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Bravely Default Wins Nintendo 3DS Game Of 2014 From GameSpot

We already know that Mario Kart 8 scooped the award for best Wii U game 2014 from GameSpot, but which Nintendo 3DS game was judged to be the best of the year by the site? Well it turns out it’s none other than Square Enix’s well-received RPG Bravely Default. The publication says it’s not only a fantastic RPG but it’s a wonderful game all around. Here’s what they had to say about Bravely Default.

Bravely Default is an innovative game that also manages to deliver classic elements in a new way, and while it has pacing issues during the latter half, that fact doesn’t detract from the dozens of hours of greatness that come before. Weighing these facts against Shovel Knight’s positive qualities, we ultimately came to the conclusion that Bravely Default is the best 3DS game to have come out in 2014. It’s a fantastic RPG and a wonderful game all around.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

18 thoughts on “Bravely Default Wins Nintendo 3DS Game Of 2014 From GameSpot”

  1. The latter half of this game should have removed it from any goty award. It’s a great game, but man that second half was bad. I never finished it even.

  2. Gross, the story was barebones during the first half and downright crap after that. Tiz was the worst main character ive seen in a long time. The voice acting was cringeworthy both in japanese and english. I hated it.

  3. “Third half” haha funny. I know what you meant but i still found it amusing. I wonder why smash got no love. The 3ds is having a great year, so many games to choose from that their choice was still a good choice.

  4. I can agree with this right now since I haven’t really sat down to fully play Omega Ruby since I’ve been busy catching many legendaries from previous games first.

    The first half was great for the main story while the second half was really only great if you didn’t mind doing nothing but side quests, aka story filler that leads up to the final act of the game. The 2nd half is made all the more bearable by the fact we can not only fly every where now without any barriers stopping us from progressing but the fact we can also turn off enemy encounters. In fact, the 8th chapter side quests were some of the most irritatingly difficult stuff to do on the 3DS if you didn’t optimize your team just right. For the best experience, it’s best to get to max level before starting Chapter 5 if you intend to do the side quests as even a good optimized team can still get crushed if not at a level where your team’s health is over 10k. In fact, the final boss in the true ending can really be very dangerous if you’re not careful/cautious. And I’ve practically gone into a mini review of my own with this comment! lol I’ll stop now…

    Anyway, if Awakening released this year, Bravely Default wouldn’t have stood a chance to be my 3DS game of the year.

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