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A New Nintendo 3DS Easter Egg Allows You To Play Breakout In The Browser

Are you one of the lucky ones that owns a New Nintendo 3DS? Well if you are then you’ll be pleased to know that you can play Breakout in the web browser. To enable this lovely Easter egg all you need to do is open the browser and try to tap the first bar of the Mario theme then select your website of choice. Pretty neat, huh?

Thanks to those who sent this in.

22 thoughts on “A New Nintendo 3DS Easter Egg Allows You To Play Breakout In The Browser”

  1. The new 3DS makes my stomach hurt a bit just by looking at the screen, my friend showed me his Japanese imported one. It has some stomach revolting issues with this 3D, that’s why I prefer the current 3DS. Anybody else’s sstomach hurt by the new 3DS 3D effect? Idk if I’ll buy it…maybe…but my stomach..

    1. I don’t even use 3D. It just strains my eyes too quickly. And even if it didn’t, I still wouldn’t care to use it… I’m fine without it. That’s why it’s an option after all.

    2. Weird, I heard from some people that the 3d doesn’t making them feel quizy, guess its still a certian people thing

      1. No, it doesn’t make me feel quizy at all. It just makes my stomach start to hurt. I don’t know if maybe it’s the hardware noise that causes this it. But the longer Ii use it, the more my stomach hurts until I would eventually have to rush to the bathroom every time. It’s not pretty.

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