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Hidden Palutena’s Guidance Found in Smash Bros Wii U Does This Mean More DLC Characters Coming?

Someone has unearth previously unused Palutena Guidance in Super Smash Bros on Wii U. While this could simply be content that was cut from the original game it has also led to speculation that additional downloadable content could be incoming for a new fighter. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Here’s the dialogue that has been found.

Pit: Who is that?
Palutena: I have no data on this fighter. I can’t believe it.
Viridi: It must be an intruder from another dimension.
Pit: Whoever it is, the goal remains the same. To fight and win.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


139 thoughts on “Hidden Palutena’s Guidance Found in Smash Bros Wii U Does This Mean More DLC Characters Coming?”

        1. Play Metroid Prime if you haven’t. You could make an entire Smash Moveset for Ridley based off of the one battle with him in that game.

          1. Ridley would be a bit too big for smash bros, considering he’s about three timess Samus’ size and Samus is as tall as Bowser or Donkey Kong, pretty much. I think King K. Rool, Knuckles, and Waluigi need to be in Smash Bros.

        1. Remember what sakari said, smash characters take a year each to make. He probably started making them in July. Mew two is an example. At least its not call of duty. 2 buck for ducky “camp”

          1. So? At least when you pay for other companies’ subscription you get FREE GAMES EVERY MONTH, 90%+ discounts on games, and a solid online system (unlike shitty Nintendo’s)

              1. Rewards for subscribing. Example is XBL Gold, for a long time, didn’t give free games.

                Plus a recent study posted showed that you saved up to $1300 per year in free games by subscribing to PS Plus

            1. Please tell in what way the Eshop is “shitty”-games are easy to find, the music is great and the layout is far less complicated than Lives jumbled mess-it’s like you’ve never even been on the Eshop and just regurgitate the same shit you’ve heard other dude bro gamers spilling out of their pie holes..get the fuck out of here with that bullshit-and how is free online ever considered shitty-I play games with people all over the world whenever I want with zero issues, for free and the added bonus of having a community for every game with miiverse..

        2. Nintendo DID make all the content on the final disc. Do you see a ton of withheld features or on-disc DLC? No. But they’re working beyond when needed to make more additions to the game so that we don’t have to wait another 6-to-10 years for something new in Smash. There’s a difference between DLC that COULD go in the game but isn’t so they can get more money from you and DLC that they’d be making by fan demand for the purpose of supplying new things for the game during the years-long draught between games.

          1. You mean Nintendo trying to milk Smash. They’ve turned to the dark side, and that’s incredibly disappointing from a Nintendo fan’s perspective.

            1. Oh yes you are proving how much of a fan you are. Everything that guy said us right. DLC can be awesome if it is done right. Examples are new super luigi U. Pretty much it’s own game and it was half the price of the original game and did not show up until a while after the main game was out. Not all DLC is evil. If anyone here is greedy it seems to be you. Smash already has more than $60 worth of content on it unlike cod and you still demand more.

            2. smash has 4 games in the series in 15 years, where as a game like uncharted is going have 4 in 8 years so tell me how they are milking smash dumbass

  1. With the exception of Pit, Dark Pit, and Palutena, this would make sense for any, and could be just the generic placeholder text in case the game hiccups and doesn’t load the Guidance correctly. That said, I’m certainly HOPING that this is hinting at DLC.

  2. Did anyone actually believe Sakurai when he said there was no more DLC? He said he wasn’t thinking about DLC until people were playing the game. Mewtwo was revealed before people were playing. He said there wasn’t any paid DLC. Mewtwo is paid DLC.

    Why do people keep listening when he is obviously lying? For all we know Nintendo pulled finished characters out of the game and this hacker caught them with their pants down.

    1. Oh noes! , boo hoo hoo! An already complete and perfect game will get DLC eventually and not day one or a month after like any other AAA game in the market, I feel so harassed by Nintendo, a-bloo bloo bloo!

        1. Oh my goodness! You must be so much smarter than everyone else on this site if you were able to see through Sakurai’s web of lies; you should make your own website full of smart people… Just like you!

          1. I actually have a comedic blog already. In your case you are so smart that you say the game is perfect but people are asking for more. That means it isn’t close to perfection.

            This game doesn’t even have Fourside. Epic fail. Just shows how perfect this game is.

            1. I’m gonna assume that you’re being sarcastic, but if not Why is it an epic fail? Brawl didn’t have fourside either.

              1. Brawl was an even bigger fail because Doctor Mario was my favorite Melee character. And I know it didn’t have Fourside. What if it is one of my favorite levels and I consider it one of the best music tracks? Besides that Brawl was so slow paced combat.

                I definitely think this is the best Smash Bros. But to say it is perfect? GTFO! There are tonnes of reasons why I considered Melee far superior to Brawl and Fourside was one reason. This kept my favorite Melee character so it earned points.

                  1. Just because it is popular belief that the game is the greatest invention since the light bulb does not make it factual. I have a criticism about the game and don’t like a change they made. Removing something somebody liked negatively effects the game, that much is a fact.

                    If it is not criticized for its faults it cannot improve. I want the best game I can possibly play even if you don’t. I haven’t disregarded anybody’s opinion. I have answered questions people asked me. The only one who seems to disregard something is you. You disregard that I am far from the only one who misses Fourside. If it is aiming to be better than Melee it must carry everything Melee had and more. It is still missing Pichu. Another fail by this game.

        2. If you really are this upset with Sakurai, them you haven’t been a smash bros fan for long. Samurai is like the king of trolls, so obviously he might change his mind before trolling us all.

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                                                                              1. I’d say it’s the Chorus Kids. Since they don’t have any relation with any of the fighters already on the roster. Mewtwo or Ridley will immediately draw parallels with other Pokemon or Samus.
                                                                                Other “leaked” characters were Dixie and Impa I think, and I seriously don’t think Palutena’s Guidance will ignore their respective franchises.
                                                                                All in all, for now it’s anyone’s guess, but I’d wager on a character in a different franchise than the ones on the existing roster.

                                                                              2. “Another dimension.” If its not a generic message, it could mean any character from another dimension, literally. It could be blaze the cat, magolor, or more likely the waterwraith.

                                                                              3. Please be Isaac for fucks sakes…Shulk stole his fucking spot and isn’t even a good character and there is no way that Isaac can be left out…

                                                                              4. Actually this could simply be an early stage of making the guidance. After all the the Nintendo characters don’t “exist” in the same universe. Plus how does this foreshadow a future character?

                                                                              5. its most likely mewtwo but it could be snake though im going for mewtwo since it will be a playable fighter spring of 2015 and its the last or should be the last guidance, havent tried the guidance as i did not know how to trigger, now i know.

                                                                              6. Saw this on the Splatoon website, and it kind of sounds similar,
                                                                                “Whatever their fighting method, their goal is the same: stop the squids at all costs.”

                                                                                “Pit: Whoever it is, the goal remains the same. To fight and win.”

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