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Nintendo America Wants Washington To Get Tougher On Intellectual Property Laws

In a recent report featured on Venture Beat the publication says that Nintendo of America is determined to make sure that Washington becomes tougher on intellectual property laws. The move comes after the company has been hit by a number of patent trolls and also the R4 card scandal on the Nintendo DS. Nintendo of America says they’ve hired Choe Groves lobbyist Jennifer Groves in a renewed effort to crack down on intellectual property laws.

The publisher has officially hired Washington lobbying firm Choe Groves Consulting, according to Politico. Nintendo wants the federal government to get tougher on intellectual property laws, international trade, and piracy, and Choe Groves will try to convince the people in Washington, D.C. to take up that cause. These are issues that plague all kinds of entertainment companies, and Nintendo has an obvious interest in seeing legislators add more protection for content creators.

36 thoughts on “Nintendo America Wants Washington To Get Tougher On Intellectual Property Laws”

  1. Quintendo Nomander Cuadraxis

    Anything that doesn’t affect Net Neutrality is good with me. I really would not like to see Nintendo supporting SOPA/PIPA

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      I need strong evolved superior enemies to fight like that dreaded hunter…

  2. I for one think that this is good. Crack down on piracy. Good job Nintendo, I hope that other companies follow suit…

  3. That all depends on what the courts have to earn on it. Like every other part of the American infrastructure, in the end it’s all about the fucking money.

  4. How about putting your damn games up on Vortual Console and then there would be less of a need to pirate in the first place?

    Just a fucking thought Nintendo. Get your anti-piracy platform together.

    1. Yeah, like that would stop pirates in their entirety.
      Who the F do you think you’re kidding? The whole purpose of pirating is to get shit for free; putting them up in the shop wouldn’t change shit.

      I’d like it if they did put up more games, but be realistic; it wouldn’t stop thieves from being thieves.

      1. Hey smartass, there are that minority of good-hearted people who won’t pirate if we can get the shit officially. I think the sales of EarthBound on the Wii U VC prove that.

        1. You just said it: A minority.
          The minority isn’t large enough to factor in, in this case; I guarantee you there’s a much larger amount of people who are just laughing while playing it on PC instead.

          Pirating is something that needs to stop being excused when legit versions are out there to be purchased.

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  6. Sheesh Nintendo. haven’t you heard the saying “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.” Just send in your Nintendo Ninja’s to cut off the heads of those who troll you. We know you have them.

    1. In economic terms and opportunity cost, if you want something done right, get those who specialize in it to do it (that’s why it’s actually better for many first-world countries to outsource unskilled labor, as we specialize in skilled labor). You can study the basic math behind it for a semester or two, but in a nutshell, hire the company that specializes in lobbying to lobby.

  7. What a bad move. IP Laws are proven to be pretty much sick, and very out-dated. Nintendo wanting to make monopoly worse is a bad sign.

  8. Eternal Ridley Prime

    *facepalm* Apparently a lot of people here only read the bloody title & just ignored the actual article. Did Sickr make this article? *scrolls back up* Haaah! That says it right there! If it’s Sickr making the article, read more than just the title, suckers! At this point, I no longer hate Sickr for making such clickbait titles since it lets me know who’s actually reading the article. lol

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