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A Family Guy Game Was In Development For Wii And Nintendo 3DS But Was Canceled

Those investigative sleuths over at Unseen64 have discovered that the popular TV show Family Guy was going to be a Nintendo 3DS and Wii game, but was ultimately canceled. The game which was titled Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse was developed by Heavy Iron Studios. It originally came out in November 2012 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox 360 and was published by Activision.

”We stopped working on them around August. They weren’t that far along but both were up and running just fine. Everyone working on it was transitioned into working on the other version of it after that. The Wii version was dropped first and then the 3DS one quickly after. I think it was a combination of them wanting us to focus on making one version of the game and growing concerns about how it would perform on those platforms.”

Thanks, Rosa

31 thoughts on “A Family Guy Game Was In Development For Wii And Nintendo 3DS But Was Canceled”

      1. Of course not, they’re made by the same guy but they’re different shows, AD is indeed funnier with a different premise.

  1. nintendo will release the wiiu sucksessor as they are messing with your amotional welfair and you not where threating to kill people over opinions

  2. i got a wiiu but i dont think it is the next generation in home console gameing before the wiiu was released the wiiu was not the next big thing to me even before 2012 i see the wiiu and the new 3ds as stopgap consoles to fill the gap between the ps4 and the xboxone

  3. want looks good about the wiiu it will be replaced soon and it would not hurt any loyalnintendo fans but nintendo can do that it would not hurt there image not really but i dont care if nintendo dicided to not support the wiiu as it wont be supported for much longer anyway as the ps4 and xboxone are more powerfull that the wiiu i did not buy the wiiu as a next generation console but as a console inbetwenn sony and microsoft

  4. the wiiu is going to be replaced in 2015 in the holiday as nintendo will focus on new more powerfull hardware like sony and microsoft and release it next holiday there is no more that can be done with the gamepad and the wiiu will be discontinued next holiday and they will reveal the wiiu sucksessor and i wont be upset if nintendo discontinued the wiiu and focus on there new consoles instead of the wiiu

  5. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i hate for tv show games are either a platformer game or party mini game fest or third parson shooter. south park stick it to the truth would be a game awesome on the wii u.

  6. grezzo has been working on a remake of majorsmask like i have said i know that nintendo was remakeing majorsmask a long time a go because i contacted grezzo using his website and he said that nintendo is develping majorsmask i had contacted grezzo before the nintendo direct about the legend of zelda shrimpshield and he said i am working on a legend of zelda game

  7. They should try again with a new game for the Wii U and 3DS this time with Nintendo. Maybe they would get paid more to make it

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