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WayForward Explains Why It Continues To Support Nintendo And Wii U

WayForward Technologies has explained why it continues to support Nintendo and Wii U. Although it no longer makes games exclusively for Nintendo platforms, the Shantae developer attributes its success to longtime Nintendo fans. The studio is currently working on the Wii U version of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, which is set to launch on December 25th via the Nintendo eShop. The game made its debut earlier this year on Nintendo 3DS. WayForward has another project in the works, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which is also heading to Wii U.

“We’ve been there supporting Nintendo with every system launch starting with the Game Boy Color,” said WayForward creative director Matt Bozon. “We want to be first in line to make games for these legendary platforms. Whether they reach a massive audience or not, Nintendo fans occupy an extremely loyal corner of the game industry. They like intelligent design and visually iconic characters, and they typically understand that games of high quality take time. Sure, we want our games to appear everywhere and be played by everyone, but I feel we have a real connection with Nintendo and its fans.

“We’re working to expand our fan base, but Nintendo fans got us here which is why we go the extra mile to serve them when we can.”

84 thoughts on “WayForward Explains Why It Continues To Support Nintendo And Wii U”

  1. “They like intelligent design and visually iconic characters”. Just one look at the Miiverse comments in the creator of Meme Run’s posts can say otherwise.

    Still, beautiful words indeed. This is one extra reason for supporting WayForward.

  2. I hope the Shantae games that will come out for the Wii U will come in the same way Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition, I mean, in HD graphics and not 16 bits ones.

              1. I didn’t bother with the 360 or the ONE. I do have an original XBOX here at home. Two in fact – one is mine and my cousin gave me his own one ’cause he doesn’t play games anymore. And I got a ton of games too!

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                And it’s an even more convenience to get a cheaper console for us to afford without storage gimmicks that 67% of us don’t even use…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    There is a difference between buying a cheaper PS3 with such storage than a PS3 with the same storage at its full price…

    1. Well, just because of this post (and all the good things I’ve been hearing) they’ve earbed themselves another customer — I’m finally gunna get into this series

      1. All three games are great. The first is a little cryptic and rough around the edges compared to the other two, but you can play all 3 games on the 3DS for about the price of a 3DS retail game.

      2. I’ve never been a Shantae fan and Pirates curse for the 3DS is my first. I probably will not go back to play the old ones, but this one is a solid, fun platformer.

        Boss variety
        Gameplay variety as you collect Pirate Gear
        The 3D is used very well.

        Probably the best one to give it a try. I’m halfway done and still lovin’ it.

    2. This is why I LOVE Wayforward for their logical dedication for gaming and redpect for Nintendo, better or worse. These guys are a true keeper for Nintendo supporter unlike the jackass lazy liars of Ubisoft.

    3. I was already going to get this game when it came out, but that right there was beautiful, and refreshingly genuine. :]

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          This is way too funny, why?…

          Because it’s made by the biggest slave in this entire universe…

          This Blackbond sheep is so delusional and has gotten his life exposed 100000 times already by multiple forces on either army…

          1. Please don’t be upset. I think you’re the best commender. I’ll vote for you, but, again, idk who are you in that list.

      1. Not if Nintendo’s eShop crashes again this year from Christmas Eve till two days after Christmas. ;)

        But seriously. We’re damn lucky the Smash servers work at all.

    4. “They like intelligent design….”

      Da fuck? I’m a Nintendo fan, and I resent this. Keep Intelligent Design in America’s high schools where if belongs please.

    5. And just like that, they’ve reaffirmed my faith in them.
      Half-Genie Hero is a day-one buy for me regardless, because I love their work, but still, it’s appreciative words like that, that make me glad to pay them for all their hard work.
      Heck, might pick up Pirate’s Curse on Wii U as well, just for the hell of it. It’s a really fun game on the 3DS so I wouldn’t mind double-dipping if I can find something about the Wii U version that differentiates it enough.

        1. I work on websites. You don’t use Google images. That’s amature and a good way to get slapped with a copy or trademark fine or suite.

          You’re probably right. He probably did, but he shouldn’t have. :)

          1. Allow me to clarify. A huge company like Sony shouldn’t. The rest of us likely won’t get noticed for that kind of thing, but we stick to stock or our own work to be safe.

          1. It might be based on stock of them in your area. I know I couldn’t do MetaKnight ship to store on Bestbuy cause they already dried up.

      1. Are you sure your orders are legit?

        I tried to order mine and my order didn’t go through, the pre-order button quickly changed when I tried again. I don’t think it could sell that fast, a lot of the people who did see it also said it was an error because they also could not get their orders to go through even when it was available.

        There’s a whole thread about it on NeoGaf. I’ve been checking since and it’s been the same, the button is still locked out. I’ve literally had the page open for days now, refreshing constantly every time I can.

        It might be going live soon again. Maybe they jumped the gun this morning? I just can’t fathom they’d sell out within a minutes.

        1. Yes, as I said got an email confirmation. Crossing fingers I won’t get a response with an apology cancelling my order u_u’.

          1. Hate to break it to you, but some guy called target asking and they said the pre-orders that made it through earlier will be cancelled. The good news though is that he was also told it will be officially open today for pre-orders, but it was just a mistake earlier.

            So we will see. Probably best my order didn’t go through earlier this morning then.

    6. really love WayForward, but man.. i want Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse in EU already -.-

      delayed to late jan/early feb… :(

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