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Shulk Amiibo Appears To Be Sold Out At GameStop

Well the only place you can get a Shulk Amiibo is GameStop in the United States and it would appear as though they’ve already allocated their pre-orders. The Shulk Amiibo now says sold out on the GameStop website. Let’s hope they receive more stock in before release otherwise there’s going to be some unhappy customers.

Thanks, kirbycarr2 and Lokistarwind

64 thoughts on “Shulk Amiibo Appears To Be Sold Out At GameStop”

  1. Guys PLEASE try Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s such an amazing game. Get it used on GameStop, Ebay, whatever. Just try it. You won’t have any regrets. Preorder X while you’re at it!

      1. Persona 4 > Mass Effect 2 > Skyrim > Star Wars Knights Of the Old Republic > Baldur’s Gate 2 > Fallout 3 > Final Fantasy IX > World Of Warcraft > Final Fantasy VII > Vagrant Story > Xenoblade Chronicles

    1. Any game with 11 HOURS OF CUTSCENE ALONE has signs of ridiculous high quality from the devs, especially on a platform like the Wii. Very impressive feat from Monolith

            1. What you dont understand is the game play is well over a hundred hours, so eleven hours of video is nothing. It really adds to the emotional feel of the game and especially with boss battles.

                    1. You asked how it’s possible though making it sound like you doubt it. Well because that’s how much gameplay is involved in it. That’s pretty much the answer. There is lots to do.

    2. I HATED Xenoblade Chronicles in the one or two hours that I played it. So not everyone will like it. Though I do feel I should have given it more of a chance.

            1. Yeah. I bought her because two reasons. One: Fear of her amiibo selling out (and it turns out that I was actually thought) And two: So I can fight with her and learn to master her. I’m starting to get better with her two. I managed to beat Little Mac a couple of times with her.

                1. Yes. I know. But that’s why I thought maybe if I just trained with her then I could learn to use her better. Hopefully…

                    1. I just got destroyed by level 9 Peach playing as Wii Fit Trainer 3 times in a row. Lol. But I can’t give up. I’m gonna lead Wii Fit to victory! XD

                        1. *sigh* Yes. I have to keep trying in order to get better with her! Lol this is so frustrating. Peach has beat me 5 times in a row. During the battles when Peach had high damage, there was clearly a chance where I would have knocked her far off the stage but Wii Fit Trainer just won’t hit her! It’s so hard to get her with the up smash that I don’t even use it cause it’s just a straight opening to be attacked. See, the problem is not her strength. It’s her reach. She can barely hit anyone unless she’s super close. I hit Peach with her side Smash attack when she was at 75 percent and she died! When I did the Deep Breathing move, the few hits I actually got on Peach racked up a good amount of damage. Wii Fit Trainer takes a lot of patience to actually ko someone. You have to play very defensively with her and wait till the attacker has an opening.

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      3. I’m looking at the Shulk amiibo on Gamestop’s website right now, and it doesn’t say ANYTHING about being sold out or unavailable.

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