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Mario Kart 8 Gets Game Of 2014 At The Guardian

Mario Kart 8 is one of the best games released this year, so it’s not surprising to see it top Game of the Year lists. Respected UK news publication The Guardian have declared it the best game of 2014 beating the likes of Destiny and TitanFall. Not content with giving Mario Kart 8 first place they’ve also awarded the fabulous Bayonetta 2 the second best video game of 2014. Anyway, here’s what the news publication had to say about Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8.

“Regardless of the Wii U’s troubles Nintendo remains one of (if not the) greatest developers on the planet in terms of making games that are a pure joy to play, and Mario Kart 8 is one of its finest. The question with Mario Kart 8 was never really “is this going to be good”, because with Nintendo that much can be taken for granted. The question is whether it’s the best yet. And, among one hell of a field, it takes first place.”

56 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Gets Game Of 2014 At The Guardian”

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      HollowGrapeJ is just a kid but he didn’t lie, I’ve played with him a few times Mario Kart 8 during the summer…

                      1. I mean about his Wii U being “broken” and he once said WITH CERTAINTY, that he’s selling it because there’s no third party support. You mean the same 3rd rate party support that can’t build a complete quality games for shit anymore and reuses the same old shooter genre endlessly and falsely overhype games with fake visuals and gameplay elements that was previously shown 3 years ago and removed for launch day con arts by also embargoing game reviews?

                        Fuck out of here with that crap. Hollow isn’t fooling me.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      And I added you like months ago, you still haven’t accepted it unless you gave me the wrong name or forgot a letter or something…

                      2. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                        It would have been nice if there was a mission mode like MKDS because only doing races can get tiring, and adding another mode would add to its replay-ability since battle mode is bad.

                          1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                            That’s kinda the same for me, I’ve been playing MK8 nonstop for a couple of weeks, but then completely stopped playing it. Hell, I’ve only played the DLC tracks twice.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          If only the ancient Egyptians had had a story about you instead of the endless boring almost worshiping of you…

                        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Egyptians aside, what it needs is to get rid of coins in online multiplayer at least and Double Dash option gameplay…

                            1. NINTENDO IS SO RICH IT CAN BUY SONY


                              This year nintendo returned to full profitabillity sony are loosing billions and have had the biggest corperate hack in history

                              every devision of sony reports massive loss sony has no first party games and its console a out dated controller and ZERO gaming evolution

                              sony sold all its assets to survive nintendo just built a 1.2 billion research and dvelopment building

                              YOU ARE DELUSIONAL

                          1. Anonymous, a zealot of nintendo

                            I’m glad you question the game, commender. Thus I hated the coin system due to fat fast characters, selected by very experience racers. Some of my competing friends liked the coin system and even double dash option as you written.

                    2. ──────────────████──████────────────

                    1. This really will not change public perception of the Wii U. What Nintendo needs to do is come out with a new model of the Wii U, even if it’s just upgrading the gamepad a little and with a larger internal memory capacity and then market the heck out of that system and market it well.

                      The Wii U could have been huge but Nintendo made the mistake of thinking it could ride off of the success of the original Wii. The name caused too much confusion and there wasn’t a clear idea as to what the system was. Most of the general consumer population didn’t even know it existed. With the original Wii, everyone and their mother knew what it was before it even came out.

                      They just need to take a serious look at their marketing plan and start over in a sense with that. Some of the damage has already been done, but they can rebound a little.

                  1. I know this is irrelevant but does anyone have this problem where videos of music sound distorted on youtube using the internet browser but not the youtube app because i don’t know if this is normal or not because it only happens in the browser it sounds crystal clear with everything else.

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                    1. I think the point of that statement is that those were supposed to be the biggest and best games of the year according to the hype and marketing before they were released. Obviously, most agree they weren’t.

                    1. Anonymous, a zealot of nintendo

                      Mario Kart 8 is the worst game of the year for me. Rushed Battle mode, broken item system; lunatic mode seemly more stable and fairness than normal, hidden gitches that would pull your hair, weight system is either random or nonexistence and lagging online experience alone is just simply too much.

                      Of course, that’s in competing sense. So it sucks as a racing game. It fits as a causal game. I rather play lagging matches in SMASH then dealing with awful item system of MK8!

                      1. Yeah: You are the only person on this planet who knows the truth. The rest are idiots and love MK8…
                        Thanks for showing us how good your gaming opinions are. ;-P

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