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Nintendo Confirms Sheik & Toon Link Amiibo Are Compatible With Hyrule Warriors, Toon Link Also With Mario Kart 8

link_sheik_amiiboNintendo has confirmed two models from the third wave of amiibo will be compatible with Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors. Revealed yesterday by Nintendo of Japan, the 11 new Smash Bros amiibo models will go on sale in the region between January and February 2015. With the announcement, the company also stated that both Toon Link and Sheik would be compatible with previously released Wii U games.

As well as the standard Link amiibo, Toon Link will also be compatible with Mario Kart 8, possibly unlocking another Mii racer suit, while both Sheik and Toon Link will work with Hyrule Warriors. Nintendo has yet to confirm exactly what the third wave of amiibo models will unlock in the latter, but hopefully we’ll catch wind of the details soon. The official amiibo site also states that Zelda will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors when she releases as part of the second wave in December.


26 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Sheik & Toon Link Amiibo Are Compatible With Hyrule Warriors, Toon Link Also With Mario Kart 8”

  1. They still need one game that forces us to use the Amiibo. Just a free download from the eshop that let’s you tap in a Amiibo and then downloads a short (few hours) mission pack, and when you get another Amiibo they also expand the packs you already have a bit.

    I love the way they’ll incorporate this into their games, not forcing us to get them but as long as they’ll only unlock small parts a lot of potential gets lost. They should adverise them in that one game and say they’ll also unlock stuff in many other games.

    1. it could still unlock a completely new weapon, like Link one does.
      And they might make Toon Link as playable with DLC.

    1. Might… but now that I remembered I think you just get the suit for your mii which is OK, but not ideal… Toon Link would have been better for Mario Kart in my opinion but whatever

  2. Damn, they are really pushing forward with these amiibos. I don’t know if I’m going to use them all that much in the actual gameplay….but hell I just want a few of them for my collection! :P

  3. Okay so you can use Toon Link amiibo who doesn’t even appear in the game but Zelda amiibo is not compatible (as far as I know).

  4. Predictions – Zelda, Sheik and Ganondorf (when announced) will most likely unlock new weapons for each of their characters in Hyrule Warriors and Toon Link will either unlock a new weapon for Link or will make Toon Link playable, though will just be a clone of Link, or I could be wrong and they could just unlock random weapons, materials and rupee’s like the other non-Link Amiibo’s do.
    I hope there is an option though to buy the Spinner (and any other similar DLC) separately without buying the Amiibo for the sole reason of the Amiibo’s being hard to find and / or rare after a little while, even if we have to wait for a bit longer I wouldn’t mind but just to be safe I’m just going to buy all the Zelda Amiibo’s for now as I want all the content they release for Hyrule Warriors, still waiting on those pre-order costumes to be available to buy on the eShop like they said they would, only have my Skyward Sword costumes (and the Ganondorf costumes), I want my Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time costumes.
    Also just remembered the Twilight Princess pack is releasing this month, yay :)

    1. Also I’ve just looked on the JP site of Hyrule Warriors and on the update page it has information about Amiibo’s, there’s a section with Link and Zelda together and then the section below shows other Amiibo’s like DK and Villager, I don’t know the translation but I think this means that Zelda is most likely getting a weapon in the game as well with the Amiibo.

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  6. Would be great to imagine you actually being able to play as Toon Link in the game but just like Link it’s probably just another weapon

  7. any smash bros character amibo works with hyrule wariors i already knew that but toon link amibo working with mk8 is new news will it be another mii costume or toon link actually be a pickable character in mk8? considering its the link dlc

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