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Super Smash Bros 3DS Update Version 1.0.4 Coming Soon

Nintendo of Japan has stated that a new update for Super Smash Bros 3DS is on its way. Arriving this November for Japanese users – and hopefully western players too – version 1.0.4 will include additional stability and balance to the game. As is usually the case, players will need to update to the latest patch in order to compete with others online. However, those with version 1.0.4 will not be able to play locally with any 3DS user who owns version 1.0.3 – so it’s something to bear in mind before taking on friends. Replays from version 1.0.3 will not be able to be played back in the latest update either.

In late October, Nintendo issued version 1.0.3 which disabled the conquest chart when the mode was active, along with other stability enhancements. While Nintendo has yet to specify when version 1.0.4 will be issued, players should expect it later this month. Whether or not the latest patch will work with amiibo models, similar to the recent Wii U update, is currently unknown.

22 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros 3DS Update Version 1.0.4 Coming Soon”

    1. No seriously, ike truly needs de buff, he’s too weak now, can’t knock off at lower percentage anymore and is not like he got any faster either. :/

      1. As an Ike player, I would disagree. Sure he isn’t really killing anything before 100% (nobody is), but his forward+up+back arial and smash attacks kills around 120. And his tilts, down throw, and side B kill a majority of the cast at 150. You just need to be able to read people/ get good at ledge guarding in order to get those early KOs.
        Ike can combo now. Which is interesting. The only thing I am bummed about is how people can escape his third jab, his brawl slow smash attacks, and his down arial.

    1. I’m guessing they are going to balance some characters, if that is the case there would be a problem with the inputs while playing the “video”.

  1. Hopefully rosalina gets nerf She’s broken and luma needs to STAY dead, she basically has an unlimited amount of Nanas u_u

    1. Luma should not stay dead. If that happened, it would eliminate two of Rosalina’s special moves, her Standard and Side specials, because the Luma is required to perform those moves. That would be too big of a nerf. At least with Ice Climbers, the only move that was unusable without Nana was the Up special. Sure, the other specials weren’t as strong without her, but they could still be performed. Unlike in the case of Rosaluma where without Luma both the Luma Shot and Star Bit moves are gone. Besides, it wouldn’t make sense if Rosalina only got one Luma per stock, since there are hundreds, thousands, or even millions of them. On the other hand, Nana is just one person, so it makes sense that if she dies that you have to be without her for the remainder of that stock.

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  3. Would it hurt actually stating what exactly is happening instead of a broad statement like “balance changes”? Other than that Olimar needs more power and dk still needs buffing. Charizard also could use some improvement.

  4. U version is out next week, so this update and any future ones don’t effect me anymore. As for Rosalina being nerfed, I wouldn’t mind either way. I hate how she is though. She practically encourages many people to run away and let the luma do all the fighting. Haven’t played much lately and never lost to her but at the midnight release I played a few kids with my friend in the wal mart parking lot in a few four way matches and one guy used Rosy. He did just what I said and sat back and attacked from afar. I caught on early though and fucked him up lol. Lost a tournament match once in melee at gamestop cause some guy using samus sat back spamming her charged shot in a two minute timed match with me & two tards who though doing links Up B was the most amazing thing ever and were sitting targets for his charge shot. The very next round was 1 on 1 too and I would have won easily, my friend would have been the only competition. And if I won I would have been able to go to california for a bigger tournament and a chance to win a tv. So yea I have a big thing against fighters who are able to run and hide and not fight lol.

  5. Buff ike, falco, ganondorf(he’s just as awful as he was in brawl, give this poor guy a speed buff seriously nintendo), shulk(slightly, he needs a bit of a speed buff on some moves, a lot are very unsafe for him and/or unreliable) samus, and metaknight(never thought I’d hear that, but they went overboard with his nerf’s, yes he needed some badly due to how op’d he was in brawl, but they were a tad too hard on him in smash4, his moves are so short ranged now they don’t even line up with his attacks animations)

    . Nerf rosalina hard, slightly nerf the damage/knockback from bowser(again, slightly).

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