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Nintendo Releases Brand-New Super Smash Bros For 3DS Commercial

Nintendo has released a brand-new commercial for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. The latest promo for the hand-held fighting title highlights some of the heroes featured on its roster of playable characters, including Mario, Kirby, Mega Man, Pikachu, Donkey Kong and Little Mac. The 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. contains an exclusive mode called Smash Run, which gives up to four players five minutes to fight solo through a huge battlefield while taking down recognizable enemies from almost every major Nintendo franchise, as well as select third-party games. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is available in stores and via the Nintendo eShop.

59 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases Brand-New Super Smash Bros For 3DS Commercial”

  1. For the 3DS?!? 0_0
    Nintendo: This is NOT the system which should be pushed…! The other one please! It is called: Wii U! Come on!!

        1. Correction: PS2 did have amazing games but yeah, GameCube was better imo.

          Xbox, like I said before, never had a single exclusive game. Halo doesnt count and either is Gears of War because they all end up on PC later. Period.

  2. Im shock they did not mess up this commercial no little kids no nerds no soical rejects holy shit this is best commercial ever!

    Bout damn time

  3. Nintendo really needs to get it’s priorities straight. The Wii U is floundering because it is poorly advertised. I’m not sure if it’s Nintendos fault or their marketing teams fault.

    Nintendo needs help getting up to par with Microsoft and Sony with their marketing strategy.

  4. I dont even know how I got here lol. The internet is crazy glade see my console of choice company growing up is still relevant today and still has a fanbase. Cool site and nice see someone who has a passion about what they write about a lot time and effort put here with all blog post. I may come back here sometime where ever internet may take me. Im kinda new to this cybernet back in my day if you wanted get girl back in kitchen you need smack her ass and say. Ay get back in kitchen and make me a samwitch now you folks cyber txt it to ladies or what eveas yous do

    1. What the fuck are you even talking about? What got out of it was you smacking some girl’s ass in the kitchen

    1. Not really i travel a lot because of my job so… For me the 3ds is the way to go!! (More than 16 hours on bus/train)

  5. Why the hell are they pushing the 3DS version so much, if the Wii U one just came out! Nintendo, fucking fire your marketing team.

  6. I can see why they are pushing to advertise the 3ds version, it’s to keep the consumers’ interest. But come on, the wii u version just came out and there’s barely any ads yet the wii u is the console they need to push sales on. Confusing logic nintendo is having with this.

  7. This just further proves that making a 3DS version was a big mistake. What’s with Nintendo’s marketing team in the US!? They fucking suck! Fire, fire, fire them out of a fucking cannon into Bowser’s god damn lava that surrounds some of his fucking castles!

    1. I can do better advertising than those broke down bitches at Nintendo right now. Hire me and I’ll make everyone want a damn Wii u.

      1. And what did he do? Right now, its Iwata who’s calling the shots for every single Nintendo HQ branch and he’s been fucking up on Wii U since day one. HE should be fired, not Reggie. At least Reggie wanted more mature games to happen. He just can’t make it happen because he’s technically not fully in charge anymore.

        1. Oh I thought he was in charge. Than if he’s not in fucking in charge than what hell does he do? If he is in charge of advertising for america than he’s doing terrible fucking job managing the employees

        1. lol Dark Aether coming back is as likely as Phaaze coming back from the dead & not being a douche with throwing corruption across the universe.

          1. One carbon copy of a planet disappeared and the other one committed a galactic suiside after Samus destroyed a Mother Brain wannabe along with her first Samus wannabe Dark Samus aka Metroid Prime which brings me to ask the unresolved question:

            How the fuck did a Metroid ended up on Phaaze, a planet so far away from Samus’s own galaxy/solar system where the Chozo lived? How was that even possible unless there was something Retro Studios forgot to mention in the Prime Trilogy lore that Chozo may have been to Phaaze before or was once one of there colony planet until something catastrophic happened that forever transformed the planet and the lonely Metroid mutated into its most powerful form yet.

            1. I think they did explain it with Prime 3. Every Leviathan chose something of each planet to defend it’s core. For Tallon IV, it just so happened to pick a Metroid… which was ultimately a big mistake since Metroid Prime pretty much cannibalized the Phazon core instead of becoming it’s guardian. And we all know that the Metroid were created by the Chozo themselves so I surmise the Chozo of Tallon IV had their own little Metroid farm. I could be wrong but that’s my head canon til proven otherwise. lol

              1. But you gotta remember that the husk remains from within Phaaze’s near the planet’s core right before you fight Dark Samus/AU-313 long before Metroid Prime’s tale was discovered on Tallon VI. How was it possible for a Metroid to exist on a faraway planet that had no explained relation to the Chozo race? Something is missing that links between Phazon and Chozo’s possible involvement somewhere.

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