

    2. I found the demo a bit boring as id seen it a million time before hand :P the game does not really start until after that first intro bit that the demo was.

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                          A little constructive criticism.

                          1. Is it “copying” or reposting like retweeting in Twitter? If you ain’t gonna talk to me about something else other then trying to sound like a smart ass, beat it but go do it in the bathroom. XP

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                                    1. Nintendo Lord Bowser

                                      Man you’re such a try hard… A failed try hard at that.
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                                      There are no sensible users on this site i see that now.
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                                  2. I wish I found it funny, it was at first when I came here but it’s gotten so stale coming into articles and seeing so many comments from stranga responding to trolls as if it will do something.

                                    Too bad this site doesn’t have a record of ones comment history.

                                    1. Yeah I can already tell that it’s going to get stale real fast if its only going to be just Stranga arguing with the trolls.

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                          2. Finally a sensible and respectful person on this site.
                            I honestly thought there would be no hope left, but you’re a blessing to this site.

                    1. Haha, I didn’t that know you actually have a blog. I thought you named yourself “thestrangablog” just so you can look cool (no offence).

                      1. The thing about that choice of name is because I had no choice. I couldn’t use my “Stranga” name because the stupid website said it was taken. HTF was it “taken” if its my own name and its linked to my email?

                        Anyway, this name was a “suggestion”. You know when you sign up for an account with a specific name and it says its taken so it gives a suggested one? Thats how it went down.

                            1. You’re not supposed to use an app. What are you talking about? You change it by going to your WordPress account, go to your public profile details, change the display name, and there. The name is obviously not “taken” as you can see here. :P

                  1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                    On the day I change my avatar too. It was a deeply informative review. Though, I’ve played this game so much, I already knew most of this. Thanks Silver!

                  2. I fucking love this game, nothing like a infinite climax difficulty in co-op to get the blood flowing, playing as Rosa is challenging and Balder is fucking epic.

                      1. I imagine you’re like this in real life too. Go figure you spend so much time trying to socialize on here. People aren’t going to give you the time of day in real life. This sad story can’t end well.

                    1. Your image? I’m wondering how a “superior being” such as yourself will process the image of being beaten in smash bros by a mere human, such as myself :]

                        1. Since this is your preferred empire, seeing as how you chose to say this site is in your shaping, how about you view some of this crap spewed all across this site? No offense but i wouldn’t refer my worst enemy to this site, they’ll just laugh at it, and i’ll beDAMNED if mario gets the last fucking laugh!

                    1. They look fine to me, but then again I know lot of pretty tall girls that have legs just as long as Bayonetta’s. I really do.

                      My question is, how does any person walk in high heels. It looks so bad for your feet. I’ve always avoided wearing them for that very reason, they’re very uncomfortable. I can’t deny they make legs look nicer but is it worth it at the cost of crippled looking feet years later down the line?

                      Some people wear nothing but high heels, the things people do for looks.

                      1. Some people probably just have the feet for it. Idk Whenever I see someone walking with em, especially on the streets, I can help but laugh at how silly people look trying to balance themselves. It’s even worse when they try to run and beat the light crossing the street. One small misstep and those ankles are ruined :P

                            1. LMAO @The first gif. I’m sorry that happened to her. @The second gif, she probably deserved that one… She did not use her common sense. :P

                      2. I guess it could be viewed the same way as trying to walk on stilts.
                        Despite the fact that heels are actually safer they can both still cause some major injuries.
                        I can’t imagine someone trying to rush down a set of stairs with no rail support.

                        1. I can’t imagine someone wearing high heels running that fast across the ground and doing all those flips. Anyone trying to attempt to be like Bayonetta is basically begging for a trip to the hospital. Lol.

                          1. I tried doing a cartwheel while wearing heals once, I did it but it didn’t end well. Somehow, I accidentally kicked my right foot with the left heel.

                    2. Walk, run, land on the ground from very high up places, etc.
                      How she manages to pull this stuff off remains a mystery to everyone.

                      1. Demonic magic heels maybe?

                        Lol would be funny if they had a description like they do the weapons and what not, about her heels, and how she is able to perform these stunts in them.

                        I will say, one women I have seen, pull off some crazy things in heels is Sofia Vergara on Modern Family.

                  3. No! I spoiled a little. I should’ve steered clear until I get into Bayonetta 2. I’m still trying to fully complete the 1st one.

                      1. Same here! I’m trying to beat Bayo 1 first… the only difference is… I ALREADY PLAYED BAYO 1 ON XBOX 360!

                        So, I am replaying it, because it only feels right. Otherwise, I might not ever get back to playing the original on my Wii U, because once you get to the better version, it’s hard to go back to old mechanics, graphics, etc, etc.

                  4. It was a perfect 10/10 for me but great review nonetheless. Nintendo needs to buy the Bayonetta franchise and Platinum Games as a second party developer

                  5. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

                    Few really highlight how Bayo breaks many of the established women-in-gaming tropes. Which is pretty awesome since most Japanese game devs aren’t very keen on the social expectations that the rest of the world hold for how LGBT, women and different cultures are portrayed in popular media.

                  6. I really had high hopes for this game.
                    So I’m pretty happy to see that it’s getting positive reviews across the board.

                    1. Well Bayonetta 2 has sold 250,000 copies in it’s first week on the market not counting digital sales so I would say their goal of getting to a million sales is very reachable. I for one hope it does reach that goal because it would motivate Platinum Games to wanna do a 3rd game and it would most likely be exclusive on the Wii U or it’s successor

                      1. And at this very moment, it’s been at #1 on the eShop charts for the past 3 weeks and the original Bayonetta remains at #2.

                  7. It’s so hard to believe this game keeps getting such high scores in reviews. I played the demo and didn’t like it at all. All of these positive reviews is making me wonder if maybe I didn’t give it a fair judgment.

                    1. I hear plenty of reports from those who play the demo and then the full game that the demo is a weak representation of the game at best. I’ve played both full games, and it’s ingeniously crafted in it’s gameplay and lovably happy-go-lucky and colorful with it’s characters (which manages to redeem a pretty bare-bones and occasionally stale plot). I haven’t played the demo though, so I can’t actually comment on that from a position of experience.

                    2. Most demos of today suck as they tend to be bad representations of the actual game. I miss the demos that let us play a segment of the actual game or demos that let us play the actual game but with only 5 minutes of playtime. The only demo I’ve played that was a good representation of the actual game lately was the one for Bravely Default before they released the actual game outside of Japan.

                  8. So apparently, even before factoring in digital sales, Bay 2’s first week of state-side sales have out-done the first week sales of Bayonetta 1’s original release, especially after factoring in the difference in install bases during the time of the first game’s release and the install base of the Wii U during Bay 2’s release.

                    XBox 360 Bayonetta week 1 sales[5 days of data]: 91,668 units.
                    Install base at that time: 18,305,518 units.

                    PS3 Bayonetta week 1 sales[5 days of data]: 53,049 units.
                    Install base at that time: 11,400,743 units

                    Combined install base in the US: 29,346,261 units.

                    Now, the first 2 days of sales for Bay 2, not including digital sales or Japanese sales, at an estimate based off of the only charts currently tracking it:

                    190,087 units.

                    Install base of the Wii U: 7.29M units.


                    It’s not that 1M we were hoping for right off the bat, but after the Japanese sales got people down, this is still a victory.
                    I’m hoping it continues to keep selling through the holidays so that it can at least reach the 500K mark.
                    Call me an optimist.
                    This is very good news after all of the doom&gloom that this game has unjustly suffered through.

                    For those that have been on the fence about it, take it from a fan of the series; if you love action games, this is a must-have.

                    Let’s get it up to 1M over the holidays, or at least somewhere close to it, eh?

                    It’s already out-done the original’s sales on a console-to-console basis for its first week, so let’s help it sell even better so that Platinum will continue to push for its continued existence.

                    Let’s get this game dancing through the doubts and doom, and on to a resounding success!

                    1. I’m pretty sure they were probably referring to US sales. The last game didn’t really do all that great and I think that’s what they meant. They wanted the sequel to do better over here.

                        1. I hope the game does well. If this doesn’t reach 1 million over here, I’m going to be very disappointed with Wii U owners. This isn’t like back during Wii U’s launch when there weren’t many of us. There’s over 7 million now and just 1 of that 7 for this game isn’t supposed to be that hard to get. (PS: I’m too lazy to watch that video. :P)

                          1. Well, you’re right on that point.
                            But even if it doesn’t hit that 1M, at this point the game has still scored a victory over the first release in its first week, so that’s something at least.

                          2. In fact, when you think about it, hitting 500K alone would be enough to call this a full victory, considering that’s roughly half the life-time sales that the first game got between two consoles.

                            1. 500K sales is a failure. I can’t imagine Platinum being happy selling that little. Especially after so much effort… :/

                              1. Let me put this into a perspective that makes more sense:

                                The first game needed 2 consoles to get up and over 1M sales, right?

                                Bay 2 is just on ONE console.
                                By direct comparison, getting up to the ending life-time sales of at least one of the two console versions[preferably the 360 version] could be considered a victory, because it’s at least matching the numbers of the original on a console-to-console basis.
                                If it actually reaches 1M, it’s going to have done what took two consoles combined to accomplish.

                                500k should be considered the first “hurdle” for the game.
                                If it can reach that mark, then 1M isn’t an impossibility in the long run.

                                1. What are you talking about? I’m talking about the game needs to be a success, not competing with its sales on the other two consoles. The game didn’t even do that well over there. Getting less than 1 million would be a failure regardless of platform. I hope this game gets at least 3 million.

                                  1. The original game failed in that aspect because it took 2 platforms to reach the mark.

                                    The second game, however, if it reached the numbers of at least one of those platforms, would be on the same level as them even if that’s considered a failure.
                                    Anything above that mark would be a good thing for a game that only has one console to rely upon.

                                    Hoping for 3M out of a 7M fanbase is very optimistic, but not likely.
                                    I’d be satisfied if it got to 900k, personally.

                    2. I think the difference in the launch-week sales of the two games is probably attributed to the accumulated following of the first game going out and buying the second game.

                      1. …..
                        I would love to say that I agree with that, but after all of the hatred I saw from “fans” early on for the game, I can’t honestly believe that it’s because of Bay 1’s fans that it’s reached what it has now.
                        I mean, if that were the case, then we should have at least 500k by this point, because there was at least a million owners of the first game…

                    1. Agreed, I loved MadWorld. People don’t make enough comic inspired games these days. I wish someone would make a new Comix Zone also, that game is a classic.

                  9. SILVERSHADOWFLY… excellent job on reviewing Bayonetta 2. #1 game worldwide…and I’m still having a ball playing both 1 and 2!

                  10. Just finished Bayonetta 2 after first going through 1.
                    It surpasses the first one in every aspect. There were quite a lot moments or fights i didn’t enjoy in 1, but 2 was a total blast. More fluid, better control, readable enemies, more variety.
                    It never felt unfair or the opponents unreadable. I made mistakes and i wasnt forced by the game to endure failure because i wasnt (and couldn’t be) prepared.
                    And the best very few qtes in comparison to 1.
                    B2 is the best game i played this year.

                    1. Having played the first one semi-religiously since it launched,
                      I had hard time reading the enemies on the second.
                      But I can agree, that the 2 has improved the game pretty much every way possible.

                  11. Very well written review. I think the game is absolutely fantastic and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. Thanks for the read silvershadowfly!

                  12. Great review & it fits the game perfectly. The lack of Gamepad functions wasn’t a bother for me, though, as I prefer button mashing for games like these, anyway, so I’ve been using the Wii U Pro Controller instead of the Gamepad.

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