Nintendo America Reiterates That The GameCube Controller And Adapter For Smash Bros Are Still In Production

We all know how hard they are to get hold of, but Nintendo of America has reiterated that both the GameCube Adapter and the Super Smash Bros GameCube controller are still in production. The spokesperson says that consumers need to contact stores to see if they have any in stock, but Nintendo is still distributing them. Hopefully there will be an abundance of them after Christmas.

Thanks, MasterPikachu


  1. Man I can’t believe how far off they were with meeting demand on this! and the amiibo situation is ridiculous, I went to 7 different stores here in tampa bay early on the 14 when they were supposed to be released and struck out everywhere. the only store that had any was my toys r us they had a diddy kong and 15 zeldas. get it together nintendo


    1. You could have pre-ordered any/all of the amiibos, so the fault clearly rests with you. Target, Best Buy, WalMart, Amazon, GameStop – they all take preorders and guarantee that you get the item you ask for.


      1. No they don’t. I pre-ordered all of wave 2 at target and now it’s back ordered and they can’t guarentee that my order won’t be cancelled.


      2. Pre-orders do NOT guarantee you something. and not everyone has the money to do that immediately. I personally got paid 4 days after the first wave of amiibos and thus, struck out on getting my hands on a Marth and Villager amiibo.


    1. Well… The Pro Controller IS a great option, but not as good as the GCN controller. Mainly because of trying to do quick small attacks with the Pro Controller’s Analog Stick usually results in it going in the wrong direction because of my angle being 1 degree off. While the GCN controller has dividing segments on the analog stick to help you guide your movements a bit.


  2. I preordered this damn plastic box well knowing this sort of thing would happen, being the holidays and all. But oh it’s gamestop so surprise bitch! They ended up not getting any shipped in time. They got some in 3 days later and the hoodrats there had low enough of an IQ to tell me my preoder’s only good for 48 hours.

    I remained calm, tried reminding them of the situation (with receipt and all) but of course they rejected it all and refused to hear me out cuss they had a dick in each ear.

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      1. Yes. Its exactly what I’m doing with Ubishit. I’m avoiding their crappy games at all costs for disrespecting Nintendo and its fans.


      1. ffs aight looks like I’m going to have to pretty much spell it out for you since you clearly don’t have an ounce worth of potential when it comes to critical thinking.

        1) Preordered Wii U gamecube adapter
        2) Went to launch, they said they haven’t gotten them in –> they recommended me to call every day to see if they’ve shipped yet
        3) Called 3rd day –> they finally shipped to store
        4) Went to pick up –> told me they couldn’t sell me anything since they only hold for 48 hours
        5) Butthurt D:

        Hope the pretty little arrows helped you out :]


      2. No store would ever tell you they can’t sell anything to you unless they

        A) Don’t gave it in stock.
        B) Aren’t allowed to sell it on that date.
        C) It’s on hold for a preorder before the 48 hour period expired.

        So you probably didnt listen to what they were saying or just misunderstood. Especially since I’ve dealt with endless customers like you that like to blame the store or employee for something out lf their control.

        If they had it in store and your preorder hold had expired, you can still pick up the item, it’s just not held for you if someone buy their stock before you.


      3. “…I’ve dealt with endless customers like you that like to blame the store or employee for something out of their control”

        Sir I’ve also been in retail for a few years now so I can absolutely relate when you say that the misfortunes of miscommunication always fall on behalf of the employee and not in a situation they had little to no control of.

        These kinds of people (customers) are dreadful, and whenever I do go shopping I’m quick to not judge and throw a tantrum like a child when things don’t go according to plan as you’ve previously had mentioned.

        Notice that in the OP I said “I remained calm”, because I’ve been in their shoes and thought that there was some simple misunderstanding, but the people were being rude and cared little about resolving the situation. Not once did I fall to their level of foolishness and believe me I tried reasoning with them.

        “If they had it in store and your preorder hold had expired, you can still pick up the item, it’s just not held for you if someone buy their stock before you.”

        You have no idea how many times I tried explaining that haha. I can say with certainty that the employee (employees in fact) was at fault in this case, which explains why I had to vent my butthurtness to a bunch of strangers online :D

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  3. Sicker why don’t you Email me back what happen anything did you get the news i send to you about Nintendo world i saw those gamecube things for smash bros for wii u i think its some cool news i hope i am not bothering you to much i am trying to be a Nice gamer i am a fan of smash bros.


    1. Those who believed that recently launched products are being cancelled over shortages (which doesnt make a single fucking sense in business) are even more retarded.

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  4. Could somebody please tell me if Nintendo Wii U will have Gamecube games on the Eshop? it is my dream to play Super Mario Sunshine. thanks.


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