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Miyamoto Says Star Fox Wii U Will Be ‘Very Fun And Unique’

We haven’t seen anything of Star Fox Wii U other than a single screen of the game in action, so hopefully more will be revealed during a Nintendo Direct. That hasn’t stopped Mr Miyamoto from talking about his pet project, which he has describes as very fun and unique. We already know that there’s going to be heavy GamePad integration which will no doubt please Wii U fans.

I like to create gameplay mechanics more than I do stories. The story might not be too different from past “Star Fox” games, but the gameplay mechanics are going to feel very different because of the two-screen system of the Wii U with the GamePad and TV screen. It’ll make for a very fun and unique way to play.

33 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Star Fox Wii U Will Be ‘Very Fun And Unique’”

  1. Unique scares me. Star Fox Adventrures was unique. SF Command was unique.

    I just want Star Fox 64 2, with new levels but the same core gameplay, maybe a new twist or two. Don’t get too crazy Miayamoto.


    1. What if you had the better story lines from Command or Adventures (less so adventures) but the core gameplay of 64? That would be way better than just a story that is no more in depth than 64’s really simple story, at least to me.

      1. @Jester Precisely! 64 formula great and all, but it gets very repetitive over time. I like where SFU going so far. Just hoping to see how it plays soon.

  2. You know, that’s great and all.. I mean, gameplay has to come first, because the story can be garbage, or simply “rescue the princess again” and the game is fun because it plays well. We all understand that. We also understand that a great story with lackluster gameplay can make for a bad game.

    That all said, why can’t it be both? If he doesn’t want to think of an in depth story, then fine. Let someone else do that part. Come up with the concept, and main gameplay mechanics, then let a team like Platinum or Retro do the story and make the game. As much as I LOVE Starfox 64, I don’t want this to just be a clone of Starfox 64 with an almost identical storyline. If it’s closer to Assault’s story, then ok, but if it’s closer to Starfox 64, then it’s a bit of a step back IMO.

    I truly love Nintendo games. But really, why can’t we have the super tight gameplay, beautiful art directions, almost always near glitch free and super optimized gameplay that Nintendo delivers, but toss in the same kinds of deep stories that you typically find in Sony exclusives, like Uncharted or Last of Us, Infamous etc? I understand the problems that arose with Metroid Other M’s story and cinematics. Imagine if the story and cinematics had been completely left up to say Kojima? Zelda’s story written by the guys at Naughty Dog? Platinum’s take on Star Fox?

    I’m sure this game will be great. I’m almost guaranteed to buy it, the only Starfox game I haven’t ever cared much for was Starfox Command, but because the gameplay wasn’t interesting, but the story was great, which goes back to my original paragraph. But if the story is basically another variant of Starfox 64, and just really simple? I think it’ll be a bit of a disappointment.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better. Gameplay is the foundation of a game, but I love a good storyline. They’re not mutually exclusive. One of the reasons why I liked Super Mario Galaxy so much was that it had a story with Rosalina and the lumas. But I recall Miyamoto saying that they wanted to get away from stories in Mario games, and now we have Super Mario 3D World with essentially no plot. SM3W is a fun game, but I don’t like it nearly as much as I did Galaxy.
      So yeah, I’ll be disappointed if Star Fox Wii U has a dummed down story. With all the characters they have from teams Star Fox and Star Wolf, I feel like it’s a missed opportunity.

    2. Yes, that dream world where people stop picking sides just for money and all work together to create some of the best gaming experiences around. What a dream that would be.

      I’ve always wondered what the world would be like if they all just joined forces and took the best aspects of each companies products and just combined into one.

  3. Am I the only one one who really liked Assault’s story mode? That and the ground battles are what made that game awesome for me. The story had some character development, a few twists, and even some feels.

  4. I don’t care for story as long it’s fun am cool I think people put to much on if a games is good if the story good as long it’s fun and have something to make me play more after I but the game am good story not important really and when nintendo try to put a story in a game that’s not zelda it get’s boring after a while even some zelda games stories are boring with story aka twilight the worst Zelda games every and worst looking zelda game every.

  5. I hope they keep the foot levels from Assault. I hope they keep a lot from Assault. People hate it unjustly. It was a great Star Fox game and a natural evolution of the series.

  6. I’m sure people will hate this, but I would love to see another Starfox Adventure game. I loved the one Rare made and despite of what happened to Rare (we all know), a game like Adventure would be interesting.

  7. If it’s gyroscopic controls, or if I have to look at the gamepad the whole time, I will be very disappointed. One thing I cannot stand in video games is gyroscopic controls. It never works, in Mario Kart or any other game. Surely Miyamoto will leave an option for traditional controls…. right?

    1. I’d say the only time he’s really let me down was when he messed around with Intelligent Systems and it resulted in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

      Otherwise, 100% faith in the guy.

  8. I’m just wondering if I should give the next Star Fox a chance? I played through the first game, SF64 and Assault. But it’s been a long time since I’ve cared much about the series. I just wonder if I could get into it again? I’m afraid that the Gamepad is going to ruin it for me. Since I’m not a huge fan of the Gamepad. It’s too big and heavy, and makes my hands ache.

    1. Hmm,… don’t know what to tell you. I actually love the gamepad, and find it very comfortable and light. I just don’t want to have gyroscopic controls. Let’s just hope Miyamoto leaves the option for traditional controls.

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