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Miiverse Update Planned For Late November Will Make User Profiles Public

Nintendo are set to issue a new update later this month to its social network Miiverse – and it will make big changes to user profiles. Though members of the network are usually notified of the changes when the update is live, Miiverse’s Marty has given current users plenty of time to understand such changes.

In his message, which you can view here, Marty explains that all user profiles will be made public in the next update. Currently, users must sign in using their NNID to view other posters profiles, but when the update is issued sometime between mid-to-late November, non-Miiverse members will be able to see anyone’s profile – providing it’s set to “Everyone” in the privacy settings menu. If you do not wish your profile to be viewed by the public, you can change your settings accordingly via the user page.

As per usual, Marty will be sure to post the update when the changes come into view. Will this will be the only change in the update in late November, or could there be a few others too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

33 thoughts on “Miiverse Update Planned For Late November Will Make User Profiles Public”

    1. Yea or even on the 3DS lol. And for them to make the private messages unlimited in characters. Why are private messages limited to less than public comments. And for fucks sake you have two screens, I should be able to see what you wrote me in a message while I respond back to you. Such dumb little things. “Our system has two screens!” yet simple things like the messaging system are so in your face obviously better with the those 2 screens put to use and yet AREN’T put to use. Lol when you have a long message going with someone, it gets REAL annoying having to leave your message to see what they wrote. And why can’t you copy and paste your text like you can on the internet browser? Even that would make it a little better. I get that Nintendo is new to the internet and such and give them a pass on some things, but these are just way too obvious.

      1. But the most important thing by far is that they show make provate messages deletable. I made a new account partly for that reason. I really screwed up, and even if I unfriend him, being friends again reveals the whole conversation still. If they are saved forever, admins could eventually find out….shudder*

        1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

          Huh… I never realized. Whelp, you could always bury them under a slew of new messages. As adults, you would grow from realizing your mistakes and moving past them together with your friend.

        2. Haha yea I didn’t even think of that. Can they ban you for stuff in private messages or can you draw or post whatever?

          1. I think you can only get banned if the friend you converse with reports you (yes, you can report people on those). But I have a fear that for some reason, they could find out on their own. My other worry is that if I’m not friends with him anymore, what if I have a son one day, and they somehow become friends, and then the message history shows..

            1. Ahh those are understandable fears, definitely wouldn’t want your son seeing stuff lol. They seem to slowly but surely improve miiverse, so maybe this time next year we will have that option lol.

              1. Here’s hoping! It’s such a simple addition though. Makes me almost feel as if Nintendo didn’t want the delete option for some weird reason. I mean, normal messages have the delete option…I’m afraid this was on purpose, but hopefully they have a change of heart.

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  2. I’m actually happy about this one. Finding friends or messaging and inviting people is so much more difficult on the wii u than xbox or ps. Its nice to see this little change and i hope they’ll make more in the future.

  3. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    Messaging is going to stay a Wii U exlusive. It’s easier for Nintendo to manage all the humans that might be using the service for unsavory reasons. Mainly those who are interested in people below the age of consent.

    1. I very much appreciate Nintendo’s avid protection of kids, however it would be nice to be able to use my Nintendo devices and account to keep in touch with my gaming group.

    1. won’t let me add, I can find you but it says user hidden or something. I’ll try again and see exactly what it says

  4. Off the subject, does anybody ever meet any creative people on Street Pass? I swear, every time I take my 3DS with me to use street pass, I meet the same people. Not only that, but the SAME EXACT Mii’s, with the SAME EXACT greetings. Nobody has any creativity. I always change my Mii and the greeting before I leave home. Why doesn’t EVERYBODY? How lazy can people be?

    1. I’ve been wanting to complain about that for quite some time. Also, I wonder why Nintendo never makes any more Mii games? I’m SO tired of the current batch of games.

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