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This Super Smash Bros Player Has Encountered Some Insanely Disturbing Character Glitches (Video)

Super Smash Bros for Wii U has been available in North America for just a few days and has been relatively glitch-free, unlike its counterpart 3DS version. But while European fans must wait until November 28 to begin their battle, one US Smash player bought his copy of the Wii U brawler and began uploading some rather interesting glitched images yesterday on Nintendo’s social network Miiverse.

As you can see in the video embedded above, Miiverse user T-Man is in possession of a rare copy of the brawler, which has allowed creepy-pasta levels of insanity to make its appearance – particularly in character rendering. King Dedede, Meta Knight, Fox and Kirby all have warped faces or limbs sticking in places where you didn’t even think was possible. But it’s not just these characters that are affected, it appears to be the entire roster – Charizard with elongated limbs, Yoshi who mirrors Croc from the early ’90s, and Zero Suit Samus who doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on.

Fortunately, the glitched characters have seemingly only cropped up for user T-Man after asking for help to see if any other players’ games also shared the same fate. Given that these glitches are supposedly relegated to one game so far, it’s unlikely they will be able to be replicated in other games. You can check out more of the disturbing characters over on his Miiverse profile, here. Have you seen any other crazy glitches in Super Smash Bros for Wii U, and do you believe there could be more to these pictures than meets the eye? Let us know in the comments below.

67 thoughts on “This Super Smash Bros Player Has Encountered Some Insanely Disturbing Character Glitches (Video)”

        1. I think it’s the opposite. It started with him just seeking help, then upon the recommendation of others, post more. Any posts prior to Smash Bros were just normal Miiverse posts from games like MK8. Nothing fishy.

          1. I'm a Boss ass Bitch

            Yeah, I’m starting to think it’s his copy now. Looked at his Twitter, and he doesn’t look like hacker. If someone buys his copy or he shows a legitimate video of him putting the copy in another Wii u. I’ll believe it and take back everything said.

      1. I'm a Boss ass Bitch

        Obviously your the damn stupid one. People these days can hack a damn game in under an hour. Take your ass back to mexico. The poor country where irrelevant bitches like you belong.

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      1. Not necessarily a hacker, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t create the glitch. Nobody else is experiencing glitches to this extent, so there is reason to doubt the authenticity.

        You can go on Youtube and find endless videos of people literally ‘creating’ glitches in games. Wall clips, and sky jumps. It’s all very simple to get a game to purposely glitch out, and Smash is no different. No doubt that is what we see in the video.

  1. Going way out of your way to find something neat is fine.

    Launching a game thats unplayable online when its sole purpose is to be a online game is horrendous

  2. I’m still waiting for a few more of my friends to get this. We’re having fun enough with the 3DS version.

    Also, watch dogs is looking very good on the WiiU, so if I get it, I’ll let you guys know what I think.

  3. Could be production error, but I’m questioning the fact that this guy didn’t exist until smash bros if you go off his miiverse post, so he could be a hacker

  4. I'm a Boss ass Bitch

    Just looked at his profile. He’s making a funking game out of this. Yup 100% percent confirmed. He hacked it

  5. No way this is just a random glitch. It’s very simple to purposely get any video game to glitch out. You don’t need to hack the game either. I can get Smash to glitch out aswell. But only if I force it to do so.

  6. It looks like the game is rendering the characters as if they’re on a stage where they’re supposed to be flat. (For example, Flat Zone). This could be a hack, but it could easily be a glitch as well.

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