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There’s Been A Fire At Nintendo UK’s Customer Repair Company Warehouse

There’s been some bad news for Nintendo UK as it has been revealed that there has been a fire at the Nintendo UK customer repair company’s warehouse. MCV reports that the offices at Repair Tech were hit by a serious fire last week which fire engines tackled overnight. Here’s what a Nintendo UK spokesperson told MCV.

“We can confirm that on Tuesday 18th November, a fire broke out in the warehouse owned by RepairTech, the company that Nintendo UK uses to fulfil its customer repairs.”

“Nintendo UK only used the warehouse for UK based product repairs and storing of associated repairs equipment, it did not contain stock that would at any point be sent to a retailer for sale to the public. We are pleased to confirm that no one was hurt.”

“Customers whose hardware or software was in for repair have been contacted to be told that free replacements are to be issued, alongside some complementary free eShop credit.”

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45 thoughts on “There’s Been A Fire At Nintendo UK’s Customer Repair Company Warehouse”

      1. Bowser, Charizard? Come on guys, it was obviously Ridley. Forced to be a Smash Bros boss twice in a row? He ain’t havin’ none of that shit.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                You misguided children will soon learn your lesson, the great design of High Command is still going flawlessly, everything happening now is insignificant…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    True, although I don’t care if it’s the real one or not, anyone against the empire shall learn the lesson…

                  2. I might of accidently burned down his house…….. and the nintendo warehouse…….. by accident

                    Insurance money here i come!!! His family is going to be in a shock when their insurance won’t be able to pay the damages. im such a genius in frauding.

  1. Shock of shocks, it was in the UK. I’m not surprised, not because of it was in the U.K where many are not fans of Nintendo in the slightest, but because things have been getting worse and worse in terms of crime here in the U.K. Crime through murder or other means appears literally everyday on the news about how one person killed another, or how people broke into an elderly person’s house,(Which is stupd and damn right low for anyone to do such a thing.) It’s rediculous and neither the Government/useless Prime Minister David Camron, nor the police and not even the courts are doing a damn thing to stop it or even as much as reduce it. I hate being British for this exact reason, more than British people’s taste in games. Games can be excused, Crime can not………………………………………..X(

    1. when you cut the police service to such extreme are you even surprise? I hear stories of gun shot and drug addict killing and raping old people. In the midland and london area you have lot of cold case surfacing since you know who about children abuse done by politic, Policemen, military and person of power…But guess what, the crime in UK have gone down by all account yes I am not kidding the official stastic will tell you that if you believe in them.

  2. Ooookey… What happens to their Nintendo ID? Lost forever or will they be able to get back their eShop purchases? Or will the eShop-cards cover up their losses and have to make themselves a new ID? SRS XD HOW WILL IT WORK?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

  3. I love how bout one is taking consideration for the lives that could’ve been lost in that fire! You guys are idiots! People could’ve die and your still continuing this console war! This generation of gamers is starting to sicken me… Shame on all of you, from Sonyans to Nintendoians…

  4. This was obviously the work of an arsonist that’s purple, has the head of a pterodactyl, can fly through space without a space suit, can use fire as an attack, & is usually referred to as a space dragon for some famous space pirates. He’s clearly very pissed that he’s once again being treated like a second rate villain, like Dark Samus or Yellow Devil, in Smash Bros by being forced into a boss role again. Be prepared, anti-Ridley people in the US, Japan, etc! Your Wii Us will be next! lol

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