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Rodea The Sky Soldier Coming Out On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS In Spring 2015 For Japan

We have been waiting forever for news about Rodea: The Sky Soldier and now we finally have some concrete information. The game was originally intended to come out on the Wii, but the developers have had a change of heart and are releasing it on the Wii U and also the Nintendo 3DS. Rodea: The Sky Soldier will be released this spring in Japan, but there’s no mention yet of a western release.

  • The Japanese name has changed from Tenku-no-kishi Rodea (天空の機士ロデア) to Rodea The Sky Soldier (ロデア・ザ・スカイソルジャー). Meaning in English is the same, they’ve just gone with a katakana title.
  • 3DS version is 5,800 yen (pre-tax), and Wii U is 7,200 yen (pre tax).
  • First print of the Wii U version will apparently come with the bonus of the Wii version (but non of the blogs I’ve checked seem to know exactly what this means).
  • Bosses are huge, many hundreds times the size of Rodea himself.
  • The three characters are all pictured/mentioned.

Thanks, Kyle

8 thoughts on “Rodea The Sky Soldier Coming Out On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS In Spring 2015 For Japan”

  1. That’s amazing. I’m happy to hear this game is not only coming out, but at an interesting time too, as now it is one of the only AAA Third Party games to be exclusive to Nintendo systems.

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