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Nintendo Is Busy Working And Planning Their Next Console

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Wii U was released, but that never stops video game companies from researching and planning their next home console. Shigeru Miyamoto says that while the team are currently concentrating on the Wii U, their other teams are busy planning and working on ideas for their next generation console.

We’re focused on providing a robust line-up of Wii U software for next year. It seems like we’ve managed to do that this year and people are very happy with what we’ve done on Wii U. For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware, but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

99 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Busy Working And Planning Their Next Console”

    1. Anyone above the age of 12 that owns a Wii U is an utter loser and or retarded pedophile. A garbage console with subpar hardware, no 3rd party support, gets 2-3 game a year, sells happy meal toys. I mean it just sad how pathetic the Wii U is. Even the LunchBox Done renders it obsolete. 

      1. You sir are stupid for judging something that you have very little knowledge of . Calling anything a “retarderd pedophile” is absolute stupidity, Microsof would be more of a pedophile since it stocks you through thier Xboxone camera, and Nintendo doesnt need heavy 3rd party support like Microsoft and Sony do, Becuase Nintendo is original and creative, made for people who like to have fun and enjoy rel videogames

      1. Nintendo already did Virtual Reality type of hardware. Its called the Virtual Boy. So everyone is minnicking them then.

          1. Thank you. No offense to anyone, but it gets really old when everyone assumes Nintendo invented pretty much everything. Even more old hearing everyone call people copy cats all time as if Nintendo is always the first people to come up with these ideas.

              1. Didn’t Sony create something that Nintendo Fanboys took credit for Nintendo for?
                I remember the Move was actually in development BEFORE the Wii, Nintendo does invent their own stuff but sometimes, Sony or Microsoft uses them as bait to test the market for the products before they begin making their own.

                1. And yet took years to launch after Wii which BTW was conceived almost immediately after GameCube so I’m sure Nintendo was the first of the three to thought of the idea before the rest copycat each other and Nintendo to get that popular/hype money Nintendo Wii was cashing in.

            1. Too bad the invented your save files, comfortable control held by two hands,motion control, gyroscopic game play, 3d gameplay, streetpass, a console that’s handheld, a platformer, an expansive world, and even the first handeheld. Well i guess you can say that nintendo didnt event the camera on the Xbox that watches you, but NIntendo cares for your privacy

              1. >They didn’t invent save files, Genesis did
                >They didn’t invent motion control, gyro, or 3D gameplay.
                >They didn’t invent the first handheld, or platformer
                >What’s your definition of “expansive”, or the first handheld
                ? If Nintendo cares for our privacy why did Nintenpedophiles manage to get nude shots of children’s shlongs and whatnot

            1. Yes you did. Jesus, like I told you yesterday you seriously need to reread what you write, because that is exactly what you said.

              “they were one of the earliest companies to try it” No, they weren’t. What the hell is so hard to understand about that. They weren’t even the first gaming company to use it.

                1. In 1996 a guy named Thomas A. Furness III made a flight game with VR.

                  In 1968 Ivan Sutherland, with the help of Bob Sproull, created the first virtual reality and augmented reality head-mounted display system, The Sword of Damocles.

                  In 1977 one of the notable hypermedia and virtual reality systems was the Aspen Movie Map.

        1. I can read, you’re the only dumb ass around here who never knows his ass from his elbow. Nintendo were not the earliest console companies to use VR… TRY AGAIN. You didn’t even specifically say console companies, you said companies in general which is so far from the truth.

          Little do people know, Sega was developing VR devices years before Nintendo and they actually were using VR in their arcade machines a year before the Virtual Boy was even released.

          Sega were also the ones who pioneered motion controls further into gaming with their Arcade game Hang On, the Sega Megadrive and the Sega Dreamcast. So you’re wrong about that also, and I know I’ve already been over that with you before. You’d think you would learn and stop living in this delusional Nintendo bubble you’ve created for yourself.

          Of course just like every fact thrown at you that disproves what you say, you’ll ignore it. Be my guest to look this crap up yourself and actually learn something for once.

            1. You never said anything about entertainment dumbass. You have the tendency to declare Nintendo as god and anything they do is a creation. Wake up from dreamland and realize something called ‘knowledge’ and ‘acceptance’ stranga.

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    1. You reported this long ago
    2. Clickbait much?
    3. This is normal, Nintendo are already planning the next handheld, Sony are working on the Playstation 5, Xbox, probably nothing since they blow and won’t make it to next gen

    1. This was in a recent new interview with Miyamoto, it’s ALSO where sickr got the news for the next Mario game being on next gen. How is it clickbait when all the info you need is already in the headline? Joke’s on you pal

    2. PS5 and NextBox might be streaming consoles from what I’ve heard.

      I just hope Nintendo makes their next gen console tough enough so developers won’t bitch and still add streaming features in the future for Devs to use.

      1. No matter how powerful Nintendo could be, the third rate party always answers to cheap “dumb” money from stupid people who buy consoles for graphical power and nothing else. I don’t care about that greedy party anymore and Nintendo needs to make new friends instead of going back to the same fuckers who screwed them because they’re too scared and lazy as shit to build quality games anymore.

    1. As long as they make something along the lines of GCN mentality that would be great. Just no kiddy hardware looks like the GCN and it’ll confirmed be sell well

      1. I don’t think they will. There is an old article somewhere where they talk about the mistakes they made with the Wii U and that they are going to try to aim to be more on par with the other consoles next time around in every aspect from online to hardware.

        I tried to find it for you but I know it’s probably over a year old. So good luck digging through google for it, but I’m certain they said this a while back.

    2. I agree about the Wii name. Sure, it lets them name stuff like Amiibo, and they still use Wiimotes, but I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I have the old version of the Wii, bot the new one” when the Wii U is a separate console. The added U just creates confusion for casual and non-gamers.

  2. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

    Unsuprising. After they release their new console, they always start planing for their next console, including console design and prototype name + retail name (Dolphin for Gamecube, Revolution for Wii.) I assume that it will be released in 2017/2018 as that 5-6 years is the usual time frame between Nintendo Consoles…
    I hope that they have a normal controller, at least 3 quarters as good as the Gamecube controller and a good launch line up, including less game droughts that the Wii U had suffered last year and a bit of this year…

    1. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

      NOTE-I don’t hate the Gamepad. I love the Gamepad. I hope they have a normal controller, so the Developers and some gamers will stop whining about it. The Gamepad is great for off t.v play, Drawing on Miiverse and Using the Internet Browser/Watching Youtube.(Like I am now…)

    2. I think either in 2015 or 2016 (most likely) at E3, Nintendo will announce the next generation console for a release date in 2017/18.

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  4. Well, it’s at least nice that Nintendo is casually going about their business rather than listening to all the “experts” who think they should go 3rd party.

    That being said, they need a home run with the next one. They have money up to their necks, but another slow-starting console won’t cut it very well.

    1. Bunch of nonsense that always was, I mean every company has suffered from losses these past years in the gaming industry, but none have been enough for these companies to completely drop their system yet. This isn’t a Sega situation we’re talking about here.

      Based on that retarded logic, Sony, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo should all just put their games on PC’s because of how much the market has changed recently. None of these systems are selling anything like they used to, so that same retarded logic could be applied to everyone.

              1. But what’s your point? Nintendo fans always bash PS4 for only selling well because of casuals, yet Nintendo’s best selling consoles of all time were only because of casuals. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Wii and DS, games like Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 were so awesome! But aren’t you guys being hypocrites when bashing PS4? :p And wasn’t the Wii dying off only after 2011, when the casuals moved to iPhones and stuff?

                1. I have never complained about PS4 even once nor ever saw a Nintendo fan (IF EVER EXPOSED AT ALL) said such thing. Xbots, definitely. I wanted to buy one but ATM, the only game on PS4 interests me for purchase is GTA5 and maybe Infamous but that’s it. I’m waiting for more better gaming options before spending $400 on a PS4 to stand alongside my Wii U. I know the Wii lost its popularity around 2011 because of the mobile gaming market grabbing all of the casuals and also Wii’s momentum of great games was dying out phasing for Wii U’s release.

              2. Sorry Stranga, but the Wii did not sell 20+ million consecutively, like you said. And the Wii was already irrelevant at the last quarter of its life while the PS360 were blossoming

                1. By the time mid-2010 began, approximately 60-65 million Wii’s were sold globally, thats at least 20 million a year since 2006-2007 right there. Only in 2011 the sales started to slow down.

  5. Considering the quality of their current work, if Nintendo get the branding and marketing right and appeal to third parties they could be on to a winner.

    With the majority of their big hitters now released or due in 2015, I wonder when they will release their next console, considering each console normally has a five year cycle! I don’t believe they could wait another three years.

  6. The next system will either be nintendo is back, or nintendo is dead…. forever and crap.

    Competition, strong hardware and all standard features. NO GIMMICKS!!! Forget about the casuals and the wiitarded kids that make nintendo look pathetic and be bad. Don’t put wii in the name……. Release more games from more franchises like you used to.

    fire iwata, reggie and more upper management, with them none of this will happen and we will live in wiitardland forever. Nintendo can’t live on like this anymore, they are almost irrelevant. They had the best year and still are irrelevant because of what they do.

    Wii U and wii were just awful. Wii u is just a mistake, it’s going to take a lot for me to think more of it. The 2016 line up will have to be just as good as next years. In 2017 or maybe 2018 is when the next console will probably come out. They have to really bring out the games, and if it dies after next year with wii u games, the system was not worth it.

    Before this year wii u was at an F 30% now its’ at an f 50%, (the only reason why it’s even at 50% right now is because some of the games but mainly because my brother has a xbox one…… i really had no clue how terrible that system is till now.) I don’t have hope for the damn thing or nintendo at the matter. The system to me will probably end up being 55% maybe 60%.

    If it does get a 70% in the end, nintendo done something right. I guess next year’s e3 is the breaking point for it. EIther it will be 55% or go towards of trying to achieve that 70%

    nes 90% snes 95% n64 75% gamecube 83% wii 15% (games brought it up to 50%) wi u 30% (games might bring it up to 60%, that’s what it will probably end up with to me)

    overall this gen is like ps4 90% (just needs better exclusives) wii u 50% (the thing is lucky to be that) xbox brick 40% (i don’t see it moving)

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Useless gimmicks, it’s called:

        Trying to make something new instead of the same boring never developing gameplay for all eternity…

        They only need to increase their marketing by 1900000000 million times and edpand their game development facilities…

        1. So how has Nintendo helped me in any way with their gimmicks? Wii remote helps me to smash the TV, Wii U GamePad let’s me watch porn in my bedroom… Oh wait, it can’t even connect that far, 3D viewing lets me be “more immersed” while draining my battery life. The clamshell design WAS a good idea, I admit, but everything else was USELESS gimmicks

          1. Yeah why in 2008 didn’t Nintendo think of making the gamepad work more than 25ft away? Also why didn’t they think of other gamepads? Why didn’t they work on making the console work without the gamepad? Why didn’t they think of all that in 2008? That was stupid. Also stupid for not having other controllers work on Wii mode. And stupid for not putting GameCube inserted in Wii U and stupid for not thinking of the GameCube adapters installed on the console. And stupid for taking too long to make Starfox and making it a last minute thing. Good console but was too stupid to give it more of everything in 2008 knowing Sony and Microsoft was coming with next generation consoles back in 2008. Also stupid in thinking 8gigs for storage was enough knowing games with better technology takes up more gigs. But was too stupid to think about that in 2008 for a 2012 console. Nintendo needs to think PS5 for next generation not PS4. Wii U proved that doesn’t work.

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Your own fault if you swing your Wiimote to destroy your house, the Wii U is not for porn and 3D adds depth…

        2. yes, commander. they need to increase their marketing, but what if the product is not appealing to the consumer?. sometimes i think is the problem with the wii u, it is not appealing to most players out there.

  7. I really hope they will keep the gamepad, because it is a great idea. Maybe they should make the coding easier, so that third party babies won’t cry so much =P

  8. It’s hilarious to me when I see stories like this and people are surprised or excited in any way. The ‘next’ hardware is always in development and was in development before the Wii U was even released and the next next…. and the next! lol, this is how a business works if it wants to survive. There is never a moment when the next thing isn’t in the works.

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  10. My biggest wish for Nintendo’s next console is that it will have enough power to shut up everybody who keeps bitching about Nintendo’s consoles being weak and underpowered. I want their next console to wipe out the competition and make everyone think that the Playstation and Xbox is yesterday’s news. Nintendo has the ability to do just that.

  11. I’m just throwing this out there but it would be cool if Nintendo created a virtual reality system that completely manipulates the brain but not the the body to thinking it is in a virtual world so that’s what you would see, basically you would be in a new world.

    Yes… I’ve been watching to many animes…

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