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Miyamoto Briefly Talks About Star Fox On Wii U

More Star Fox Wii U details were divulged during the recent interview iJustine did with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. It’s been confirmed that the Wii U GamePad will feature a cockpit view while the television screen will display the traditional third person view. Mr Miyamoto also revealed that his favourite character in Star Fox is the one and only, Fox McCloud.

  • Reconfirms that it will be out before Zelda.
  • Miyamoto says that he is working on and playing the new Star Fox every day and jokes that his hands hurt as a result.
    IMO this is this is pretty big news since this confirms that he (and Nintendo for that matter as opposed to an outside company) are working on it directly.
  • Describes the basic gameplay: Cinematic (3rd person) view on the big screen, cockpit view on the gamepad. You are meant to split between the two while you are playing.
    This sounds like the behind closed doors E3 2014 demo.
  • In response to a His favorite Star Fox character is fox (he jokes that his eyebrows make him look like a Fox).
  • Re-tells the anecdote about the shrine near him (with Torii gates that inspired the gameplay on the first Star Fox) that has a fox as the patron spirit.
  • He confirms that it will have Amiibo support.
    It is implied that it will be something on the level of the minor support in Mario Kart (this is partly my speculation).

50 thoughts on “Miyamoto Briefly Talks About Star Fox On Wii U”

    1. Its a way to make Nintendo and its developers seem more aprochable. In a way they want it to seem like Nintendo is about being the second system. You may have a Xbox, you may have a PS, but no matter what you well also have a Nintendo system. So they are working on this to make sure their IP and developers are highly approachable, and talked about. Xbox has done this for years. Its nice to see Nintendo going from “closed doors” to “open and welcome” Sony…ball is in your Cort, as of late looks like Sony might need all the help they can get

  1. That is just simply awsome. One of the things I love to do is lay in bed and play video games. In the past, you could only do this comfortably with handheld’s. Of course the Wii U has changed this. I love lying in bed with all the lights out, playing on the Wii U gamepad. It’s such an underrated advantage of the Wii U. The fact that you have a cockpit view in Starfox on the gamepad fits in perfect for my play style.

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      1. The only Starfox game I’ve played before is Starfox Adventures. I want to try and get into this series so I’m hoping this next game is good.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          At least you played one, despite it being different compared to the usual games…

          I still think it’s one of my favorite games in GCN…

    1. I don’t think epic is the right word to describe Starfox. At least not the traditional Starfox titles. It won’t be huge, or particularly long. It’s just a fuckin blast from start to finish! With a ton of replay value. I’m hoping for online dogfighting!

      1. -_- you can’t be serious, star fox 64 is in 3rd person, all 3rd person (in video games) means Is perspective out side the character, in other words, you can see the character

        1. Oh Lord…I meant Star Fox on Gamecube, and yes I know it’s in 3rd person. I hate the idea of using the gamepad in first person perspective. So thank-you all for your loving comments.

  3. It’ll be interesting how this turns out. If you exclude the 3DS remake, Nintendo hasn’t handled a Star Fox game themselves since Star Fox 64.

  4. There better be no Krystal in this game!
    I also don’t like switching from tv to gamepad. I hope it’s optional.

    1. I think it won’t be opcional, as it probably will be both enable while you play. I mean, it won’t be something you can switch between or something you can disable, is the view you like the most what is opcional. But i think the two views are a brilliant idea, and it will expand the details you will able to see and the inmersion whitin the game.

  5. Give me full gyro control in 1st person.

    Starfox is one if the coolest games ever.

    Just hopping for online dog fights

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  9. Eternal Ridley Prime

    This is what the next 3D Metroid should be! Fuck 1st person only crap in Metroid! I want to see Samus as she curb stomps everything that gets near her… just like in Other M!

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