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Itagaki Talks More About Devil’s Third On Wii U

Tomonobu Itagaki has talked about a number of issues regarding his latest creation Devil’s Third on FaceBook. Itagaki explained that the meaning behind the name is musical related. He revealed that it’s based on a tritone which is a musical interval composed of three whole tunes or six half tones. This is commonly known as The Devil’s Interval. Itagaki went on to say that the game’s framerate and resolution are still being worked on, but should be ironed out in ample time. Here’s what he had to say about the single player and multiplayer.

“We made this game for single play (campaign) and online online multiplay gamers. ‘Cuz I know I have to respond to expectations by both gamers. So, in fact, we invested double amount of resources than general development in this industry, to accomplish to develop this game. I can’t show you specific length of single play mode, ‘cuz we’re still tuning this game. But you can estimate the total length of single play mode, by my saying above.”

45 thoughts on “Itagaki Talks More About Devil’s Third On Wii U”

      1. Sir Isaac newton of Judah

        Yes it will be better than COD. The only good COD is COD 4, and world at war. This game is a third person action game with first person vantage switch, my happiness.


  1. Hope you Nintendo fans buy it to show other companies that it is worth making games for Nintendo consoles

    who am I kidding It will sell like shit

  2. This guy kinda makes no sense sometimes, he thinks he’s a total rockstar and I kinda dislike that. That said I wanna give the game a try.

  3. im buying a copy of devils third, may not sell well, hell it would probably sell even worse than bayonetta 2 but im willing to support the game just as i supported bayonetta 2, still havent beat bayo 1, i have a habit of getting new games (brand new, new to me, used is what i mean when i say new), play them for a bit and play another game or go back to ones i’ve started, stop and play other games.

    1. I’m very hyped for this game but I don’t think it’s gonna sell well either (unless Nintendo overhypes it and heavily markets it). It seems like a very promising unique ” mature ” game that could attract dude-bro gamers but I highly doubt any of them will buy it for the simple fact that it’s on the Wii U and not on one of their precious consoles………the other current gen consoles

        1. Did I say the game would ONLY appeal to dude-bro gamers? No. I’m saying that because of the blood, gore, guns and over the top violence this type of game should be right up their alley but because it’s exclusive to the Wii U most of them probably won’t buy it because they would rather play it on their PS4 or Xbox One because those are dude-bro aimed consoles so most of them will comfortable being around their friends playing those systems rather than the Wii U…..smh

  4. It’s three whole TONES not tunes … Ugh … The tritone (augmented 4th/diminished 5th) was actually banned by the church for use in music … Jimi Hendrix used it in loads of his songs to add that bluesy tone. Check out the beginning to purple haze to hear it in action

  5. Why won’t Nintendo advertise Bayonetta 2 and Devil’s 3rd like PS4 games get advertised? They say it’s making a profit. So use the damn revenue to advertise Wii U’s uniquness on TV! That’s stupid. After 3 years and still ain’t learned nothing about the value of advertising? Nintendo is dumb and slow sometimes. It’s not going to sell well. Wii U needs a 3rd party game to sell in top 10 for at least 3 weeks straight. Then all Reggie will say on an interview is what games people can experience only on Wii U. Will use that when advertising on NFL, NBA, ESPN, Fox. Why advertise Wii U games on Nick Jr in front of a bunch of 4 year olds, with no job?

    1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

      I agree jtz of Judah. You and I support Nintendo for great games, but they really do not market third party games greatly. They are supposed to have sold Bayonetta 2 like it was pure oxygen. Hope the advertise devil’s third greatly.


    2. Your point basically stands, but I will note that Nintendo’s advertising has begun to pick up speed. I saw two different Nintendo ads in a row while watching Sanity Not Included on Youtube today.

  6. I will go on and support this game. Besides I haven’t played a good 3rd person shooter since Deus Ex human revolution. (For wii u of course).

  7. no being funny but a lot of people here are exciting about the game but when it comes to buy it nobody is here. I am not interested in this game and I don’t plan to buy it for now. If it’s a good game and I have the opportunity to try why not but at the moment I am out. Let’s keep an eye on it and see how its progress.

  8. I am getting very bored of hearing about how good Nintendo games look next to Call of Duty. I’m a huge Nintendo fan to this day, and I agree that CoD’s very bland, but praising something by way of comparing it to the bottom of the barrel is more an insult to what you’re praising than a complement.

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