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Eternal Darkness Plus The Wii Vitality Sensor Trademarks Updated In The United States

Those hoping for a sequel to the fantastic Eternal Darkness should be pleased this morning as Nintendo updated the trademark on December 17th. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that a new game is coming, it does give us a tiny bit of hope. Oh, and remember the Vitality Sensor for Wii? Well, Nintendo has also renewed the trademark for that in the United States. There’s speculation that Nintendo is still planning to do something with the device, but at the end of the day it’s just speculation.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

29 thoughts on “Eternal Darkness Plus The Wii Vitality Sensor Trademarks Updated In The United States”

      1. Fuck. U took the words right out of my mouth. Except I was going to say these 2 would go hand in hand with each other. Sanity meter and vitality sensor.

    1. How is this blue ocean technology? Nintendo said QOL was going to be neither wearable technology nor unwearable technology. If this is QOL then I can see why so many investors backed out after Nintendo’s investors conference several months back.

    1. Kinect was always useless though. Never done right. And vitality sensor wouldnt be for every game but if done right the games wouldnt feel right being played without the sensor.
      For wii fit? Perfect
      For fatal frame? Hell yeah
      For super mario? Negative
      Resident evil? Yup
      Eternal darkness? U damn right.

          1. Its a sensor to read blood pressure when the body reacts to certain stimuli like Unconditional Stimuli from jump scares. Its not meant to spy on people like that Kinect/NSA/Skype BS on Microsoft’s side that only morons think its not happening which it is since M$ supports NSA. Nintendo doesnt nor ever do that to their consumers and I’ll be damned if they do.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Japan is allied with the US and since it has been know for some years now that Canada is involved with such garbage, I’m sure Japan is too…

                      Not to mention that the human hero Snowden has exposed that corrupt government of yours for spying the entire world regardless of foes or allies…

                      1. Well, we’ll see what comes to light. Maybe Snowden has stopped NSA on their tracks by his whistle blowing and now NSA is exposed and wouldn’t try that underhanded BS spy games again.

                          1. CIA maybe. Not sure about FBI. But NSA pretty much can spy on anyone as much as CIA. FBI is more of a domenstic organization for US security and law enforcement purpose.

                1. copycat of PSEye? Are you for real? Do you even know anything about kinect? Sometime I hate nintendo sites because of stupid kids like you. If you hate something, hate it but don’t talk bullshit or learn your topic. God.

                  1. Ass, PSEye tracks movement via video picture. Kinect is a copy of both that and Wii Remote trying to nab Wii’s popular thunder with motion controls while PSMove is a awkward ass knockoff of the Wii Remote but I give it credit for one thing only: At least it works WAY better than Kinect.

          2. Oh. My. God. I’ve had dreams for years about the ultimate, highly immersive horror game. Essentially requires a gaming chair that controls the temperature, whispers stuff in your ear, hits you with puffs of air, makes smells, etc. A key feature in this fantasy, though, is the game hears your voice and monitors your heartbeat to alter the gameplay. This sounds very similar to what I invisioned. I am very excited for this.

          3. Eternal Ridley Prime

            It’d be awesome if they updated the trademarks for them with the intent of using the vitality sensor with Eternal Darkness 2. Of course, the Vitality Sensor would have to be changed from something attached to your finger to something else like a wristband or something. Otherwise, it will just get in the bloody way.

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