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Platinum Games Thanks Those Who Picked Up Bayonetta 2 On Wii U

It maybe wasn’t the hit that Platinum Games and Nintendo were hoping for but that hasn’t stopped Platinum Games from thanking Wii U owners who picked up Bayonetta 2. The thanks comes directly from Akiko Kuroda, who is the producer of the game. Here’s what Kuroda had to say to Wii U owners.

I was very happy and relieved to see the game was being so warmly welcomed all over the world, so I’m very grateful to all of you who picked it up!

Thanks, khalidmr93

116 thoughts on “Platinum Games Thanks Those Who Picked Up Bayonetta 2 On Wii U”

      1. First week NA & Europe 200k without eShop sales. Now it’s about 300k-350k. Pretty good for a niche game which is exclusively to one platform.

        1. It will probably hit 500k by the year´s end, if it has not achieved that yet, since we don´t know how digital sales went.
          By the end of November, it already had surpasses 400k worldwide (only physical media)

          1. Nope. It is a niche title from PLatinum Games which is only available on one platform. So the sales are actually pretty good.

            First week sales are higher than those from Bayonetta which was released on 2 platforms with a much bigger customer base.

      2. Sold 10x More Then Devil May Cry and Every console Exclusive game thus far for next Gen. With 13 Million in Sales on WiiU It is the authority on the Cinematic Action Platformer Genre as well as a powerhouse of a game that almost exceeds the sales of Street Fighter 4 in 2 months after Street Fighter 4 has been in circulation for 10 years.

          1. The wii-u has had more 85+ rated exclusives than ps4 and Xbox One COMBINED thus far… So yeah if you want a bunch of call of Duty brah.. Sure ignore Nintendo otherwise they offer the most and highest quality exclusives this gen thus far. And yes I own a ps4 and x1 to compliment it.

          2. Of course. The U has the most great exclusive games. Why should I buy a XBone? For Sunset Overdrive maybe – but one great exclusive game is not a reason to buy a console.

            And mutliplatform games a no reason at all. Because you can play most of them on a midrange PC. But even if you pay more for a PC than for an console the games are way cheaper.

    1. I watched the anime hoping to skip the first game and go directly into 2, but the anime was really dry. Cool character and fun plot, but pacing issues made it pretty boring at times. If I could go back and do it again, I’d just advise people to skip the movie and play the first game.

    1. Yeah, I can’t get it to work either… oh sorry… had it the wrong way.

      Nope, it’s working now, thank god for that.

  1. I really did enjoy this game. I still play it over and over again. How much did the game actually sold tho? More than 700 thousand?

    1. If this game manages to sell 500-600k… who knows? Maybe Nintendo will step on and fund it again. I´d love to see a sequel

    1. Yeah, those games won’t work on my DS!
      How dare they make a new and exciting version of the 3DS!

      Freaking Nintendo.. honestly

  2. Everytime I went out and tried to purchase this game I didnt find it. Fucking gamestop didnt have it. Neither did target. Nor kmart.

    1. Where on Earth do you live? Where I live in Michigan, the initial under-shipment is over. I luckily bought the game on launch day, but copies are now piling up in various retailers. I saw six at my local Meijer, three at Toys R Us, four at Wal-Mart, at least one at Target, etc.

      1. I moved to washington AAA
        I haven’t had much luck here.
        And I didnt want to wait 2 or 3 weeks for it to arrive from amazon like I waited for smash bros bundle.

            1. I think you’re confusing Amazon and eBay. Right now Bayonetta 1 & 2 are brand, sealed new for $58 and change on Amazon, and buying it would count into its sales figures.

      1. But you’re on the site… that means… DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!

        YOU’RE A LOSER TOO! QUICKLY!! WE NEED TO GET THIS POOR BOY TO THE TARDSPITAL! Give him 50 CCs of Brain function, state!

  3. I wanna thank Platinum for this wonder game and certainly wish it won GotY so it would’ve gave it and Wii U the publicity it needs to keep pushing more sales. But what I wanna know is how much did it sale in total worldwide exactly up to now? If it does exceed better than Bayonetta 1 did on 60+ million PS3/360 respectively in 2-4 years (sold 2.2 million to be exact), then there’s possibly a home for Bayonetta with Nintendo and Bayonetta 3 could be coming down the road. :)

  4. stop attacking me nintendo fanboys stop bulling me stop being nasty to me you allways bull me all the time stop bulling me ok?

  5. Glad Platinum did so much for us, there. I’m hoping someone will put up a successful movement to get a port of Vanquish up on the E-shop next, with new features.
    Maybe even alongside an exclusive sequel, like Bay 2 was?
    You know I’d buy that in a heart-beat!

  6. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    Am I the only one who found Kuroda Akiko-san to be really goddam sexy? Especially in that Bayonetta direct.

  7. You’re welcome! The game is awesome sauce, shut up and take my money (although you already did.. :D ) I’d love to see a port/sequel to Metal Gear Solid Revengeance on the Wii U tho “hint-hint”!

  8. Multiplat Gamer Here,
    Do they ever include digital sales in these “sales numbers” ? Yeah, these games are cursed with LOW sales regardless of the platform. For you Sony and/or Microsoft fanboys, not fans, fanboys using this as an opportunity to to talk smack, according to Sega, Bayonetta didn’t sell well across the XB360 and PS3. And if you Didn’t play the game, your stupid negative opinions are nulled and voided. And why the fuck are you hanging out on Nintendo sites or sections of the sites.?

    For you Sony fanboys, I’d be more worried about if Sony will be around in the next 1-2 years. Bruh Sony has took a shit load of financial damage,

    *Estimated $2.1 billion loss which is estimated to be more by years end
    *Ordered by FTC to reimburse PS Vita owners in the US in $25 vouchers or $50 on PSN.
    *Damage done by the $60 – 90 Black Friday PS4 Scam is yet unknown, millions may have been lost
    *Hack attack leaked unreleased films on the net costing Sony potential billions in losses.
    *Vital employee information of their employees got leaked, as well as they’ve been receiving terrorist threats. Sony has a class action lawsuit by it’s employees that’s going to cost them billions in damages if ruled in favor of it’s employees
    *Vital customer/consumer information has been compromised and Sony WILL BE hit with another class action lawsuit that’s going to cost them billions in damages if ruled in favor of it’s consumers.
    *you die hard Sony fanboys and your $60-90 PS4 scams during black Friday. SMDH

    You Microsoft Fanboys,
    *Every exclusive you get is getting ported to PC and may get worse for you when Win10 get’s released. It won’t effect multiplat gamers but console exclusive individuals will be left playing inferior versions of their own exclusives. SMH
    *Microsoft stated, “This is it, XBOX 1 is our last console.”

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  11. You are welcome, Platinum Stars! ;3 And thank you for two awesome games to round out my best purchases of 2014!

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