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Final Fantasy Explorers Demo Heading To Japanese eShop November 14

Square Enix has announced a demo for Final Fantasy Explorers will arrive later this week on the Japanese eShop. The company’s latest action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS – which is set for release on December 18 in the region – features a wide range of character jobs, amongst notable Final Fantasy monsters and summons. A demo was announced earlier this year for the upcoming title, but details were a little scarce.

According to Famitsu, Japanese gamers will be able to download the demo from the eShop on November 14. Similar to the Bravely Default demo seen last year, players will be able to transfer some of the data – such as items and weapons – from the Final Fantasy Explorers demo into the full version when it releases. It also includes all major aspects of the game, including multiplayer, along with two summons battles, a selection of jobs and the story’s opening prologue. A few gameplay videos are available on Famitsu, one of which is embedded above.

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