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Nintendo Seems to Be Planning Something For The Game Awards As They’ve Started A YouTube PlayList

It would appear as though Nintendo may have a bigger presence at The Game Awards this evening than previously thought. The Kyoto based company has uploaded a YouTube playlist especially for The Game Awards so there’s bound to be one announcement or another. What would you like to see Nintendo reveal at the event?

111 thoughts on “Nintendo Seems to Be Planning Something For The Game Awards As They’ve Started A YouTube PlayList”

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    1. Sony Commander Kratos

      You nintendrones are so delusional we all know its goong to be kranky kongs aventure with peewee herman as the co – star player
      Innovation? Mother? I got something better for you Geoff. How about revisiting the world of donkey kong and the 90s hit movie peewees big adventure? We are happy to announce Krankys and Peewees Big Cinema Problem!

      Geoff Kieley: claps
      “Wow reggie your big announcement was worth the wait ,but wheres metroid?”

      Reggie: i am glad you asked now with amiibo integration in all our games we are able to put samus aran in the new game as well! See check it out! *Points at screen*

      Announcer: kranky, peewee, and now Samus embark im an epic adventure like never before with a total of 8 different worlds to explore battle through enemys from new and the past use amiibo to make peewee the toughest bounty hunter in the universe !
      Peewee: *laughs* ahhhahah

      *Screen goes black*


      1. I’d still buy it imao. A game where Pee Wee Herman is a space bounty hunter? Cranky Kong is just icing on the cake.

        1. Sony Commander Kratos

          See what i tell you haha and Quadraxis would be all like :

          “This game is our empires greatest idea yet! With the help of Peewee our glorious empire cannot be stopped!”

          1. All I have is Mario Kart 8 uploads posted up, yeah I’m really trying to make my presence on youtube felt {sarcasm}……smh. Wow what a lame dumbass

    1. I shall agree here, my heart gets excited everytime I see a Metroid pic here, only to have my hopes severely dashed, bravo sir!

      1. I REALLY wanna see a tease of the newest Metroid like a concept artwork they did with Skyward Sword which was good. But most importantly, I want Retro to get back to the driver seat of making a new 3D Metroid (Prime successor) and Intelligent Systems to revive the long near forgotten Metroid Dread (Metroid 5)

        1. I would like to see a Metroid game where the chozo give samus the Power Suit for the first time because there isn’t a story of what happen after Samus was given the Power Suit.

          1. That would mean that we would have to dive into Samus’ emotional background, which might not appeal to some, as Other M showed.

          2. Maybe a flashback cutscene but a full game over that when Metroid 1/Zero Mission was her very first mission with the suit? Not gonna work. I do have a Metroid game idea from a dream that’s inspired by both Prime and Halo. :)

            1. I hope they reveal in the next 3D Metroid who is the one that follows Samus ship in the ending of Prime 3 which can be see if the game is 100% cleared.

              1. A Prime successor is imminent due to high demand for a better Metroid right now and I’m sure Retro will be given the green light to do it again.

                That ship in the end of Prime 3 is Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters on DS. He’s a bounty hunter who stole the blue prototype suit from GF and has an unexplained deep hatred for them including Samus because she works with them.

  1. Something that is completely new would be nice, new IP that is different from other Nintendo games. Games that have 3 installments are done enough imo. But i dont deny it wouldnt be nice to see ZeldaU footage or new Fzero or Metroid game either, its just that those games have already hit their peaks.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Like if you want Cranky Kong’s mother in a spin-off game!

    Super Grandma Kong’s Restaurant!

  3. Humm they Will probably win some of their nominations so I think is because of that… But a Metroid Announcement would be Gorgeous!

        1. Actually, it will be the perfect environment for anything not “top-secret”. Nintendo is often criticize for a lack of marketing, but this will create a great opportunity for an exception. What better way to capitalize on the holiday’s consumer market for your console? Nintendo will not have to pay that much for advertising—do not know how involved they are with the production behind the scenes—and they will be competing in real time for that WOW appeal with the competition. It will be Nintendo’s longest commercial outside of a Direct, with a lot more commercial appeal; it would be a wasted opportunity; Nintendo is investing in the sleep monitoring market, but they are not sleeping!

  4. A fast paced racing/ 3D space exploration crossover between Metroid, Excitetrucks, F-Zero, Star Fox, and Kirby.

    A pokemon snap free-roaming HD reboot.

    An indie Wii U collection (on an actual disk).

    A new (turn-based RPG) Paper Mario game, for the Wii U.

    No more shared karts in the Mario Party series (or- better yet- just put Mario Party 1,3,4-7 on virtual console (MP2 is the only one on virtual console for some reason)).

    ~Dreamin’ big

        1. Yeah, Now you’ve got me imagining Donkey Kong and Bowser sharing a standard bike. That would be hilarious ;)

          Yeah, there’s quite a few gems on the GameCube (I’m still hunting for F-Zero, Fire Emblem, SSX Tricky, and a few others). But, the original Wii can play GameCube games, which is a plus. My brother and I pretty much only use it to play GameCube/ SNES games on it. It was certainly a great system.

        2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          My only problem with Double Dash was there was no option to play as four separate players. Hopefully the next console Mario kart could have that. Or better yet, eight players playing together in pairs, like 8-player Smash but in pairs.

            1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

              You’re right. I have no idea why I thought that. My bad. I grew up on this game playing with my brothers as well, so I don’t understand how I could have made this mistake o_O

    1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking too especially with Itagaki saying the game looks completely different now and if they do have another ” mystery ” announcement to go along with a potential Devil’s Third update then hopefully it’ll be a new Metroid or F-Zero game or another a new IP or even a 3rd No More Heroes sequel

      1. No more heros is not Nintendo. The director of the game even said future installments would have a different protagonist and be on the PlayStation.

  5. Realistically:
    – footage of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, perhaps a display at how amiibo will function with it.
    – Star Fox trailer?
    What I want more than air:
    – Metroid

  6. Yeeahhh… Don’t expect anything new really. Keep your expectations low, this show isn’t really the kind of place where Nintendo would unfold a new game. If they do, awesome, but I’m not counting on it.

  7. Dear, follow my gaming peers. It has been a month since I’ve started working at Nintendo. I can’t release information or I’ll be sued for everything I have. But I can give thise piece of information. Nintendo is in he talks of a new console. Nintendo wants to stick with concept of Wii u gamepad. There on verge of just releasing an updated version of the Wii u. The is project is called “Project Emerald”. What I have been told is this updated version of Wii u will be something similar to the new 3ds update. Increase GPU, CPU, and a whole new hardware infrastructure. This new hardware similar to that of a ps4. But 3/4 of that system’s power. No further detail will be given beyond this point

          1. It’s kinda random how this fucker just came here to post this shit. Why ign not or somewhere official.

  8. It’s nothing special. Don’t get your damn hopes up. They’re only going to be utterly crushed by fucking disappointment.

  9. Obviously everyone here wants the following:
    1. Metroid WiiU
    2.F-Zero WiiU
    3.New Mother Title
    4.Paper Mario WiiU
    5.Starfox & Zelda Trailers

  10. I could really see this linking in with that paper mario rumour, although metroid would be awesome it definitely deserves to be revealed at E3

  11. Everyone expected too much last year, and we made fun of Reggie for having a Metroid thing on his suit and then he announces Kranky Kong. Maybe this year to leave people shut up he will actually announce some badass Metroid game. Who knows? If he read the disappointment from last year maybe he learned and wants to really impress us this year.

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