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Nintendo Provides Infographic For Those On The Fence About Wii U


You may have seen that Nintendo has begun a new Wii U marketing campaign which is centred around the hashtag #TheTimeIsNow. The new campaign is to get those who are currently on the fence to purchase a Wii U and with a host of compelling games it’s hard to ignore. They’ve provided the entertaining infographic to prove the point. You can check it out if you click on the image above.

Thanks, Elias

111 thoughts on “Nintendo Provides Infographic For Those On The Fence About Wii U”


    1. Ahah, I just wrote pretty much the same shit below… Not enough promotion for this game, if it goes on this way it’s just gonna flop poorly…

    1. If you saw the infographic though, you would have read the whole thing anyways. And the games and stuff they talk about will probably convince someone. You have to be seriously lazy to just read the bottom and be done.

        1. Dragon Age Inquisition
          LittleBigPlanet 3
          inFamous: Second Son
          Far Cry 4
          Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
          Wolfenstein: The New Order
          The Pinball Arcade
          Rayman Legends
          The Walking Dead Season 1/2
          The Wolf Among Us
          Final Fantasy XIV
          Lego Marvel Super Heroes
          Watch Dogs
          Need For Speed Rivals
          Fifa 14
          Fifa 15
          Assassin’s Creed IV
          Assassin’s Creed Unity
          Battlefield 4
          COD: Advanced Warfare
          NBA 2K14
          NBA 2K15
          Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
          MLB 14 The Show
          Madden NFL 15

        2. Upcoming games
          Metal Gear Solid V
          Witcher 3
          Batman Arkham Knight
          The Division
          Dying Light
          Kingdom Hearts 3
          Planetside 2
          Elder Scrolls Online
          Mad Max
          Kingdom Come Deliverance
          Ratchet and Clank
          Project Cars
          Mighty No. 9
          Persona 5
          Metal Slug 3
          Homefront The Revolution
          Rainbow Six Seige
          The Order
          Uncharted 4
          Just Cause 3
          Battlefield Hardline

  1. If you don’t own a Wii U the arrows lead you straight to the ending and slogan. Which doesn’t convince me I need a Wii U.

    1. Can’t even provide a screenshot because it was only shown off (uuncensored) behind closed doors to few people, that’s why…

  2. so instead of how will you play next, its the time is now. mean while greatness still awaits PS4 then you have xbox one………………buy xbox one get assassins creed.

    1. I was thinking about getting a Wii U from the start, but one of my main reasons that got me hyped for getting Wii U was Sonic Lost World. And I enjoy the crap out of that game. I think I’m actually going to go back and play it again now. Lol

      1. I always wanted to try that game. But I avoided it because I kept hearing too many negative things. Especially about the controls. When I played the demo, I got used to them and I did enjoy it. But then again, that was only one level. Maybe it gets harder in the full game…

        1. Its a good game but a bad sonic game.people that didnt play othe sonic games like it and sonic fans didnt like it.Wierd stuf

          1. I’m a big sonic fan and have been since I played the first one on the genesis when I was a kid in the 90’s and I liked Sonic lost world. Did it have flaws that need to be fix? Yeah but a lot of games need that. No game is perfect. But I did enjoy Sonic lost world for what it is. Also like playing multiplayer races with my friend when he comes over my house.

        2. The older sonic games were difficult so seeing sonic lost world as difficult as a problem is not good. A person complaing about a game or giving a review for a game and disliking it is just wrong. I will say that the game is difficult at first and then when you get farther in the game some levels get hard but when you beat the game and go back and do certain levels they won’t be hard anymore becuase your so good at the game. So you enjoy going around the levels. I got used to the controls after a whole while from playing the game. Yes there is some Flaws to the game that could be fixed, just like any other game. But I still enjoyed my overall experience with the game and like playing with my friend in the multiplayer races when he comes over to my house some times.

    1. Defeat? I guarantee you that Nintendo will profit more money this generation than Sony. If your being fair about it, in total Nintendo has sold 56 million gaming devices compared to Sony’s 24 million this generation. Nintendo has sold more hardware and software than both Sony and Microsoft combined.

      People, especially fanboys, always seem to block out Nintendo’s dominance over the handheld market.

      Not to even mention Amibos, and the millions they make off of toys, blankets, posters, etc. etc. … Yea, they sound defeated don’t they..

  3. Nintendo really needs to start getting serious with Wii U advertisement. The last time I saw a Wii U advertisement was when Mario Kart 8 released. After that, nothing else. I literally just saw an Xbox One ad on TV that showed games like Sunset Overdrive, The Masterchief Collection, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and Assassin’s Creed Unity. They showed off the $350 bundle with two AC games. THAT is the type of advertising NINTENDO should be doing. Finally enough though, I haven’t actually seen much PS4 ads either. Not like it really needs it though anyways. Seems like everyone already knows what it is…

    1. They should consider doing that soon after all the time they had teased Murasame Castle before finally releasing it worldwide (There’s minimal Japanese text in it, hence why it was easier to bring it over).

  4. My question is, how can anybody who claims to be a gamer NOT care about the Wii U? HOW? Buying Nintendo’s consoles has always been a necessity for me. Something I do without even thinking. How can anyone live without Mario, Zelda, and all the other amazing first party games that Nintendo produces? I just can’t relate to people like that. For a gamer like myself, that’s like saying no to food or air.

    1. I have a friend that owns a 3DS but doesn’t care about the Wii U. It’s possible that some people just do not prefer Nintendo consoles and they stick with their handhelds and choose a PS or Xbox for console gaming.

      1. Is true then? For every good decision there is at least one that could destroy something. It will be the end of good gaming soon enough.

    2. I’m sorry, but gaming has reached a point where there are games better than Mario or even Zelda. I mean, I love Nintendo, but they are just not what they used to be. Owning Nintendo consoles used to be a necessity, with gems like Mario Bros 3 and OoT, but for the past few years there simply aren’t any groundbreaking games that truly make Nintendo consoles shine and differentiate it from the rest



  6. Yes to pretty much all :D
    Also Nintendo, start promoting your SHIT! The new Xenoblade is coming out, made by the geniuses of Monolith Soft, and yet not a single mention for it, instead you prefer to promote Mario Maker nobody gives a shit about more… Damn it.

    1. They really should work more on installing their new franchises instead of bashing our heads with Mario. We love Mario, it’s an iconic character, the most iconic of them all, we get it, but shit, what about the new amazing IPs you give us every year and that fail because of bad exposure from you…

  7. I hold a lot of respect for Nintendo because of reasons like this. While Sony and Microsoft go around bashing each other, saying things like “Well Xbox sucks so buy a PS4!” “No, PS4 sucks, buy an Xbox One!” But Nintendo doesn’t do that. They don’t tell you why you SHOULDN’T buy their rivals console, they tell you why you SHOULD buy theirs. It’s something you don’t see very often anymore.

      1. And Nintendo fanboys bash the other two all the time, so they aren’t any better. They’re even worse in my opinion. I can’t stand fanboys!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          1. The Xbot and Sonyan Leaders bash each other as much or more than they bash ours…

          2. Nintendo fans only bashes the other 2 when they step over the line of insults towards us or the empire…

          3.This site doesn’t define every Nintendo fan in this pathetic world…

          1. 1. Sony congratulated Xbox when the One released, and Xbox congratulated Sony when PS4 released.

            2. You Guys bash Te other consoles all the time lol, always saying oh we don’t need gory rehash shooter we got Mario and Xbox drm bullshit!!! Like stranga n runs it and originalbloodace

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              None of them were serious,specially not the Sonyans…

              We wouldn’t if the Xbot and Sonyan presence of this site weren’t so hostile…

              You receive what you put out there…

        2. If a fanboy of Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo goes to a site that isn’t of their favorite company just so they can bash everyone, fans & fanboys alike, they are the worst regardless of which console they are a fan/fanboy of. With that said, these Sony & Microsoft people that come here to do nothing but bash Nintendo & the fans/fanboys on here are all losers.

          1. The only time anyone ever bashes Nintendo and it’s fans on this website is when someone tries to put down the other two companies. And that happens a lot here. People bringing up the Xbox for no damn reason every time an article about Nintendo making good sales or something shows up. Is it too much to ask to just enjoy the positive news without having to make fun of the other two? Hell, the trolls are actually trying to talk some sense into these people. There are way too many Nintendo ass kissers on this site. And every time someone actually shows criticism towards them, everyone assumes they’re a fanboy. And as for Nintendo fanboys being the worse, I’m talking about in general. Not just on this site. They come up with the dumbest excuses of all 4. (Xbox, PS, PC, and Nintendo)
            It’s disgusting. The
            only console I own is a Wii U and yet I can still appreciate the other two consoles. And yes that does include the Xbox! If I got an Xbox One right now, I would start playing it and enjoy it. Although, I would prefer a PS4… Lol.

            1. “If I got an Xbox One right now, I would start playing it and enjoy it. Although, I would prefer a PS4” exposing your flip flopping tendencies XD

      2. For the most part, you’re right. However, there have been times when the companies will go out of their way to talk about how inferior the other system is.

  8. Now what if a fucking moron reads this infograph? They’ll read the no part & go straight to the hashtag without even reading all the stuff that tells them the reasons to get a Wii U. I think it’s quite clear we got a ton of morons getting into video games, or already into video games, since there are people can’t tell that the Wii U is not a Wii. I bet these same idiots probably think the SNES was just an add-on for the NES. xD Apparently these fools need a god damn number next to the name for them to get the picture. After all, it’s not like the PS4 is getting mistaken as an add-on for the PS3.

  9. Interesting, but they should also mention some of the great 2nd party and 3rd party games on the system, like Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover (and other Lego games), ZombiU etc.

  10. Make the list longer by adding all the other great games…. Also casuals can’t see past the anime ish colourful cartoony style of a lot of these games so not sure this will help as much as they hope.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      -Refrain from ever talking sense considering you lost all sense months ago, thank you for your cooperation-

  11. “Even Earthbound?”
    Well, maybe I’d be interested in that one if I could play the entire franchise and not just one entry from the middle of the series that only came out here because of Smash Promotions….

  12. Very deceptive of Nintendo. “You can use your old Gamecube remote….” Without an adaptor that’s not happening. Of course, we wouldn’t want the consumers to know that it requires an extra 20 right?

  13. just putting it out there to all the fanboys! even if nintendo lost it still won because we got good games that we actually want and sony and xbox get the same old shit they claim they want but don’t want yet they still want them. and the new Ips they claim they want they do not want because it is not the same as the stuff that they say they want but don’t want but still want them! . yes i realise the way i explained it was rather wierd itself so i apologise! to put it blunt…. Nintendo still wins even if it looses!

    1. I don’t see how Nintendo wins by releasing an underpowered, gimmicky console with no third parties and an extremely slow rate of first party exclusives, with shitty online and limited indie options

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