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Zelda Wii U Looks “More Amazing” Now Compared To When It Was First Revealed

The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has revealed that the upcoming Zelda for Wii U looks even “more amazing” now compared to when it was unveiled earlier this year. The Wii U console’s first original Zelda title was revealed at E3 2014, when Aonuma talked about his desire to create an open-world installment in Nintendo’s action-adventure series. In addition, Aonuma hinted that Zelda for Wii U may make another appearance at E3 2015.

“Now it looks more amazing than what was shown at E3,” said Aonuma.

126 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U Looks “More Amazing” Now Compared To When It Was First Revealed”

    1. They review thier las code for the game and make improvements and optimizations that squeezes more the hardware and takes less impact in perfromance; they also come up with ideas of were to apply things like occlusion culling to save up rendering power and use it for other purposes; there many other approaches like the number of lights with deffered rendering and the post processing effects that could make the game look better

    2. That was not the final at style, what we saw was just a place holder while they make the game, after all the programming is done they focus on the look of the game, if he sits it looks better, then they most likely are more then 60% fine with the game

  1. I cry myself to bed when I think of Zelda U……BECAUSE IT’S SO AWESOME!!!! Pull that joke on your friends, they’ll be angry, and then they’ll be relieved. And happy. Happy.

    1. Sakurai is an uber perfectionist nerd, he’s not into PR. I wouldn’t doubt it if he still lives with his parents.

          1. Beg to differ. Sakurai failed in this Smash and Zelda U, I guarandamntee that it will be better than Smash.
            Zelda > Smash
            Aunoma > Sakurai

                        1. What do you mean? Lol just buy both the season passes. You get everything with it. If you’re talking about retail, there is a version for that, but it only has season one. I would probably just get both for the old Killer Instinct’s. Lol.

                            1. Quality? From the lameass “new Rare”? lol Best joke I heard all day.

                              Everyone knows the real old Rare we know and love is long gone. Quality doesnt exist in this new shell of Rareware anymore.

                                      1. I was referring to the new Killer Instinct. I haven’t played it yet, but I do not expect it be better than the old Killer Instinct. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be awesome and I don’t give a shit if it’s from new Rare or that it’s on Xbox. I said it before and now I will say it again. Killer Instinct rules!

                            1. Mr. Ninten-Convince errrydae

                              But…BUT…Nintendo already has so much to offer…ok, so you don’t own Pikmin 3, DKC: TF, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Fire Emblem, no Smash…none of that??

                              1. I don’t mean only in the Wii U i meant before hand. I do own TF… Wasn’t a fan of it 3d world was okay… Still waiting for that full blown 3d mario game. Last one I played was sunshine. Pikmin not a fan, same with fire emblem. Mario kart is good. Get’s boring fast though and the roster was weak. Smash I still like 64 the most. Zelda beats all in my book and if it never existed I think i would have fully drifted away.

                                1. Mr. Ninten-Convince errrydae

                                  I see what you’re saying. And Sunshine was my first Gamecube and console game as a kid…so yeah, very fond memories. I wasn’t very impressed with 3D World to be honest, I’m also waiting for a full 3D Mario game. I really want it to have the challenge and exploration of Sunshine, but if they make it like Galaxy, it’s alright. Galaxy 1 and 2 are the most creative games I’ve ever played in my life.

                                  1. I think Super Mario Galaxy was alright. It’s soundtrack was absolutely amazing. But I think 3D World is WAY better in terms of gameplay. Especially with multiplayer. I played 3D World over and over again all the time. I never found myself wanting to replay Galaxy after I beat it.

                                    1. Galaxy is “alright”? Are you high? lol Galaxy is legendary. Imagine Galaxy 3 in HD with many of Mario’s established gameplay with new mechanics, new power ups, new storyline with a different villain, online co-op and DLC, it’ll be the best Mario game in history. :3

                            2. I actually agree with this. I bought a 64 purely for Zelda, then enjoyed a couple others. So far on the wii u, hyrule warriors is the only game I find really great so far

                              1. you mean to say you ahvent played bayoneta?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

                                  1. If you’re having any doubts, I can tell you Bayonetta 2 is a very worthy investment of your $60, especially if you live in the US where it comes with the first game.

                              2. you’re a fanboy if you think hyrule warriors is great. that game is mediocre, like all the dynasty games. dynasty warriors doesn’t hold a flame to zelda games. you only like it because of the zelda characters you freakin fanboy.

                          1. Excellent. I cannot wait for this game. Currently playing MCC. Matchmaking is terrible right now. Nintendo, please save me.

                            1. Does MCC stand for Minish Cap Com? Since Capcom made Minish cap, you combined both of them? You trying to be clever?

                          2. Hype unreal ! Mario Kart DLC, Smash is coming soon, Zelda looking better than almost anything released this gen…. My hernia can’t take this !

                          3. “Aonuma hinted that Zelda for Wii U may make another appearance at E3 2015”

                            I sure HOPE SO! I think everyone will be expecting to see more of it at E3. Even that’s still 6 1/2 months away. : /

                            1. Reminds me of the song “From home I miss, I see the through the vast land ahead, it’s 6 more months until our love reunites…from home I miss…yes it’s from home I miss….our love…”

                            2. It’s always like that though. We saw a teaser for Skyward sword in e3 2010. Then e3 2011 we get a full trailer with the release which came in november of that month. So i expect a trailer with a release date or release window at e3…..
                              Don’t understand why people though we will see more on a normal nintendo direct

                              1. ^this

                                Another November 20th for a console Zelda would be just swell. I already nostalgically recall the hype of the years leading up to the day of Skyward Sword’s release, and Gamestop being closed until Black Friday :P. The circle of life would be complete if Zelda U (Dammit, I remember “Zelda Wii”!) was released on November 20th, 2015.

                          4. My skin just got that Tinglingy sprawl that I do love so much, man cue Under Pressure. Because I can’t decide .》.《.

                          5. When I saw the trailer of E3 2014 I could see the grass clearly. If now looks better the game it would be the best Zelda ever created!

                          6. Pothead - Master of stoners

                            This game is awful, im currently playing the masterchief beastlection on my couch naked eating my pot cookies AND IT’S SUCH AN AMZING ADULT GAME! You gay guys (nintendo fans) have an awful system and worship a crappy tired out company. excuse me while i take a dump.

                            1. Comparing Halo with Zelda? Thats an insult to everyone in Hyrule. Halo is not on the same plane of existence. Zelda is not only a better game, it’s an experience that can only be enjoyed by certain chosen ones. You sir are not a chosen one, therefore you will never know true gaming bliss. Ironic that playing Halo makes you wanna take a dump.

                                1. Pothead - Master of stoners

                                  Was i? Or is deepsouth just that much of a social reject. Can you put the lighter in my butt i like to rip ass into my bong.

                              1. Zelda is amazing. But that doesn’t mean other games can’t be amazing as well, Deepsouth. Halo is one of the best gaming franchises I’ve ever played along with Zelda. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

                                1. Sorry, but Halo is very overrated. Your right about other games being good aswell, obviously, but not Halo. Halo 1 was ok. But the sequels were nothing special in my opinion.

                                  1. It’s not overrated to me. It deserves every single bit of praise it gets. When I first played Halo, it was the only game I played for weeks. I absolutely love it. So I disagree.

                            1. No, your just uninformed. It’s ok though, it’s pretty normal now-a-days for kids to be confused about Nintendo. They are not used to quality, so it can be a bit jarring to witness such quality for the first time. Oneday you will use your own mind and realise what you’ve been missing.

                          7. Zelda, the game I have been waiting for since 2011. A new console Zelda releasing is in my opinion the biggest event in gaming. Happens only once every five years. Like a rare meteor that orbits the heavens. I’m saving all my sick days and vacation time for the big release, which I hope will be next holiday season…

                            1. i’m calling it now, November 20-22 release. more than in time for the holiday, Nintendo loves November 20-whatever!

                          8. Damn the game already looks fucking amazing. Are they improving artstyle? I kinda like it as is. Bit if they are improving it than improve it to the fucking max

                              1. Look up at skid, Hollow. He’s one of those morons that still thinks the Wii U can’t possibly outdo the PS3. >.<

                          9. lord ghost : king of the federation

                            i hope they bring back the textures from 2011 tech demo. the e3 2014 trailer looks like a completely new game to me.

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                          11. It’s gotta be the truth if Nintendo is hyping it up. I just wanna see for myself how further they’ve progressed. I trust Nintendo since there’s never been a bad Zelda game

                              1. Well The Legend Of Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link was considered the least best Zelda game but it’s by no means a bad game not even remotely. The Zelda franchise is the greatest ever in gaming in my opinion but A Link To The Past, Ocarina Of Time and Twilight Princess are my favorite Zelda games

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