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And Here’s How Teens React To Mega Man On The NES

I know you all love them so here’s another Teens React To video. This time the team have given a number of teens the chance to go hands on with the original Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Naturally some are a little bewildered and there are plenty of cringe worthy moments, but it wouldn’t be a Teens React To video without them. Enjoy.

Thanks, Conor P

38 thoughts on “And Here’s How Teens React To Mega Man On The NES”

  1. I understand you’re supposed to report all news that’s Nintendo related but let’s make an exception for this stuff…

  2. Those are some sadistic bastard, why not put ghouls and goblins, or silver surfer or fuck it, straight out battle toads to those kids?

  3. i was god damned 4 years old when i beat this game! IT’S NOT A HARD GAME! OMFG >_<" i have lost faith in the next generation of kids and teens!

    1. Chill tf out dude/dudette not all teens suck ass at games. I am a teen in this generation of peoplémon and I am not a scrub like these hipsters. Thankfully my sibling introduced me to old school Nintendo when I was a wee lad.

    2. Yes you were 4, but I bet it took you a long time to memorize the patterns, because thats exactly what it is with these games. You cant memorize those patterns with only 3 lifes, so get over yourself.

  4. Did they say, “My gosh, this shit is hard”? Cuz that’s how I still feel about this game, although it’s not as hard as its sequels.

  5. I always started with the Cutman stage.
    Little do these kids know that this is the easiest of all Mega Man games. At least for me it is. These kids don’t even act like they’ve played a game before.

    What I hate about this series of videos is that they always have the same teens. Just like in the other series where old people react. It’s always the same people. Why can’t they find different people for these?

        1. I HATED Mega Man 8. It was just TOO different. And those robot voices made it seem too corny. Also hated the techno music.

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