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GameStop Holding Smash Bros Wii U Demo Events Friday Plus Some Midnight Launches


We’ve been waiting for the news and now GameStop has finally announced it – certain stores will be holding midnight launches for Super Smash Bros on Wii U. The US retailer has stated that it will have demo kiosks for Super Smash Bros up and running this Friday so gamers can check out the game if they’re on the fence. The demo events will run from 6 PM to 9 PM. You can check to see if you local store will be holding a midnight launch for the game, right here.

Thanks, Lord Zedd

26 thoughts on “GameStop Holding Smash Bros Wii U Demo Events Friday Plus Some Midnight Launches”

    1. Amazon rocks! I recieved Bayonetta 2 at 10am the same day it was released. No extra shipping charged. I am expecting Smash to be delivered next week. GameStop sucks! Price tag stickers and fingerprints on new discs. I’ll gladly wait for the mailman.
      It’s cold outside, man. lol

      1. But it does entice those who already have a Wii u to buy the game it’s self. So I think they still need to release a damn eshop one.

        1. Among those who were Nintendo die-hards enough to buy a Wii U (which is at least 85% of Wii U owners, to be lenient inb4 someone beats me over the head with actual statistics), those who actually aren’t interested in Smash are the most insignificant of minorities.

        2. AAA pretty much summed it up. Not only are we starved for triple A games (see what I did there?) But most Wii U owners are going to pick up Smash U because, well this or MK8 are the biggest reasons why we own a Wii U already. They know that, if you own a Wii U by now you are more than likely to pick up Smash.

          It would be a good thing to get a demo though but its not necessary.

    1. The reason why I hate store events is because my damn parent are to lazy to drive. Like how can you be to lazy to drive when your just sitting on your ass. And that is why I hate store events.

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  2. Haven’t they learned from how shitty these specific location events are with smash bros? It’ll just end up being another best buy invitational. Travel far to play wait in line for 3 hours to play once. No thanks. They should release a eshop demo for their loyal wii u owners and leave the non wii u owners with the option to go to gamestop…

  3. exactly us loyal wii u owners shouldnt have to drag our asses down to a place just to play a demo, now none wii u owners can do that but dont treat us the same way nintendo just put the demos on our eshops

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