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Shulk Amiibo Back Up For Pre-Order At GameStop

No sooner was it listed as out of stock, GameStop have now listed the Shulk Amiibo as available to purchase. It won’t arrive with you until next year, but I would highly recommend putting down a pre-order even if you just have a passing interest in it as it’s clearly been in high demand.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

17 thoughts on “Shulk Amiibo Back Up For Pre-Order At GameStop”

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  1. I saw it yesterday and got mine pre-ordered. Do you think Gamestop/Toys-r-us does this intentionally to make people feel pressured? I mean, I probably wouldn’t have pre-ordered for a few more weeks if it hadn’t been unavailable for a few days.

    1. You wont get one then. The Shulk Amiibo will be very limited. Smash is the only game Shulk is in, and the demand for Shulk is very low. I wouldn’t be suprised if Gamestop only sells pre-orders. They might not even put Shulk out on the shelves.

  2. i’ve already pre-ordered mine like a week ago, before gamestop said it was sold out, im doing pickup because i dont want to pay almost $18, they charge for shipping and pickup is free, they only charged me like $0.40 as tax which is nice. the gamestop closest to me is about 2 miles and i dont feel like taking the bus unless its snowing, if its nice then i will walk, shouldnt take me more than 2 1/2 hrs (to & from+traffic)

  3. Just preordered mine. I can’t trust Gamestop to not do something like screw over the people that wanted to wait to get the amiibo in the store.

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