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Here’s A 20 Minute New Nintendo 3DS English Features Overview

NintenDaan has got his hands on the New Nintendo 3DS XL which has already launched in Australia. To celebrate being one of the first to own a working English version, Daan has put together a video detailing the features that are new to the New Nintendo 3DS. The video see’s Daan play around with the browser, play some games and also run a few loading tests. Be sure to watch it.

28 thoughts on “Here’s A 20 Minute New Nintendo 3DS English Features Overview”

    1. Well itll be summer 2015 so plenty of summer jobs available

      As for me i think ima stick with my regular 3ds XL i dont use the browser ever and never c-sticked much in smash and mostly dont use the 3d so dont see the point in upgrading

        1. 40+ hours for Xenoblade? That’s a joke! That’s barely the first half. I’m currently at 106 (I bought the game launch day) and probably need another 20-40 hours. Go colony 6!!!

    2. Snagging it as soon as I possibly can, here in the states.
      I’ve been dreaming of games as big as Xenoblade on the go; if that made it in, then games like Mario Galaxy are only a matter of time….

      1. I love handhelds so much more than consoles. Who needs cutting edge graphics when you have innovative gameplay. Games like The World Ends With You don’t exist on consoles…

  1. What a retarded “overview”, no commentary, no comparison to the original…what? How am I supposed to get anything from this? The New 3DS is just faster than the original, it has the same OS and the same games. Do they look better? Run better? What? Should I turn my 3DS on and compare it to the video? What could a person that doesn’t own the original get from this video? What would they know? Would they know if something is different or if it’s just faster and has NFC?

    Terrible video.

    Score: 7.8/Water

  2. Wait whats the point of getting this exactly? Isn’t Nintendo gonna like mass produce newer models of the 3DS? Won’t Nintendo just make a newer model of the NEW Nintendo 3DS later on in life?

  3. That’s a terrible location for the stylus. The stylus should always be located on the right side (like on the 3DS XL). That’s the easiest, most convenient place for it. I always hated the original 3DS because of the stylus being on the top left.

    I still haven’t seen any good reasons to buy a new 3DS yet. If Xenoblade is the only reason, I’ll pass. And I agree with AKA-Link77. Nintendo SHOULD call it the Super 3DS. For some reason, Nintendo hasn’t been very good in the naming department lately.

  4. I really want to know if they fixed the screen scratch issues on the New 3DS (not the XL) because if it is fixed i will get one. I like the idea of switching faceplates. And as a plus they made the screen a little bigger. And those SNES button colors are so cool.

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