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Nintendo Reveals The Third Wave Of amiibo, Includes Sonic And Mega Man

Nintendo has unveiled the third batch of amiibo. The third set includes Sega mascot Sonic and Capcom’s Mega Man. It also consists of Lucario, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser, Toon Link, Sheik, Ike, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Shulk. The first wave of Nintendo’s interactive figures – featuring 12 iconic Nintendo characters – will go on sale later this month, alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Each amiibo will launch at a suggested retail price of $12.99. A second wave of six more figures is set to launch in December.

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals The Third Wave Of amiibo, Includes Sonic And Mega Man”

  1. Actually, Sonic/Shulk/Mega are part of a fourth batch, and that’s the one launching in February. The others they revealed today are January 22nd.

    God, I’ve been waiting for them since the announcement of the SSB amiibos. Hopefully they’ll turn out decent, would be a major disappointment if they ended up cheap-looking, especially after having to wait so long.

    1. Stay away from the iwata amiibo, i here if you put it in your gamepad he goes inside of your wii u and puts a virus in it and says “please undahhstand, your wii hhhu is…. defective… by a kneew oneeeeeahhhh and by another…. IWata amIIBO and use it in yoour…. BRAnd nEEw wIII HUUU”

      The shame on all of the poor kids faces……..

  3. No Pac-Man?


  4. Look at all the attention xenoblade is getting after it almost not coming to america because you know ‘IT WON’T SELL BILLIONS AND ISN’T A SHITTY GAME!!!! SO SORRY GUYS HERE’S ZELDA AND NO MORE GAMES TILL WII U. I can’t believe it’s actually getting an amiibo, is in smash and everything after the game almost didn’t make it worldwide. It’s getting treated like one of nintendo’s big franchises now, like it should and as in other nintendo ip’s should too. It was the best game of all last gen.

    #Fire reggie

    All the attention xenoblade is getting after that fucking failure was trying to keep it from us should tell you how wrong he is for the job and for non wiitarded nintendo fans, he is wrong for nintendo and is right for pizza hut, at the dumpster they found him from.

    Anybody who likes reggie is no more than a corporate cocksucker in my eyes instead of what really matters as a fan. Fuck off cheerleaders. Open up your eyes on how bad he is.

      1. No everytime i take the pills THE SPIDERS COME and i disappear and go….. to the PLACE!!!!!

        I’m stating valid evidence, reggie is awful, dumb and wrong for the job. Mainly he is bad for the fans….. sorry i mean real fans who like it better for nintendo and not better for a bunch of wiitarded clowns who love his lame memes. Grow up you fraudtendos aka wiitards. Sometimes i just don’t get people, i mean what are these people fans off, obviously not a better nintendo and better for the players but whatever.

        shibata >>>>>>>>>>>> reggie non gamer pizza hut aime.

        The difference between shibata and reggie, is one of them does a good job and isn’t a social reject meme creating sucking at his icon.

        Yet i bet every dumbass thinks im just trolling here.

      1. And when you say fire Reggie, exactly who are you going to put in his place? Another suit? They are all suits that far up on the ladder, and they all do what thier told. Replacing him would literally change nothing.

          1. If you want to not believe and not care to look at the facts than fine.

            Though lok at all those nice special editions europe is getting and not noa. I guess that is totally not shibata working and doing in europe, you know since HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPE BRANCH OF NINTENDO and yet in america, look no good special edition or anything. I guess the PRESIDENT isn’t the one doing that thounh in america. Iwata is over running noa now too so he is a prt of it as well now and not just overall screwing up nintendo since he got here.

        1. No that fucking clown was the one that DIDN’T and was refusing to bring it over. It took gamestop to step up, it took them AFTER MONTHS to know that there was demand. That’s why it was gamestop exclusive? Gamestop was the reason for nintendo to even publish it.

          The last story and pandoras tower, the games noe and shibata also published right away, were not any of reggies doing either. It was xseed. Get your facts straight, reggie is fucking awful and there is a ton of people that could do better than reggie.

          REPLACING HIM COULD DO EVERYTHING, SAME WITH IWATA. LOOK AT XBOX AND PHILL SPENCER!!! DERRR!!!! TRROLLING!!! Anybody who thinks reggie is good is a fraud.

          1. Reggie is the worst part of Nintendo, if you look at their History you will notice that as soon as they hired him for the job they got the idea that they cannot “compete” and says stupid stuff about 3rd party stuff like,”OOOH WE WANNA HAVE UNIQUE LINE UP OF GAMEZ LET XBOTS AND PONIES FIGHT OVER RESOLUTION LOOK AT THE GAMES THEY DONT HAVE LIKE MARIO, OH WAIT I JUST REALIZED WE DONT ALSO HAVE GAMES LIKE GTA ON OUR SYSTEM, TOO BAD BECAUSE WE DONT COMPETE” Then they release these stupid toys that makes them look even more kiddy than now.

            Shibata rulz my man, brings all the good stuff, i kinda feel bad about NoA because of Reggie. If something i think that Shibata should be the CEO of all Nintendo´s(Europe,America and Japan) because atleast he knows his job, Iwata just wants to understand and Reggie thinks his body is so “coool”


              Iwata overall ruined nintendo but reggie is the reason noa sucks so bad. Shibata is the only one who knows anything, he should just run nintendo everywhere like you said. Nintendo or europe is doing great because of him.

              1. Yes, its a shame that sheeps and fanboys cant face the truth, i mean WiiU is a nice system and has great games like Bayonetta2 and W101(which both are games that Nintendo “fans” didnt buy anyway) but i could have been better, it should had have better specs so games like GTA would had come to it.

                Of course sales play big part too for what games Nintendo gets because stupid sheep fanboys only buy games with Mario slapped on it, i mean Nintendo even included peach costume for Bayonetta in hopes that these sheeps will buy it so they can masturbate to it.

                Anyway Nintendo needs to broaden their horizons and get true gamers to buy their system, those who really buy games. Thats why Xbox360 was successful for not only Ms but for 3rd parties aswell people didnt only buy 1st party stuff like Halo, they also bought 3rd party stuff along aswell.

                But it seems peeps only want these kids happy meal toys instead of games, which is a shame.

                1. Damn we got a smart one here, your totally right. Glad to find a real nintendo fan here lmao, not just another wiitard who only likes and pays attention to mario and stuff. That’s why when i say things they get mad because their poor wiitarded minds doesn’t know im right. I mean of course i know what im talking about im a real fan lmao. That’s why i hate on nintendo because there fucking sucking for so long and it’s getting annoying to deal with. They are doing so much wrong for so long, and not offering and doing the best by FARR. (If anything they neglected fans!!!!)

                  I notice most real non retarded nintnedo fans act and think like us. How many of these nintendo fans even bought 101 bayonetaa, the xenoblades, EVERYTHING that’s not mario or a lame wii series game. uhhhh and toys over so many better options. WTF!!!! If people buy amiibo and not like all of wii u exclusives that aren’t just mario then jeeze, see what i mean? Of course they don’t care what nintendo does, they just want these same games. They don’t care if they suck or not and will accept whatever, well fuck you wiitards your not even real fans in my eyes.

                  1. Nintendo fan: “Man, I hope Nintendo gets more third party support for the Wii U. It would be great if I could play GTA along with Hyrule Warriors.” Nintendo fanboy: “Fuck third party! Those Lyon lying assholes! Who needs them when we have Amiibo! And we got way better exclusives than Xbox Done and Trashstation 4. Go play your overhyped Destiny and Assassin’s Greed. Nintendo is the best!”

  5. I wouldnt be surprised if Reggie and Iwata turns Nintendo into Pizza/Burger company now that they have their own happy meal toys aswell. No dont focus on games just focus on toys, because that´ll help Nintendo.

  6. I have preordered the 1st batch and 2nd batch, since I get tips from work and all the coins get counted by the machine, I choose to get credit on Amazon, so I had the money already and impulsively preordered all of them *_*

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  9. Well there’s three I’ve been hoping/waiting for. Shulk, Sonic, and Megaman are all ones I’ll easily pre-order. Going down the list, I figured there are ten of them I’ll cave and get for-sure: Link, Zelda, Shulk, Sonic, and Megaman so far, still waiting on Greninja, Duck Hunt, Pac-Man, Ganondorf, and Robin.

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  12. YES Sonic amiibo is here I was Wating for this my hole live for this I already have 5 amiibo’s Mario Kirby Peach Donkey Kong AND LINK!!!!!!!!!!!

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