Sonic Boom TV Series Appears To Be Doing Fairly Well

The Sonic Boom games on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U have stirred up all mixed opinions from Sonic fans, but the TV show that the games are based on appears to be doing quite well. Data provided by TV By The Numbers shows that the cartoon is holding its own against the competition and sits at the number one spot on Saturday mornings. This in turn should help boost the game’s sales.

Saturday Morning saw year-to-year gains among all targeted demos, ranging from +9% to +17%. Sonic Boom (7a) and Pokemon the Series XY (8a) premieres ranked #1 in their respective time periods among boys 6-11/9-14. Premieres of both series were up across all targeted demos vs. the same time period year ago, ranging from +46% to +73%.



  1. the 3d solid animations seem to be generic for cartoons these days. sonic boom is actually a 7.0/10 cartoon.


    1. yes, 3d animation seems to be generic. I enjoy all types of animation, classic, 3d or flash. Personally, i did some animations in flash when i was in the college. at least you know how hard can it be?. creating the clips, as i remember, every character i created in flash was like a spearate movie that i had to post in the timeline and use in other movie or flash file.
      i would not call 3d animation generic but rather a trend.

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      1. And its still true and happening. IGN keeps reviewing other better games with lower scores like OR/AS 7.8 for HAVING TOO MUCH WATER…when Hoenn is a fucking island region but never complained about it from the original games 11 years ago and they still give a shitty COD on rinse and repeat BS since 2003, 9.0+ out of ten even though Ghosts is complete shit, MW3’s multiplayer is fucking terrible and Advanced Warfare is BROKEN on launch day despite having one more year of development time.

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  2. It’s probably not going to help the game. Rise of Lyric isn’t very good, and this is coming from someone who likes the majority of 3D Sonic games.

    However, the cartoon is really good. Good action and humor.


    1. I downloaded all of the episodes so far because I’m not waking up before 7am to watch this. They should’ve pushed the showtime to a later timeframe so they can get more viewers but as always, Sega and Cartoon Network don’t fucking think.

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  3. I would want this cartoon to continue for 2, possibly 3 seasons instead of letting that garbage video game version continue to sell its slow, broken ass. And I have no doubt there are some idiots out there actually blaming Wii U for making this game suck. No. A console doesn’t make video games (although it’ll be kickass if it does but make fun and content rich games like Smash Bros. on its own) and its the studio behind those games who failed to execute a brilliant idea while at the same time respect its classic fundamentals that make the series work like in this case: Sonic’s speed and exhilarating gameplay which is not present in Boom. At least Lost World respects Sonic better even though it took a step backwards but Boom took several steps backwards and over the edge of a mountain side.

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  4. Good, because I find this much more enjoyable than the ever repetitive Pokemon anime these days. Sticks and Eggman are arguably the stars of the show that makes it enjoyable.


      1. Yeah, they were actually great with all the emotional moments and more strategic battles in the past. These days, Pikachu is too overpowered for his own good and Ash would lose once in a while a little too. much. Then there’s the damn show stealing Pokemon like Piplup and Snivy…. (So annoying).


    1. I think the Pokemon anime would’ve been better if it was based of of the manga instead. That way, it’s not the same old Ash and Pikachu garbage, but instead a new take for each region.


  5. I think it’s wonderful the series is doing so well. It’s great to have Sonic and his friends back in another adventure that’s enjoyable and humourous. I have watched every episode so far and their new appearances have also grown on me. Personally, I really am liking Sonic Boom and am pleased it’s doing well. It deserves some praise.


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