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Dementium: The Ward Coming To Nintendo 3DS From Renegade Kid

Want a first person horror title on your Nintendo 3DS? Well you’re in luck as Renegade Kid has announced that it’s bringing a revamped version of Dementium to the system. The game will run at 60fps on the Nintendo 3DS with 3D turned on and also includes adjustments to the way enemies respawn and to the game’s save system. Dementium on the Nintendo 3DS will be released in Q2 2015 and a sequel could eventually see the light of day.

Thanks, Nintendo Impact Gaming!


    1. Where the fuck is Moon Cronicles part 2 and on?!?!?!…

      Renagade Kid, stop eating each others ass at work, What the fuck is management for if they can’t get games out in time, or complete others…

      Fire those bitches…

      Cult Country failed, Moon Cronicles 3DS won’t be finished, or released in other countries due to “going though Ratings and more bitching, more bitching…

      Oviously, Management over at Renagade Kid eats ass, I can’t explain it any easier than that…

      Not so happy about the website design change, but who the fuck am I? Pretty sure they’ve changed it before than changed it again, not going lie, ate my bitchs ass last night…

      Shes kinky like that, sorry, ok too much info…


    1. Please make a petition that doesnt waste our time and actually demanding action for something and someone far more important an anime video games.

      Naurto is pretty much finished at this point. No one cares anymore.


      1. They should just make Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Burst Super Hokage Edition Plus and port it to Wii U.


    2. i’ll sign it. i remember when people surpported my cod aw wii u petition.
      also am a big naruto fan as well.


    3. good luck getting supporters because nintendo fanboys will hate on you for wanting third party to come to the wii u. i signed.


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