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GameSpot Names Mario Kart 8 As The Best Wii U Game Of 2014

Nintendo’s latest Mario Kart title has been awarded Wii U game of the year by US gaming publication GameSpot. The site says it was torn between the excellent Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros, but thought Mario Kart 8 deserved the accolade based on internal team votes. Here’s why they chose Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart has been around for a long time, but with every game, Nintendo adds new features that bring players back, and it’s no different with the latest entry. Mario Kart 8 does what a Mario Kart game should do: control well and facilitate fun and challenging competitive play. It also delivers many wonderful new tracks, and though it may be hard to detect the change at first, it prioritizes racing skill over reliance on items, blue shells be damned. There are few games that offer endless appeal, but Mario Kart 8 is one of them. If you can only pick one game to own for the Wii U, there’s no question: it must be Mario Kart 8.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

118 thoughts on “GameSpot Names Mario Kart 8 As The Best Wii U Game Of 2014”

    1. Agree with gamespot !! Even though I love bayonetta2 if I only could get one game it would be mk8 no doubt! But bayo is at number two and smash in 3 !

    2. Yeah while I do agree that Mario Kart 8 is a great game I certainly thought that Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros was more deserving of the award but then again I can see why some people would think that Mario Kart 8 was GOTY material. The very affordable DLC adds a lot of depth and longetivity to an already fun and well crafted game. I honestly think if Bayonetta 2 or Smash Bros would’ve had some sort of DLC in place, either one of those games would have won over MK8 but hey that’s just me

    1. Bayonetta 2 is the best game on wii u i played in 2014 hands down,such an amazing game and lots of funThose who didnt buy it are missing.

    1. Yeah couldnt agree more,battle mode suck so much.I hope they just delete those stage selection and alow us to a free download of proper stages.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Closeted human male homosexuals with the desire of engaging in primitive rituals just like their human male heterosexual counterparts…

          2. Ignore the trolls. XD They’re children with no future ambitions in their tiny minds and hands beside playing adult-make-believe games to seem like adults without the slightest clue of what maturity is.

  1. Bayonetta 2 is the best one imo. But then again im like the only one on this universe who doesnt get whats so cool about MK anyway, always preferred DiddyKongRacing.

  2. I think the excellent DLC definitely cemented MK8 as my favourite game of the year. I’ve put hours and hours into that game and I feel like I’ve barely even started.

  3. What? It’s smash. No contest. Bayo=porn, it’s not meaningful. Ya’ll are very misguided. There is no contest as simple as that. Thats all there is to it.

    1. lol Porn involves sexual activity. Last time I checked, I wasn’t using Bayonetta to have sex with any of the angels or demons.

              1. You implied other consoles by saying they only focus on graphics this generation and you did mention a game that is not on the Wii U. Ryse.

                1. Which is in fact and sadly, true. Idiots buy and judge consoles/games for graphical power. Nothing else. Why you think BS con games like Destiny and Watchdogshit did so “well”? Because morons can’t tell from good/bad games anymore. They rather just burn their wallets and pretend they’re enjoying it and that its a good value when clearly its not and they keep falling for it like retards (UK) especially when it comes to COD every goddamn year.

  4. Weren’t there a lot of fanboys saying gamespot was biased against nintendo? lol.
    Anyways, I prefer smash over mk anyday but its definately fun.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      They still are, this doesn’t change anything…

      Whoever changed their minds are hypocrites and deserving of decimation at once…

  5. “it prioritizes racing skill over reliance on items”

    My ass. I love Mario Kart 8, it’s a great game (not worth GOTY this year imo), but if you think it’s anything but the old, annoyingly cheap ass randomness Mario Kart is known for, you’re wrong. I played a race yesterday and got hit with 2 blue shells, 2 lightning strikes, and of course the mandatory ten billion blooper ink squirts. Everything just happens faster in this game, but it’s still just as random and luck based.

  6. Although I prefer Smash over Kart I do have to admit that the MK8 online matches always ran without a hick for me as appose to the Smash matches. I always had 1 laggy as match every 5 matches, hell even to this day.

    Plus the only “bad” mode in MK8 was Battle Mode, but that one comes down to preference because actually liked it. Smash tour was just a bad idea, a board game added to a fighting game is just a bad fucking idea.

  7. i think what game to get should up to the individual gamer not some publication ;)

    but yeah MK8 is my game of the year (not just on wii u but overall) aswell
    wouldn’t want to miss it for any other game out there

      1. “If you can only pick one game to own for the Wii U, there’s no question: it must be Mario Kart 8.”

        that’s not a recommendation, that’s close to being a command

          1. of course not, but they’re making it look as if there was no other game that could compete with MK8 in a gamers mind
            i’m sure there’s many who prefer other games on the console

                  1. i’ve noticed quite often that there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding with internet mooks like yourself about how to express an *opinion*

                    i’ll give you a hint

                    saying something like

                    “If you can […] there’s no question: it must be […]”

                    is not the way to do it ;)

                  2. forgot to mention: i said that the way they stated their opinion is stupid, not that their opinion is

                    read properly next time

                    1. It’s an English term dude, you seem to have taken their sentences a little too seriously

                      “still makes that statement from gamespot look stupid”
                      Not really…

                    2. i don’t know how often i have to explain that i have not misunderstood their sentence

                      but that doesn’t change the fact that they still didn’t state it as an opinion

                  1. i wasn’t the one who blew this out of proportion

                    i’ve had 3 people reply to me arguing over my comment, that’s ridiculous
                    you seem to be very upset about gamespot being misunderstood here

                    do you understand pointed remarks, usually indicated by a wink or something similar? ;)

                    i’m well aware that they weren’t actually commanding people to buy MK8, how could they, but with their “phrase” they’re making it look as if there was no alternative for gamers while in truth the wii u has quite a few games that are just as good as MK8

                    1. how is “arguing” not a coversation?

                      not to mention that some of the responses i got were plain silly

                      “How is it stupid? It’s their opinions. Can’t stand an opinion? Too bad”
                      that guy couldn’t even read properly, i never criticized their opinion

                      feel like keeping this one going do you?
                      fine by me ;)

    1. well i think they pretty much just elected MK8 to be their GOTY

      no doubt other publications will pick either smash or bayonetta as their GOTY though

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  11. My GOTY would be Hyrule Warriors with Bayonetta 2 coming in a close second. I haven’t gone a single week without playing Hyrule Warriors since getting it on digital on Day 1.

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