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Target Has Already Filled Their Pre-order Spots For Rosalina & Luma Amiibo

Well it has happened, Target has announced via Facebook that they have totally filled their pre-order spots for the Rosalina & Luma Amiibo figures. The Amiibo were only announced as Target exclusives on Friday, but the retail chain says they’re now out of  pre-order stock. The company says that as soon as they get more stock in they will let everyone know. We will make sure we do too.

Thanks, Michelle

Update: The response from Target could be a misinformed employee as a number of readers have said that they have been out of stock since they were listed.

29 thoughts on “Target Has Already Filled Their Pre-order Spots For Rosalina & Luma Amiibo”

  1. what? they don’t have anything on their facebook about it, and it’s said it was out of stock ever since the page for it went up along with all the other wave 3 amiibo

        1. but are we sure that wasn’t just target’s pr team misunderstanding it being listed as out of stock online? tons of people, myself included, have been checking ever since the store page went up and it’s always been out of stock online. the other wave 3 amiibo figures are listed as out of stock on target as well and i highly doubt they’ve sold through all of their stock of all of their wave 3s

          1. @ yocow,
            Exactly. I posted this same thing yesterday in a comment. Nearly all of Target’s amiibo says “out of stock online”. Except half of the most popular first wave amiibo. I think this is some sort of mistake on Target’s site.

  2. i thought the tittle said “Target Has Already ‘Failed’ Their Pre-order Spots For Rosalina & Luma Amiibo”, so i read it wrong. anyways good for them and the only amiibo i pre-ordered is shulk, because i dont wanna have to pay $50-$100 for one once they become low in stock

    1. Soon amiibo will rule all… They’re coming for us… Don’t let them deceive you… For we will scan them onto our games… And they will can into our brains and make us their slaves…

  3. That’s not possible. I’ve been checking the page periodically ever since it went up. It never changed from the “out of stock” page. As in not really out of stock, just not available to pre order yet.

  4. This entire amiibo thing is getting out of hand. I am amazed at how easily manipulated greedy people are into thinking a mass produced, still in production item is a legitimate collectible.

    True collectibles are not designated as such artificially and people who buy into this hype are idiots… like the majority it seems.

  5. Don’t believe in what some random screenshot shows. I saw this posted from some shaddy news page first. Clearly someone did it to get page views.

  6. This can’t be true. Target never had it available for preorder. They’re waiting for January to start preorders. Read an article about it on ign.

  7. I called target coorporate. They said it has been out of stock since release and will be available online for preorder in a week or 2. :-)

  8. If this is true, Nintendo is not meeting demand. They need to sell these things while thier hot. Business 101, supply your demand. So there might be 200k people who want to buy Rosalina, but only 50k people will end up with one… Doesn’t make much sense to me..

    1. It’s not meeting demand because the demand everywhere is unprecedentedly high. Kinda like the same situation with Apple’s popular launches. The launch demand is expected to run short on meeting it. But after a few months, it’ll bounce back on track.

  9. Lies. Went to my local target and they won’t let anyone preorder one yet. Yeah they have a sku (barcode) but not filling them yet. Wait till after Christmas or in Jan. To reserves one. Just go to the store people.

    1. i second this, i went to target today and asked if preorder for rosaluma was possible and the cashier tried to get it up on his computer by entering the product code and it said “can’t sell until 2/1”.

  10. This better just be a mistake, or they better get more in stock. So far I only missed out on one amiibo (Marth), and I didn’t want to miss out on any more. Especially Rosalina. She’s the best store exclusive so far.

    I went to Target’s website the second I heard she was a Target exclusive, and it already said “out of stock online”. But MOST of the amiibo on their site says that. So I think Target’s site is just screwed up.

  11. What a load of shit. This article is just a giant lie. Target has yet to do pre-orders for this and they may not even do pre-orders at all. None of wave 1 or wave 2 Amiibos could be pre-ordered at Target. Why the fuck would this one be an exception. What a complete shit article.

  12. Pre-Orders begin after Christmas. The Amiibo that are on the site for wave 3 are simply there to show he public that we will be selling them. After allocation occurs, the site will open up for pre-orders.

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